Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Importance of Consistency!

I heard a report on the radio today regarding a Rasmussen Poll which indicated that a Majority of Americans disapproved of the President's Job Performance.

Being a bovine of the Most-Curious-Sort, I thought that I'd take a minute and look it up.

I mean, I kind of 'believed' the report I heard about, but based on the recent rash of Top Rated Anti-Republican and Pro-Obama rants posted here on the site, I ASS-U-MED that I mis-heard the news report. This is a distinct possibility, as the 70's and 80's were very GOOD for me, but very, very, BAD for my hearing.

So what did I find?

Oh, look I found a CHART!!! It tracks the difference in percentage points between how many people 'Strongly Approve' vs. 'Strongly Disapprove' of the President's Performance (running the country, I presume - it couldn't be his golf game, right?).

Hmm, I do see a trend here. It appears to be very consistent...

But again, this trend does not appear to be a positive one. Perhaps the folks posting on the FT site are discussing Congress and Democratic Majority leadership in general?

Hey, look, here's a whole section I found on the Rasmussen site which addresses this very subject! What a coincidence!!!

From the report:

Also in August, the president’s total job approval remained steady at 46%. That is the ninth consecutive month his overall rating has remained at either 46% or 47%. Overall, 53% disapproved of the president’s performance in August, up a point from last month.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of U.S. voters now regard President Obama’s political views as extreme. Meanwhile, most voters in the country now believe President Obama and the average Democrat in Congress are more liberal, politically speaking, than they are.

The number of Republicans in the United States grew in August while the number of Democrats slipped a bit and the gap between the parties fell to the smallest advantage for Democrats in five years.

Oops, hey, none of this looks good for the current Democratic-Controlled Executive and Legislative Branches of Government.

What's up with THAT?

The take-away for the Republicans if they get a majority in the House and perhaps Senate? (a.k.a.: What THEY should learn):

When you legislate against the will of the 'governed', you may want to lease, vs. buy, when you move into DC.
Why? Because we are paying attention now. No more sleeping at the wheel for US.

To view the complete article, please follow this link: Rasmussen Reports

Have a nice night folks, and remember:
Only 56 more days to the next election!

[You'll want to be rested up for the excitement to come! And it will be exciting... Well, for about 53% of the US Population. The remaining 47% will betrying to figure out how to blame November's election results on President Bush... Sure, why not???]

See ya,