Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Lesson In Physics (The Doctrine of Universal Permeation)

Everything which exists is at once capable of acting and being acted upon. In everything that exists, therefore, even the smallest particle, there are these two principles. By virtue of the passive principle the thing is susceptible of motion and modification; it is matter which determines substance.

The active principle makes the matter a given determinate thing, characterizing and qualifying it, whence it is termed quality. For all that is or happens there is an immediate cause or antecedent; and as cause means cause of motion, and only body can act upon body, it follows that this antecedent cause is itself as truly corporeal as the matter upon which it acts.

Thus we are led to regard the active principle force as everywhere coextensive with matter, as pervading and permeating it, and together with it occupying and filling space.

This is that famous doctrine of universal permeation, by which the axiom that two bodies cannot occupy the same space is practically denied.

Got that???

Okay, if 'two bodies cannot occupy the same space'... 

How do theoreticians explain the fact that President Obama AND Goofy are BOTH at Disney World today?


Just wondering...
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