Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wangs. Those Dang Wangs.

First:  I'm sorry.

Second:  It isn't my fault.

Third:  It explains so, so, very much.

I came across an article on the Huffington Post late yesterday afternoon which, at great personal expense, I must share with you...  today.

True, the truth will hurt some of us.  But, in the end, the truth shall "Set us Free!" 

Free at last, free at last, dang you Colonel Sanders, I'm free at Last!

It is with great sadness that I share with you the answer to the question for which I have quested most of my adult life. 

It is not pretty. 

It is not fair. 

It is, as they say, "It is what it is..." 

And it explains sooooo much.

HUFFINGTON POST ONLINE, August 28, 2013:  PETA Calls To Ban Pregnant Women From Wing-Eating Contest, Cites Concerns Over Unborn's Penis Size

PETA has urged the National Buffalo Wing Festival to ban pregnant women from its upcoming wing-eating contest because of a study linking poultry consumption to smaller penises in the unborn.

"Pregnant women may want to think twice before chomping on those chicken wings, or their sons could come up short," PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt said in a release.

The festival runs Saturday and Sunday in downtown Buffalo, N.Y.

PETA pointed to the Study for Future Families, which determined that phthalates, chemical compounds that can be found in chicken, may diminish genital size. The study gauged the amount of phthalates in pregnant women and measured their male offspring's sex organs between 2 months old and 3 years old.

Yes.  It's true.  PETA Scientists (pictured below) have scientifically determined that Mothers eating 'mass quantities' of fried Chicken Wings while pregnant will essentially 'cap' the size of their unborn male child's 'Mr. Happy'. 

Yes, at long last, I have the undeniable scientific evidence which explains what happened to ME - pre-birth...  Thank you PETA!  Thank you HUFFINGTON POST! 

No.  Please, as for you people reading this, I do NOT want your sympathy.  All I request is your...  Understanding. 

Please understand that I do not expect large cash donations be sent  to: 

Moos' Undersized Winkie Foundation
Somewhere Beneath Court Street (Near the Empty Crack Vials)
Binghamton, NY  13903

You can also call in your PLEDGE to 1-555-LIL-GUYS (Please have your major credit card and your personal, confidential information handy to provide to Dimitris Pullyourlegus when you call.)  All contributions will be directed to professional scientific professionals who will 'focus like a laser' on rectifying this vitally important issue, just made public by PETA and the Huffington Post. 

As mentioned above, I am NOT asking for large donations for my newly established foundation.  Rather, I prefer SMALL CASH donations ($20 bills and under are preferable - no checks please) so they can fly beneath the radar of local IRS and NSA personnel.  (Oops, too late on the 'NSA thing'.) 

I will use whatever monies I receive to create a serious study of 'Wing-Induced-Short-Guy-Syndrome' and spend every waking hour of my day trying to determine if there is a CURE for this senseless tragedy brought about by women professionally eating... 

'Too many' Buffalo Chicken Wings in Wing Eating Contests across the Nation

As for myself, I leave you with somber and extremely personal news: 

My Mom, yes, my one-and-only Mom, was [sigh], "Mrs. Long Island's Chicken Wing Eating Champion 1958". 

I was born in 1959. 

This makes this fight personal to me.

Please help me help others living with the Stigma of WISGS (Wing-Induced-Short-Guy-Syndrome) by sending your CASH (small bills), and Credit Card Information now to the address above.  Dimitris Pullyourlegus and other assorted Homeless People / Vagrants are standing by to 'Take your money' now.

Thank you,

Your friend, and totally-committed WISGS Advocate,


p.s.:  Happy Birthday Mom! 

p.p.s.:  Please forward this post to as many Chicken-Wing-Eating-Contest-Participating child-bearing-aged women as possible in an attempt to 'Nip this situation in the bud'.  Your awareness is our only cure.

p.p.p.s.:  PETA targeting guys 'bits' to get people to stop eating ANY kind of meat?  Yeah, they've done it  all before (and rest assured, they'll do it again)...

Bon Appetite!

Not sure why, but I'm thinking Chili dogs for lunch from the BBQ today...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Un-Natural Selection

You know what's strange? 

Okay, yes, I will grant you that taping a steak knife to the back of a rodent 'might be' classified as strange - but that's not where I'm going today.

Let's try this - Okay, you know what's REALLY strange?

No, I am not talking about the popularity of Lady Gaga as this is beyond 'really strange' and borders on the 'incomprehensible'.

Lady Gaga - Born this way?

No.  Not rodents with knives, not Lady Gaga with, um, whatever it is SHE has (let's hope there's a vaccine for it).  Not even Miley Cyrus 'twerking' covers the extent of strange I'm looking for here. (Note to self:  See if 'twerking' is a real word or one of those social media 'things'.)

There's something else 'really strange' that I've been thinking about for a while now.

I'm sure that others have had a similar thought wafting about their head, but I need to once and for all get it off my chest (and lay it firmly upon yours - sorry...  It's my blog - it's how I roll.)

So the thing that it 'really strange' is this...

The Selectivity of Outrage

Outrage:  When a 'White-Hispanic' claims he shot a Black youth in self-defense, everyone within camera or microphone's reach is commenting and condemning George Zimmerman, the 'White-Hispanic', for his actions. 

Every civil rights 'leader' who's ever uttered the phrase 'Social Justice' (either out loud or in front of a mirror at home), the Attorney General of the United States, and the President of the United States each interjected their opinions into this tragedy and the prosecution of a man, prior to (and following) a trial.

Nah, no outrage (a.k.a.:  "nothing to see here"):  When an 88 year-old (White-White) World War II Veteran is beaten to death by two Black youths (White-Blacks) there is no outrage.  In fact, the severity of the beating which lead to the man's death is blamed on the victim's 'defense of himself'. 

Per Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub via 

"These are two young men who just spun out of control."

Belton was found wedged between the two front seats. His family said doctors told them he was battered so badly he would have sustained brain damage and had lost too much blood to survive.

"Our information is that the individual fought back and that may have made this a worse situation," Straub said when asked about the viciousness of the beating.

Moos Note:  If ever visiting Spokane, Washington and I decide to kill someone, I'll simply explain to local law enforcement that I simply 'spun out of control' and that IF the victim had only been more - compliant...  I would not have killed him / her.   

No, it makes no sense to me either, but I'm repeating what the Chief of Police said to explain the death of 'Shorty'.  What's most upsetting about the NBC article linked above is that they never mention the victim's full name. 

The murdered man's name was Delbert 'Shorty' Belton. 

He survived Okinawa.  He did not survive the two (White-Black) youths who, according to Police Chief Straub, "just spun out of control".

Perhaps they were merely bored...

Yes, apparently, boredom now kills.

Outrage:  July 23, 2009 - (CNN) -- President Obama said that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, "acted stupidly" in arresting a prominent black Harvard professor last week after a confrontation at the man's home.

Obama defended Gates on Wednesday night, while admitting that he may be "a little biased," because Gates is a friend.

"But I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 ... that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately."

The incident, Obama said, shows "how race remains a factor in this society."

This event lead up to the hugely publicized Obama 'Beer Summit', hosted by the President to soothe racial tensions (which he stirred up) around the Nation. 

Great job Mr. President!  Thanks for reconciling hundreds of years of racial stress by drinking beer at the White House!!! 

Drinking beer, a great American past-time!  Huh, that's odd, I'm thinking that there is at least one other Great American past-time.  What might it be?

  • Filing for unemployment?
  • Sitting idly by as the Federal Government strips your rights away?
  • Taking stuff from one person who worked for it, and giving it to someone who feels like they deserve it (because they are disadvantaged?)
  • No, no, no, the other Great American past-time is...  Baseball!


Nah, no outrage (a.k.a.:  "nothing to see here"):  "At this point, the evidence does not support the theory that Christopher Lane was targeted based upon his race or nationality," District Attorney Jason Hicks said in a statement.


Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards, Jr., 15, have been charged as adults with first-degree murder. Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, is charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder. He is considered a youthful offender but will be tried in adult court.

Jones named Luna as the gunman.

Hicks acknowledged that social media posts allegedly made by some of the defendants are racial in nature, but he said "the evidence is insufficient to establish that race was the primary motive" in Lane's slaying.

The Daily Caller reported that racist tweets were posted on an account belonging to Edwards. One tweet from the account reads, "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM." Another post read, "Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:)"

The Daily Caller's report noted that 'woods' is used as a derogatory term for white people.

Police Chief Dan Ford said the victim appeared to be chosen at random, and that one suspect told officers that he and the other boys were bored and they followed Lane and killed him for "the fun of it."

Moos Note:  I have no words to adequately describe how I feel regarding someone getting killed due to...  Boredom. 

In the end, two White-Blacks and one White-White set out to kill someone because they have nothing better to do?  They, of course, did not murder Christopher Lane because he was White-White...  They simply murdered him because he 'was' and they 'were' bored. 

No Presidential intervention on behalf of the young man whose life was obliterated by three bored teens, one of whom claimed that he had already killed five White-Whites simply because he '#HATE THEM'.  No 'Big Al' Sharpton, no Jesse 'Sacred Blood' Jackson, nor any other Civil Rights folks have personally lined up to support the family of the slain boy and condemn the killing. 

No marches in the streets, no appearances on television asking that we 'come on people now, smile on each other'. 

None of the usual Civil Rights 'go to folks' have condemned the actions of the three thrill killers. 

Although, Jesse Jackson did TWEET a stern warning after hearing of the murder of Christopher Lane.  It was short.  It was concise.  It was typical.

It said simply...

Our Nation's moral compass is broken.  I believe that a life, ANY life, lost due to violence, driven by hate - is an outrage.  The fact that 'Civil Rights Leaders' and 'Professional Politicians' use the occasion of others' deaths to promote their take on 'Social Justice' ONLY when it fits their personal narrative is darkly offensive to me.

Jesse Jackson, speaking to the Politico on the eve of Martin Luther King, Junior's "I have a dream speech said this: 

“The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, it’s the Fort Sumter Tea Party." -- Jesse Jackson

Jackson says that he is “absolutely” convinced that Republican opposition to Obama has more to do with race than it does with actually opposing White House policy.

I say that Jesse Jackson is full of 'Hooey' and might want to get his vision checked.  For if he can only see political opposition through the veil of 'Race', he's getting a single-dimensional view of the issues.  For a 'Civil Rights Leader' who claims that he believed Martin Luther King, Jr.'s message, I can only infer that Jesse Jackson has a significant issue with his hearing also.

After all, how can a man who professes to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Junior so completely forget the words spoken at the Lincoln Memorial fifty years ago this week?

But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.

They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone.

Current 'Civil Rights Leaders' do, in fact, walk alone.  The words Reverend King spoke five decades ago are lost to them.  They pursue status in American History by dividing men rather than by uniting them.

Reverend King was a great man because he did not seek greatness, rather, he sought justice for all men - regardless of race. 

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, President Obama, Eric Holder, et al, may not hear, or see, too well, but the one thing I know for sure is this - regardless of how bad their vision is, they are most certainly NOT color-blind.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cars... The Return

I searched for the tackiest dealership ad I could find. 
I found it in Norwood, MA.


Here in my car, I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors, it's the only way to live
In cars

Here in my car, I can only receive
I can listen to you, it keeps me stable for nights
In cars

Here in my car, where the image breaks down
Will you visit me please, if I open my door?
In cars

Here in my car, I know I've started to think
About leaving tonight, although nothing seems right
In cars

Gary Numan - Cars

I find myself back where I have started several times before.  Over the past couple of years I've written quite a few posts with the word 'Cars' in the title. (i.e.:  Cars (Part I)Cars (Part II)Cars (Part III) )

Of course, there have been the obligatory posts about cars, sans 'cars' in the titles:  (i.e.:  Two Birds : One Stone, No Birds - No Stone, President Obama's Tax Cut for... Wealthiest ... , & It's Not Easy Being Green)

Why?  Well, because cars have quite a bit to say about we happy, happy Americans feel about the US Economy, ourselves, and the future of manufacturing here in America.  Over the past few weeks I've read many articles regarding 'cars' in America, and if cars have something to say about us, we just may want to take a moment to listen to 'them'.  

Boomers Replace Their Children as No. 1 Market for Autos -

For generations, car buying declined as consumers entered their golden years. Now, boomers are refusing to follow their parents’ lead and go quietly into the car buying night.

The 55-to-64-year-old age group, the oldest of the boomers, has become the cohort most likely to buy a new car, according to a new study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. Graying boomers replaced the 35-to-44 year old age group, who were most likely to buy four years ago.


Indeed, young people don’t seem that interested in driving. Just 79 percent of people between 20 and 24 had a driver’s license in 2011, compared with 92 percent in 1983, according to the Michigan study.

Conversely, the oldest boomers are trooping down to the Department of Motor Vehicles in growing numbers to remain licensed to drive. Almost 93 percent of those age 60 to 64 had a driver’s license in 2011, up from 84 percent in 1983.

That helps explain why consumers age 55 to 64 had the highest rate of vehicle purchases in 2011, while the youngest age groups had the lowest rate. Even consumers age 75 and above bought cars at a higher rate than 25-to-34-year-olds and 18-to-24-year-olds, the Michigan study found.

Translation:  The 'American Dream' of getting a job following college, buying a new car and starting your 'Independent Life' away from your parents is, at best, on life-support.  With more kids graduating from college, moving back in with the 'Rents, being deeply in debt with training for jobs which no longer exist, Peggy Sue and John Boy are prepping themselves for a life of 'mediocrity' and 'just scraping by'.  

Dreams die hard, but the do... die.  But I must say, your kid looks most-excellent in your handed-down 1984 Saab 900! 

A Hankering for Hybrids,

DETROIT — When automakers rolled out their new electric cars three years ago, they had big plans. Even President Obama, in his State of the Union address in 2011, predicted there would be as many as a million of them on the nation’s roads by the middle of the decade.

Results have, so far, fallen way short of expectations. Only about 36,000 battery-powered vehicles were sold this year through July, according to the auto research site And many of those sales were spurred by heavy discounts from car companies desperate to move electric models off the lot.

But for hybrid cars, it has been a different story. Automakers have sold about 298,000 hybrids, which alternately run on gasoline engines and battery power, so far this year.

And while electric vehicles may be considered greener and more glamorous, hybrids have quietly entered the mainstream of the American auto market.


For many consumers, price is the biggest factor in choosing a hybrid over a vehicle that runs primarily on battery power, though a $7,500 federal tax credit is available for plug-in models and all-electric cars.

For example, the base price for a regular, gasoline-powered Ford Fusion sedan is $21,900. The conventional hybrid version of the car goes for $26,200. But the plug-in variation costs $38,700. Faced with sluggish demand for electric vehicles, auto companies have increasingly been forced to slash prices to stimulate demand. Ford, for example, recently cut $4,000 from the price of its all-electric Focus.

Manufacturers are also fighting an uphill battle to win over consumers worried about the distances they can travel before recharging an a purely electric car.

Despite the lukewarm acceptance of electric models, automakers are nevertheless pushing ahead with more of them. One critical consideration is the increasingly stringent fuel-economy rules set by the federal government, which mandate that a car company’s total fleet must average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, nearly double what it is today.


David Blum, a graphic designer from Lake Elsinore, Calif., bought a Prius last month to replace the older model he has driven since 2005. He originally purchased the Prius to take advantage of the incentives offered by California, including tax credits and a sticker that allows him to drive in the state’s car pool lanes.

“I got used to the mileage, and it was difficult to go back to a gasoline engine,” Mr. Blum said. “When you get 40 to 50 miles to the gallon, it just becomes the normal.”

He said he would not buy an electric car because the price was high and he would need to install a charging station in his garage.

“There is not yet an affordable electric option with enough range to make it viable,” he said.

Translation:  Try as hard as it will (with your tax dollars) Federally-created 'Incentives' to buy crappy products will encourage only either the 'profoundly stupid', or the 'profoundly stupidly wealthy', to invest in products not ready for prime-time.  When a vehicle has a range of fewer than 150 miles and costs THOUSANDS more than it's gas-powered equivalent, how can anyone be surprised that only a very small percentage of the US population is purchasing this flawed, unproven, and environmentally 'unfriendly' technology?  

The only question remaining is:  Will you call to tell President Obama, or should I???  Oh, never mind, you do it, as I'm sure the President's NSA has been reading my posts for the past few years.  Silly me, he already KNOWS...


American Automobile Glut? Unsold Cars Are Piling Up,

Even with U.S. car sales zooming along, there are some signs automakers might be stepping on the gas a little too hard.

Some 3.27 million new cars are now sitting on lots across the U.S., more than there have been in almost five years, according to Automotive News. That’s a lot of cars—just enough to equip every man, woman, and child in the state of Iowa with a new vehicle, and just slightly less than the number of iPhones added to Verizon’s network last quarter. A year ago at this time, by contrast, there were 2.7 million vehicles lying in wait across the country; summer 2011 saw an inventory of about 1 million fewer cars.


But August isn’t the best time for dealerships to be full, as most 2014 models will be rolled out in September. Some carmakers are flirting with a potential glut. General Motors (GM), for example, has enough Cadillacs finished to meet demand for more than four months. It also has 85 days’ worth of Buicks ready to roll. (At the other end of the spectrum, Toyota and Subaru (9778:JP) are running lean—current U.S. inventories for both companies should be gone in less than 60 days.)

Looking for a deal on a vehicle in the next month or two? Dealership lots that stock American automakers appear to be ripe for bargain seekers.

Translation:  If you are a 'seasoned' American with money (from when the economy was 'good'), time, and a valid driver's license, get ready to buy your NEW 2013 _____________________ (Insert vehicle name here) on the CHEAP because its 2014 cousin is mere weeks away from delivery!  

And, if it's a Government Motors vehicle, knock an extra $500 off because, well, just because!  After all, you already gave them a bunch of money a while back (courtesy of the 'ObamaCars' program). 

Meet the one city in America where cars have been banned since 1898,

When early automobiles first arrived on the scene in the late 19th century, few people could have imagined that they would one day take over the world. In fact, some towns found the noise and exhaust from these novelty 'horseless carriages' so off-putting that early cars were actually outlawed in some places.

In time, of course, restrictions were lifted and the car soon became ubiquitous across the country -- but there is still one place in the United States that has yet to change its mind. Meet Mackinac Island, where cars have been banned since 1898.


One resident at the time was quoted as calling cars "mechanical monsters" -- clearly not a glowing review.

Although the small island is home to only around 500 people, in the summer, that number swells to 15,000 during tourism season; aside from a couple of emergency vehicles, there's nary a car to be seen. Transportation on Mackinac is limited to walking, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycling -- a pleasant departure from the car-centric society that exists beyond its borders.

"The air is cleaner and injuries are fewer," writes Jeff Potter, who published an article about Mackinac. "Island residents are healthier due to the exercise. There’s a cherished egalitarianism: everyone gets around the same way. They also save a tremendous amount of money that would normally go to commuting by cars."

Translation:  This is the TreeHugger version of the future (firmly 'rooted' in the past).  

I have a couple of questions to leave you with:

ONE:  How'd they get those buildings put up and nice-looking asphalt road laid down if motor vehicles were banned for the past 100+ years?  Did they make horses pull that heavy construction / road-building equipment?  If so, I've got the ASPCA on speed dial and I'm ready to make THAT call.  (Although, if the NSA could call on my behalf, that'd be great too as I'm REALLY busy today.)

TWO:  I kind of like the idea of an area devoid of working motor vehicles.  It reminds me of current-day Detroit.  

THREE:  The last time I looked / sniffed, horses (presumably pulling these carriages) make create both 'noise' and 'noxious odors' (not to mention leaving large, steamy, piles of poop in their wake).  While vacationing on the Island, do you wear sandals, or rubber boots?

FOUR:  The women in the last photo here look very 'sturdy' (and I really do like their hats!).  Yes, I kind of like the idea of a sturdy woman who can use her thighs to crush walnuts.  Although, I believe there are few men, besides myself, who would ever attempt to marry one.  

It'd kill a 'lesser man'.

FIVE:   Hey Mackinac Island, why stop at eliminating automobiles?  Lose the electric and TV while you're at it.  Those electric plants throw off a lot of heat and noise AND they burn evil fossil fuels.  Shut off the lights, cut the cable networks, and now that I think about it, plug up the dang plumbing.  

If 'TreeHugger' folks want to 'get away from it all' in 2013 - let's give them the authentic 'nature' experience.  Sure, they'll never come back again in the Summer of 2014, but there are plenty of 'Treehuggers' lined up behind them to take their place (for a singular season, at least).

But you won't, will you?  

You, you, wacky TreeHugging-Egalitarians...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking you'd say.  

Have a nice day folks, as for you still reading this really long post, please don't kill yourself, I, and everyone else you know, will miss you.  

You are unique - keep doing what you do best - being yourself.  

The World is a better place for it. 

I'll be moving my son into college tomorrow, I'll be off for a bit - be nice to each other while I'm away.  Seriously, I'm NOT kidding.  Don't make me come down there...

Mike (a.k.a.:  Moos)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Air Bo - Fly the Doggie Skies!

Presidential Speech Excerpt, August 7, 2013:

“Hardworking folks are getting furloughed, families getting by on less, fewer ships available for your training exercises, the commissary your families rely on closed a day a week,” he declared in a speech delivered to U.S. Marines.

“We can do better than that.  That’s not how a great nation should be treating its military and military families,” Obama declared.

“We can do better than that.  That’s not how a great nation should be treating its military and military families,” Obama declared.

To protest the sequester, Obama also shut down tours of the White House.

“Due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration, we regret to inform you that White House tours will be cancelled effective Saturday, March 9th, 2013,until further notice,” says a recorded statement by the White House’s visitors office...

Fast forward 'less than' one week...

Image:  Courtesy of UK Telegraph

Bo the dog travels to vacation spot on expensive tilt-rotor aircraft, Daily Caller, August 12, 2013:

Two of the nation’s most expensive combat aircraft, the MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor, is being used to ferry President Barack Obama’s staff, luggage, pet dog and journalists to the president’s vacation retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

The aircraft costs more than $10,000 per hour to operate, and is being used even while the president steps up his complaints about curbs on federal spending.

“During today’s flight to Martha’s Vineyard the MV-22‘s carried members of the White House Staff, the Media, and the Secret Service, and MV-22’s will fill the same role during future Presidential lifts,” said an Saturday report from the press pool.


The MV-22’s operating costs are roughly twice as expensive as a the Marine’s traditional helicopters, such as the CH-46.

The costs are also much higher than the operating costs of much larger commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing 737 that is normally used to fly people from Washington to Boston-area airports.

The reason quoted online given for 'Bo' traveling separately from the Obama family?  

A scheduling conflict.

Yes, Bo Obama has a very tight schedule and was unable to travel with the First Family.  It had something to do with a pedicure and 'dip' commitment that 'just couldn't be moved'...

Okay, 'personally', I do NOT believe that Bo had the MV-22 'all to himself' for the trip.  Reading from the original post on the UK Telegraph the writer makes it sound as if the transport was reserved strictly for 'Air Bo'.  (And that's NOT exactly the truth.)

The post quoted above (from the Daily Caller) more accurately states that the transport (designed for 20+ Marines) carried not only Bo, but some members of the White House Staff, the Media, and the Secret Service.  

All of which, presumably, were also treated like DOGS. 
(Which, in the Obama White House means...  Dogs get better treatment than Republicans / Conservatives.)

The problem with the story in the UK Telegraph saying that Bo has his own personal MV-22 Osprey is that...

It just sounds 'SO RIGHT'.

How many of you reading this, looking back at the above images, re-skimming the contents of the above post assumed, as I initially did that, "Yeah, it's great to be HIS dog - he gets his own freaking helicopter / plane / DaVinci flyin' thing up to 'The Vineyard', and I can't take my kids on a tour of the White House?"

Yeah, well, I got news for you (ahem, and ME) - Get used to it AND get over it.  

Seriously, six months into the Second Term of an Obama Presidency and you're still getting your feelings hurt?  Time to toughen up Sport-o.  

Don't buy into the half-truth posts you'll find online, you know, the ones that get you all fired up, and yet do nothing to make your life better.  Here's the thing, if you believe that being angry and hateful makes you 'feel better'?  I've got a newsflash for you, if you're hawking hate, class envy, and bashing 'the other guy', you ought to be carrying a DNC membership card and NOT a RNC ID.  

MARKETING 101:  You cannot focus upon the Opposite of something - you can only focus on 'the thing' itself

Illustration 1:  Remember when you were a kid, riding along the shoulder of the road and a car came up behind you and you think to yourself, "Don't go off the edge of the road - if I do, I will fall."  

You were still thinking the same thing as you rinsed pebbles, grass, and glass shards from your right knee with Hydrogen Peroxide later that evening in your bathroom sink.  

Illustration 2:  You're sitting in Church on Sunday morning and you remember the joke from Third Grade about what Confucius said about being in Church:  "Confucius say, man who fart in Church sits in his own pew."  Then of course, you tell yourself, NOT to laugh, whatever you do, 'don't laugh'!  

Moments later, your family, your preacher, and the guy behind you are looking at you while your head drops, your shoulders shake violently and you do everything you can not to bust 'out' in the middle of a really excellent sermon about 'self control'.

National Republicans spend what little Media time they have telling America that they're going to 'Defund ObamaCare', 'Make Washington live within its means', and, my personal favorite, 'Work with the President when he is right, and oppose him when he is wrong.'  (Yeah, good luck with this last one...  The last thing he's done right?  His dog is pretty cute (and did you hear he has his OWN Osprey???))

Dear Washington Republicans, how about saying any of the following phrases out loud the next time someone shoves a microphone into your face and turns the video camera on?

Instead of 'Defunding ObamaCare', how about?  

"As a Republican, I am all about 'choice'.  I believe that you should be able to choose your own doctor, choose to have, or NOT have health insurance, and to choose how you pay for your own medical treatment(s).  I believe that healthcare coverage should be transportable between states and if you want to participate in a high-risk (a.k.a.:  pre-existing condition) medical insurance pool, you can. 

If you find better options to provide for personalized health care for your family, you will be able to participate in it, without government intervention.  Yes, as I said earlier, it's all about choice."

Instead of 'Making Washington live within its means', how about?

"As you are aware, the Federal Government spends a lot of money.  You probably also know that we do not earn this money, but rather, we take it from you to spend it on things we feel "really, really good about".  Our singular job is to perform those duties directly charged to us by the Constitution of the United States. 
Those items which are not within the purview of the Constitution shall immediately be severed from future funding.  We will use current tax receipts to pay off the National Debt and once the $17 TRILLION in debt is retired, we will reduce the financial burden on your employer, your household and your family.  After all, it is your money, not ours."

Instead of 'Work with the President when he is right, and oppose him when he is wrong', how about?

"Yes, President Obama has one really cute dog there...  Oh, and that MV-22 Osprey rumor, you know, that it belongs to the dog, well, that's just not true.  The Osprey actually belongs to the kids, they were just letting the dog borrow it for the trip up to New England..."

Yeah, I had to go there.

Not because it's true, but rather, because it SOUNDS true, and that makes it funny.  And when you can get other people to laugh at the lunacy of Washington, well, perhaps you're on your way to making a difference in Washington. 

Yeah baby, that's how I roll.