Friday, October 28, 2011

Scary Story 1: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

When I travel by plane I look for a suspense or horror story to keep me relaxed. My theory is that if I’m reading something by Stephen King I won’t think so much about the amount of time spent 'above five-thousand feet'. I only have a couple of problems:

First, I’ve read every Stephen King book known to man and second, Dean Koontz (my back-up literary 'frightener') isn’t really ‘scary’ any more. Lately Dean spends a lot of time writing about psychic dogs and quantum physics. These two subjects don’t really qualify as scary when compared to the collected works of Stephen King.

From personal experience, I can tell you that my Golden Retriever knows what I’m thinking, I don't NEED Dean Koontz to tell me this.

I submit the following to you as evidence of my dog’s psychic ability…

Me, deep in thought, “I wonder what we have to eat with chocolate in it?”

Dog, “He’s thinking about eating again…”

Me, “Maybe there’s some Halloween candy left over from last year?”

Dog, “Great, he’s thinking about year-old candy. I’m never eating again.”

Me, “The dog looks hungry, I wonder if I should feed her? Hey, maybe we’ve got some of those Nestle Toll House Morsels with the baking stuff – I could eat some of those.”

Dog, “I’m going to kill him next time he falls asleep on the couch…”

Since my favorite ‘scary Writers’ are leaving me hanging lately, I’ve decided that I’ll take a stab at horror writing.

How hard could it be? Hmm...

"It is a dark and stormy night. The old house on the side of the mountain groans as the rain beats the windows and the wind forces a moan from the aged beams. The man is not alarmed by noises from atop the roof, assuming it is just another branch that has broken loose from the maple tree being dragged back and forth along the roofline by the wind. While this sound is irregular, there is another, lower noise that the man hears below the rush of the wind. This sound becomes louder and more rhythmic. Its steady repetition is more reminiscent of a heart beat than the random rant of the shrieking wind and a stray branch. But the man is tired, and the sound of the wind and rain makes him think of sleep.

He is drowsing on the couch when the first real 'thud' comes. It is as if someone has dropped a bowling ball onto the floor of the attic above him. Immediately, the ceiling darkens to the color of a used cigarette filter. The man, now half-awake, swings his legs over the side of the couch and sits up groggily. He rises and walks down the narrow hall to look at the hatchway that leads to the attic. As he nears the drop-down door he pauses, hearing the sound of something pushing down on the attic hatch from above.

The two latches that hold the attic door squeal in protest as an unseen force continues its assault on the hardware that secures the old hatchway. The man looks in horror as the wood trim around the hatch begins to splinter and give way. The hinges let go with a spectacular shriek as the attic hatch falls onto the wooden floor below directly in front of the man. Water streams through the opening and a guttural growl is heard from above. The man backs away from the hatch as a pair of yellowish eyes glare at him with malevolent intent. Primitive ferocity shows in the reflected light in the beast’s eyes as it jumps down into the hallway in front of the man. There is a brief spark of recognition and then…"

I woke up to find my Golden Retriever standing over me on the edge of the couch. “Nobody fed you yet, huh? Okay, come on and I’ll get you something.” I try to get up but the dog will not move. I realize that I’m receiving horrible psychic images from my beloved pet. Rage and betrayal commingled with blood lust paint a hideous panorama of thought. With a snap of her head she produces a knife from between her jaws, brings her head down and stabs me deep in my chest. She tilts her head, wags her tail, and neatly ‘folds’ herself to the dumpster behind the Outback Steak House.

As I die, I realize with horror that I have turned into Dean Koontz. With a groan and one last thought of a Hershey bar -- I expire.

The End

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dead People - The NEW American Entertainment Venue
glee noun \ˈglē\

1: exultant high-spirited joy : merriment

2: a part-song for usually male voices

Being completely honest, I could have gone a couple more weeks without tackling this one.  As it is, I've sat on it for over a week and I feel no better about it now than I did one week ago.  

It's time to exorcise the demon who's been riding me since I heard the news that Muammar Qaddafi was dead.  Time to shake it off into the daylight so the sun's rays can scorch it into dust and let the wind carry its tattered carcass away. 

Before I begin the actual post though, I have one question for you: 

Who have WE become? 

Feel free to answer this inquiry quietly to yourself. 

No written response is requested, nor is it required.

ABC News Online March 18, 2011: 
In his meeting with Members of Congress today, sources tell ABC News, President Obama said he expected that the period that the US would be involved in heavy kinetic activity would be "days, not weeks," after which he said the US would then take more of a supporting role.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
The following excerpt is from CBS News Online, October 20, 2011: 
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a laugh with a television news reporter moments after hearing deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed.

"We came, we saw, he died," she joked when told of news reports of Qaddafi's death by an aide in between formal interviews.

Clinton was in Tripoli earlier this week for talks with leaders of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC).

The reporter asked if Qaddafi's death had anything to do with her surprise visit to show support for the Libyan people.

"No," she replied, before rolling her eyes and saying "I'm sure it did" with a chuckle.

Excerpts from President Obama's speech to the Nation, October 20, 2011:  
We’re under no illusions — Libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. There will be difficult days ahead. But the United States, together with the international community, is committed to the Libyan people. You have won your revolution. And now, we will be a partner as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity.

For the region, today’s events prove once more that the rule of an iron fist inevitably comes to an end. Across the Arab world, citizens have stood up to claim their rights. Youth are delivering a powerful rebuke to dictatorship. And those leaders who try to deny their human dignity will not succeed.

President Obama speaks of human dignity?

For whom?

Gaddafi Chillin' (with Dignity)
Article Excerpt from Reuters, October 21, 2011: 
MISRATA, Libya — Muammar Gaddafi’s body lay in an old meat store on Friday as arguments over a burial, and his killing after being captured, dogged efforts by Libya’s new leaders to make a formal start on a new era of democracy.

With a bullet wound visible through the familiar curly hair, the corpse seen by Reuters in Misrata bore other marks of the violent end to a violent life, still being broadcast to the world a day later on looping snatches of gory cellphone video.

The interim prime minister offered a tale of “crossfire” to explain the fallen strongman’s death after he was dragged, still alive, from a storm drain in his home town of Sirte. But seeing him being beaten, while demanding legal rights, to the sound of gunfire, many assume he was simply summarily shot.

The Atlantic Online, October 21, 2011: 
Call him the billion-dollar man. One billion for one dictator.

According to the Pentagon, that was the cost to U.S. taxpayers for Muammar el-Qaddafi's head: $1.1 billion through September, the latest figure just out of the Defense Department.

And that's just for the Americans.

The final totals will take some time to add up, and still do not include the State Department, CIA, and other agencies involved or other NATO and participating countries. Vice President Joe Biden said that the U.S. "spent $2 billion total and didn't lose a single life."

NATO does not track the operational costs to each member country, but the funds directly taken from a common NATO account for Libya operations have totaled about $7.4 million per month for electronic warfare capabilities and $1.1 million per month for headquarters and command staff, a NATO spokesman said.

What did we get for the $1 BILLION?

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil AND [Bonus!] Sharia Law

The Telegraph Online, October 23, 2011:
Libya's interim leader outlined more radical plans to introduce Islamic law than expected as he declared the official liberation of the country.

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de fact president, had already declared that Libyan laws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its "basic source".

In a blow to those who hoped to see Libya's economy integrate further into the western world, he announced that in future bank regulations would ban the charging of interest, in line with Sharia. "Interest creates disease and hatred among people," he said.
Mr Abdul-Jalil's decision - made in advance of the introduction of any democratic process - will please the Islamists who have played a strong role in opposition to Col Gaddafi's rule and in the uprising

The Economist, October 29, 2011:
Unlike neighbouring Tunisia, which already had a constitution worth amending, Libya is starting from scratch, since the colonel abhorred such things. In a speech to announce Libya’s liberation, Mr Abdel Jalil said the country’s laws would be based on sharia, that “usury” would be banned and polygamy allowed. This raised eyebrows among some of the council’s Western backers and dismayed many secular-minded Libyans, who chided him for pre-empting decisions that will be the purview of the constituent assembly.

Meanwhile Mahmoud Jibril, who has been the de facto prime minister in his role as head of the council’s executive committee, stepped down on October 23rd. His deputy, Ali Tarhouni (pictured with Mr Abdel Jalil behind him), who holds the oil and finance portfolios, is set to replace Mr Jibril. But the Misrata faction is also lobbying for one of its own to have the job. Mr Abdel Jalil’s future is also unclear. He previously said that he too would step down once the liberation was declared. But many people, including Western diplomats, hope—and guess—he can be persuaded to stay on as a calming influence.
Rivalry between Benghazi and Tripoli for control of the oil sector persists. Libya’s oil men are getting production back on stream a lot faster than many expected. Investors are already returning in droves but it is not yet clear who is empowered to oversee the contracts. Such uncertainties are inevitable in the early days of the new order.

Bottom Line:  Seven Months of military action - at least $1 Billion in unfunded war costs (without so much as a 'nod' to the War Powers Act) - one dead dictator - and one more unstable, fledgling Sharia-based Islamic nation in the Middle East. 

You get what you pay for, President Obama.

Don't get me wrong, Gaddafi was a really 'bad man'.  But this Administration 'joking' about his death and taking a Victory Lap on the occurence of the Gaddafi's demise, well, it's beneath us. 

We are diminished in our 'Glee' over the death of one man.

This is the post which I didn't want to write. 

The events of the past few weeks have shown the ugly side of 'America' that I didn't want to see.  I find no joy in the constant barrage of video clips and still-photos of death.   For each day I awaken, I'm one day closer to my ultimate destination.

I pray that upon my departure - no one finds 'glee' in it. 

As far as how Libya turns out?  It'll be a Thriller.

Take it away, MJ... 

"Have a Holly-Jolly-Nazi Christmas"

I just went back to the American Nazi Party website to see if they were putting out another clarion call for even MORE 'Nazis' to Occupy Wall Street.

Seriously, what's an OCCUPATION of Wall Street if you can't have some of your Big-Labor-Union-supported-Nazi brothers and sisters over for a nice relaxing overthrow of the United States Economy?

I figured that stopping back at their site was a good idea since things have gotten 'more interesting' since we last visited the OWS supporters. I was NOT disappointed. Although it was 'more interesting' than I imagined that it would be... And, quite a bit more - surreal.

I haven't stopped back at the Communist Party USA site as yet, between you and me, the ANP site home page was enough of a shock for today - thanks.

The two groups above have both received moral support from President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and Nancy Pelosi and financial support from Liberal Activist / Anarchist Groups nationwide.

Our friendly Wall Street Occupiers have continued to live up to society's expectations of them.

Well, what I actually mean is:

They continue to stink up the place (but I hear the drug sales are way ahead of this fall's projections!)

Unfortunately, thefts and assaults are also UP at the OWS protest, hmmm, maybe due to a lack of Police Officers? Hey! We'd better pass that Jobs' Bill now - right VP Biden?!?! Nice goin' "Plugs". Sit down Joe, before you hurt yourself...

Certainly it couldn't be the quality of the participants that has created the criminal environment, right?

Hey, Liberal Moms and Dads, bring the kiddies! I hear they're having organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad tonight -- Yumm-O!!!

Anyway, we last visited these folks in the post entitled, "Fringe". So what the heck, it's been a week, let's go back and see what the ANP is up to now!

I did.

And no, I'm not making this up (see screen shot above, which begins this post)...

"9th Annual White Unity Christmas Party this December 10th at noon in Laurens, SC!!!"

Yes, nothing says "It's Baby Jesus' Birthday Party!!!" like putting on your best 'Nazi' attire, oiling your weapons, singing 'Aryan Carols', and Goosestepping into the 2011 Holiday season with a few hundred of your closest Nazi Friends!

The following two photos were found on, both depicting Hitler's Christmas Party in Munich, December 18, 1941:
Gunther: "Hey, Heinrich, wasn't Jesus, a, a, um, Je..."
Heinrich: "Shut up, or the boss is gonna KILL you."
December 18, 1941 Nazi Christmas Party
"Holy crap, wasn't Jesus a Je...? Now I've got to shoot myself.
On second thought, where's Gunther?"
A Nazi Christmas, December 18, 1941
So, I guess REAL Nazis celebrate the birth of the Man who was called, "The King Of the Jews"? Perhaps back then, they thought Christmas meant something else? Maybe they were the first folks attempting to take the 'Christ' out of 'Christmas'?

Time for a little research - yeah, you know it's not my favorite thing, but I don't like mowing the lawn either, but it must be done.

Here are excerpts from an article found on the which discusses Christmas in Germany under Nazi-rule:

Nazi Germany celebrated Christmas without Christ with the help of swastika tree baubles, 'Germanic' cookies and a host of manufactured traditions, a new exhibition has shown.

The way the celebration was gradually taken over and exploited for propaganda purposes by Hitler's Nazis is detailed in a new exhibition.

Rita Breuer has spent years scouring flea markets for old German Christmas ornaments.

She and her daughter Judith developed a fascination with the way Christmas was used by the atheist Nazis, who tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration.

Selected objects from the family's enormous collection have gone on show at the National Socialism Documentation Centre in Cologne.

'Christmas was a provocation for the Nazis - after all, the baby Jesus was a Jewish child,' Judith Breuer told the German newspaper Spiegel. 'The most important celebration in the year didn't fit with their racist beliefs so they had to react, by trying to make it less Christian.'

The exhibition includes swastika-shaped cookie-cutters and Christmas tree baubles shaped like Iron Cross medals.

The Nazis attempted to persuade housewives to bake cookies in the shape of swastikas, and they replaced the Christian figure of Saint Nicholas, who traditionally brings German children treats on December 6, with the Norse god Odin.

Civilians were ordered to send Christmas cards to the soldiers at the front. There were also tips on how to make Christmas cookies in the face of food shortages.

In 1944-1945, the Nazis tried to reinvent the festival once again as a day to commemorate the dead, in particular fallen soldiers. 'By then nobody felt like celebrating,' Breuer explained.

Happily, the German people mostly ignored the clumsy propaganda efforts and continued with the same traditions as before.

The is a legacy of the Nazi Christmas. The wartime version of the traditional Christmas carol 'Unto us a time has come' is still sung. 'The Nazis took out the references to Jesus and made it into a song about walking through the snow,' Breuer said.

"Hey Hitler - no snow in Hell little man. Hope you brought your smoking jacket... You're gonna need it. 'Cause you be smokin'..."
Yeah, you're right, this is wrong on ALL levels
Given the information 'borrowed' from the Daily Mail Online, I now have a better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between Nazis, Unions, Communists, and Liberals in the United States.
Each has unrelentlessly attempted to eliminate 'God' from the lexicon of our language. Each has attempted to diminish the foundations of our Judeo-Christian Nation, undermining our religious under-pinnings.
Coincidentally, each of the above groups looks to the Democratic Party as their preferred avenue for 'Fundamental Change' in America.
Gee, I wonder why that is?
OWS people: You want change? Start with your own mind.
Dig it. Yeah man. Groovy...
Step 1: Get your head out of the sand (or, um, rump, either term is equally appropriate to today's discussion)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Letter is 'L'

"L" is for:
  • Liberal
  • Lefty
  • Loser
Sorry, but as of last night, the Alphabet begins with 'L'. 

Why?  It is my tribute to one man. 

That man?  Steve Driehaus, D, OH

As linked on Drudge (and reported in US News and World Report): 

There's nothing quite like a politician scorned.

When voters in Ohio's 1st Congressional District threw Democrat Steve Driehaus out of office after only one term, he did not bow out gracefully.  No, he decided to get even.  So he did what anyone does in today's culture: he sued somebody.

Charging that its activities contributed to his defeat and thus to his "loss of livelihood," Driehaus is suing the Susan B. Anthony List, a group that supports pro-life candidates for Congress and which has been one of the leading and most effective organizations involved in the fight to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood.
Amazingly, rather than laugh the suit out of court U.S. District Court judge Timothy S. Black, an Obama appointee, is allowing it to go forward.

Driehaus's suit is breaking new legal ground and may already be having a very chilling effect on political speech. It goes directly at the heart of our First Amendment protections and criminalizes what is at least a difference of opinion. And it's curious that the case has not received more attention from the national press.

What is equally curious, however, is why Judge Black has allowed the case to move forward and why he did not recuse himself from it since, as Barbara Hollingsworth reported Friday in
The Washington Examiner, he apparently is the former president and director of the Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati.  As seeming conflicts of interest go this one is a real humdinger.

NOTE TO SELF:  Determine if 'humdinger' is an actual word in the vocabulary...

But wait, there's more!  I found the following on the HuffingtonPost from October, 2010:

Left Adrift by His Own Party, Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus Fights On 
CINCINNATI – Beleaguered Democratic House incumbent Steve Driehaus is the antithesis of a stiff-upper-lip, suffer-in-silence politician. Confronted with bad news (and the 44-year-old freshman congressman has had more than his share this week in his rematch race against Republican Steve Chabot), Driehaus revels in his defiance.

Saturday morning, the red-faced Driehaus – leaving his blue blazer on the chair as he stood to rally 150 AFL-CIO union activists -- began his five-minute speech with an admission that most candidates would bury in the fine print of their Federal Election Commission reports.

A few beats later, the Bad News Bear candidate reminded the union-hall crowd, "You may have heard this week that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled some of its ads for me down in this district."

"I got a call from my campaign manager this morning," he declared, with national AFL president Rich Trumka looking on. "She's a little worried that Steve Chabot raised more money than I did this quarter. Shocking."

About all that was missing was the lament that the Driehaus family dog was being held for ransom by the John Boehner Fan Club.

But unlike every other Democratic incumbent left adrift as the national party performed its triage to redirect money to races it considered more winnable, Driehaus launched an immediate counterattack. The congressman impulsively cut a minute-long video (primitively shot with the candidate, his collar-button open and his tie askew, sitting against a white wall decorated with a Driehaus campaign poster) that went up on ActBlue, a grassroots Democratic fund-raising website.

"I've had the guts to stand up for you when it comes to tough votes on health care, changing our economy, turning this around and making a difference while we stand up to Wall Street," Driehaus declared in the video before launching his hard sell:

"Let's send a message to the DCCC that you stand up for candidates who stand up for your principles."

Okay, let's summarize the above snippets as concisely as possible:
  1. Steve Driehaus is suing the SBA-List because he lost his job - because a Pro-Life Group was 'mean' to him
  2. The DCCC pulled funding for Steve Driehaus because they felt he could NOT win.  They were 'mean' to him also 
  3. Timothy Black, a US District-Court judge appointed by President Obama in 2010, determined that this case WILL go to trial, in SPITE of the First Amendment  
  4. Judge Black is the former Planned Parenthood President and Director (who also, according to Judgepedia, attended Harvard (big surprise here, huh?) and is endorsed by Naral - they, of course, protect the right of women to 'choose' to, um, kill babies)
  5. Steve Driehaus "had the guts to stand up for you when it comes to tough votes on health care, changing our economy, turning this around and making a difference while we stand up to Wall Street".  The voters in Ohio had the guts to FIRE him

Bottom line(s): 

Steve Driehaus, the world, apparently, is a 'downright mean' place.  Michelle Obama taught me this.  I don't personally believe it, but if both you and Michelle O. say it, well, it must be true.  If anyone knows anything about 'mean' I'm sure a couple of pros like yourselves are 'down with' the concept of 'mean'.  After all, you are both Liberal Democrats.  You got the 'mean market' cornered.

So the DCCC pulled your funding because you were WAY behind in the polls?  Sue them.  They actively worked against you by taking the money you were so rightly entitled to.  Because in politics, it's all about 'entitlements' isn't it? 

Now we're asking a guy who used to get PAID to run a Planned Parenthood region to decide whether a lawsuit against a Pro-Life group should go forward?  It'd be funny, but well, you know, it's not.  Why this lunkhead didn't recuse himself is known only between himself and whatever non-religious-specific-diety he worships.  However, graduating from Harvard, he may just 'worship himself' when time allows.  Harvard grads are the absolute BEST at everything.  Too bad he didn't win a Nobel, or something, then he'd be pretty darn near 'infallable'. 

Steve, dude, you're a LOSER.

But here is my 3 Step plan for your personal recovery! 

STEP 1:  File your unemployment claim like the other 14 MILLION Americans who are unable to find employment in the economy which YOU helped to create.

STEP 2:  Shut up and just 'go away'

STEP 3:  Mutter to yourself, "The world is so mean" repeatedly as you fade from our Nation's collective memory 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fringe (A Little More 'Red' Sauce Please...)

Always with the Red Sauce... Hmm? Why is it always 'Red'?
I found something late last night over on the Gateway Pundit site which got me thinking...

Dream sequence begins in 3, 2, 1...

Remember a month ago (September 19th, 2011) when I told you that the website color choices were a bit 'odd'? If not, click this link to revisit the original post: Black, White & Red.

I speculated that the color choices for the website were eerily similar to:
  1. The Nazi flag
  2. Anarchist flag(s)
  3. The 'Eat the Rich' logo of German Anarchists
  4. Flags of the Arab Revolt, the Hashemite Kings, and Pan-Arabism" flag
  5. Occupy Wall Street 'Days of Rage' Posters
  6. The 2008 - 2011 'Obama Edition' Nike Air Jordan design
I TOLD you the colors were there for a reason.

Some of you (not mentioning names here, but you know who you are) said that I was "Nuts". You said that I was "Delusional".

You said that I was "A little short for my weight...". Oops, sorry, that last one was from my Doctor a few weeks ago.

Bottom line is that I took heat from this original post simply because I felt the colors on the Obama '' site were used 'On purpose' as a 'Call to action' to selected 'Fringe' groups right here at home (and abroad).

And now, less than one month later?

The sweet, sweet smell of "I'm NOT a nut!" (But, I'm still a little too short for my weight)

Dream sequence ends in 3, 2, 1...


Welcome to our Newest National Nightmare!

From the American Nazi Party site, the "ANP Report" dated October 16, 2011:
[Moos Note: Keep the Hand Sanitizer next to you while reading the content of the ANP Report - you're going to need it when you're done. Then, take a shower. After that, scrub your skin with alcohol. Repeat the process as necessary until you don't 'feel filthy' all over from being exposed to this trash...]


This issue is TAYLOR MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN who are serious about DOING SOMETHING - MORE - than shouting "racial slurs" and acting like "poster boys of hate" loons.

After all - JUST WHO - are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS - and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists, who would sell their own mother's gold teeth for a PROFIT. And MORE and MORE people are AWARE of this truth, are not only NOT afraid to TALK ABOUT IT - they're shouting it on WALL STREET!

I urgently URGE all of you to TAKE PART and JOIN IN when these protests hit your neck of the woods.

Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the "JEW BANKER" influence - DON'T wear anything marking you as an "evil racist" - and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD!

Put as a "contact point" on your literature, our address - it won't immediately "scare off" some of these scaredy-cats for even looking at our FACTS - for FACTS they ARE!

If you are unable to produce your own leaflets - check out the "support" section of our website - there are a LOT of good flyers there to utilize.


As I have so often in the past spoke on - the White Working Class - is going PAST, the BOILING POINT, and is quickly reaching ULTIMATE EXPLOSION! THEY want ANSWERS! THEY want RESULTS! All of which this evil corrupt, decadent JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM is incapable of giving them. WHY?

Because its BOUGHT and SOLD to the CORPORATE ELITISTS who are fast turning America into a "South American" style - THIRD WORLD WAGE-SLAVE STATE - ( complete with MILLIONS of BROWN illegal aliens willing to ACCEPT YOUR JOB for LOW WAGES and NO BENEFITS ) where, currently 3% of the population CONTROL 85% of the nation’s WEALTH! And the "GREAT DIVIDE" is GROWING each and every year that passes.

WE - the WHITE WORKING CLASS - have been LIED TO and totally DECIEVED - just the other day, the system APPROVED THREE MORE so-called "Free-Trade" deals. ALL of which mean that MORE JOBS are going to be SENT OVERSEAS - YOUR JOBS! Don't you CARE? Enough to DO SOMETHING?


For White Worker Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda , Chairman


On this site, you'll also find the following video link from PressTV (Iran):

Not to be outdone, the nice folks at Communist Party USA have thrown their weight behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement as well!

[Moos Note: Get the Hand Sanitizer out again - they have really BIG bottles of it over at Sam's. Stock up prior to the 2012 elections... YOU are going to need it.]

From the Communist Party USA site:

In many areas, the “Occupy Movement” is linking up with the National American Wants to Work Week of Actions, Oct. 10-16.

No doubt the “Arab Spring” demonstrations and those that exploded in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere have inspired it. But underlying it all is the economic crisis, the massive unemployment and growing realization that nothing is getting better, and in fact we may be slipping into a “double dip” crisis. The crushing student debt and the feeling of being locked out of society with no future compound this.

The movement is the newest wrinkle in the all-people’s upsurge against the banks and corporations and reflects a new level of class-consciousness.

While there is a wide range of political and ideological trends, there is a consensus against corporate greed, getting money out of politics, taxing the rich and putting people before profits.

A big challenge for the CPUSA and left, progressive movements is to link these demonstrations with the labor led all-people’s coalition and help deepen understanding that the path to progress must be through electoral and political action including defeating Republican Tea Party reaction in 2012.

Of primary importance is linking it with the burgeoning fight for jobs and especially passage of the American Jobs Act.

We can also play a role in offering more advanced programmatic ideas like nationalizing the banks and socialism.

To have a positive impact, the CPUSA and YCL must be a part of the “Occupy” movement, participating at every level and building greater local support for the actions among labor and progressive forces.

The Communist Party USA Motto:

A better and peaceful world is possible — a world where people and nature come before profits.

That’s socialism.

That’s our vision.

We are the Communist Party USA.

Yeah, so how do you LIKE it so far???

In the past two weeks the following folks have shown support for the 'Occupy' groups in across America:

Labor Unions * China * Cuba * Communist Party USA * President Obama * Nancy Pelosi ('God bless them, God bless us everyone') * The American Nazi Party * Vice-President Joseph Biden * Roseanne (Off with their Heads!) Barr * Iran * Michael Moore * Susan Sarandon

Are there more 'Usual Suspects' backing the OWS 'cause'?

Yes, many, many more. But lunch is over, time to get back to my job (something the 'Occupiers' don't worry about so much) so that I can provide a livehood for myself and my family.

I guess when it comes right down to it - I don't want anyone else paying my way for me.

I'll do that myself - but the government's offer of assistance was 'really super nice'!.

I'm an American. I do what I can.

As for the Communists / Nazis / Occupiers above, well, I'm not sure WHAT they are. Well, if I'm being HONEST with you, I do, but since this is a family-friend site, well, you know...

Before I wrap today, I copied some information from the Communist Party USA site (seriously, I am NOT making this up).

I'm embedding it here for your review:

Is anyone else NOT surprised to find this on the Communist Party USA site?  You could have knocked me over with a feather once I saw the Communist Party of America referring 'hard working' Americans to...  The AFL - CIO. 

Let me ask you this one question:

Are you looking to find the enemies of America?

Look no further than the Union Label...

American Unions will do for Capitalism in America what they did for the nice ladies in the 1970's American clothing industry.  Destroy the industry AND their jobs - forcing manufacturers to move off-shore.

In hindsight, it wasn't really anything to sing about...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Democratic Recipe for Electoral Success: Rape, Murder, Mayhem & 'A Little Off The Top'

"When the going gets weird - the weird turn pro"
- Anonymous

Hey!  I've got a really uncomfortable idea! Let's spend a few minutes basking beneath the diseased haze in the political dementia which is the mind of the average "Communisticus Liberalus Democraticus's(Roughly translated: "the average Commie Lib Democrat").

First, completely empty your mind to more fully experience the rarefication which is the modern Liberal Democrat's psyche.

Second, forget everything you ever took for granted regarding civility, decency, and the United States' Constitution.

Third, I'm soooo sorry... 

Oh well, here goes nothin'.

Nancy (SanFranNan) Pelosi...

“Under this bill, when the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor of health care providers … it’s just appalling.  I can’t even describe to you the logic of what they are doing today.” -- Nancy Pelosi, Former Speaker of the House

Because as EVERYONE knows, Republicans are only happy when "women are dying on the floor" of medical offices.  

Conversely, Bill Clinton is only happy when "women are lying on the floor", pretty much anywhere, anytime, anyhow...

 Joe 'Biden his time till he's retired' Biden...
"Can I have a Sieg Heil?!?!"
October 12, 2011, Flint Michigan: 
“In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city. In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes–just to pick two categories–climbed to 229. In 2011, you now only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this year for Flint if we don’t rectify it.”

Left out of the horror story above, is the fact that Flint's police force is 'down' due to decreased revenues from tax-payers and the cost associated with retiree benefits and early-retired police officers.  In essence, the additional RAPES and MURDERS can be laid squarely at the feet of whomever has been destroying the Nation's Economy since 2009.

Who could THAT be???
Oops!  How'd this get in here?  Sorry!
You guys in the Graphics Department - you're all FIRED!
Don't worry, you'll get YEARS of unemployment...

Michael (is) Moore...  Or Less?
I'm looking at you...

Keith Olbermann Show, September 23, 2011:
“The smart rich know they can only build the gate so high. And, and, sooner or later history proves that people when they’ve had enough aren’t going to take it anymore. And much better to deal with it nonviolently now, through the political system, than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see”  --  Michael Moore, Wealthy Filmmaker and Future Quadruple Bypass Candidate

America, you have been WARNED!  Michael Moore has issued a warning to all you smart rich people who are fat, dumb, and miserable!   

In a completely unrelated story, Michael Moore has just purchased a controlling interest in the ACME Fence Company, specializing in Big and Tall fences for the smart rich.  [Motto:  "Big and Tall Fences for Smart Rich People are Our ONLY Product!"]

Roseanne "I ain't been on TV in Years (except on Russian TV)" Barr
"Hi, I'm Roseanne and I've been irrelevant AND ridiculous for several decades...
I seem to have misplaced my career.  Have you seen it?  Do I look like Ozzie to you?"

Keiser Report, RTv, October 1, 2011:
“I first would allow the guilty bankers to pay, you know, the ability to pay back anything over $100 million [of] personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million. And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the reeducation camps and if that doesn’t help, then being beheaded --  Roseanne Barr

Seriously, once someone calls for the 'beheading' of other private citizens, what else is there to say?  The uninformed might consider this a bit harsh, but to the enlightened likes of Ms. Barr, killing people who don't do what you want is the 'obvious conclusion' to the debate.

James 'Do I look like Gollum to You?' Carville
"And then I say to Bill Clinton, no WAY am I smoking that cigar..."
Don Imus Show, June 6, 2011
“You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this . . . People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”  -- James Carville, Democratic Strategist

I never thought I'd say it, but James Carville is some kind of a genius.  He called this one way back in June.  You are SO the man! 

You are my Precious...
Holy Moley, he IS Gollum!

Some unknown Socialist speaking in L.A. to a mob of 'dozens'

Occupy L.A. Event, October 1, 2011
(Speaker: Unknown but to God.  God is not happy about this):
“One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution.

Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody.
India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty.

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

I don't know about you, but whenever I see someone speaking from behind a shopping cart, well, it truly does make the speaker much

As you lay your head upon your pillow this evening, think about the words you read here and the images which accompany them.  We are here at this time for a reason. 

I wish I were reading about this in a History book - I could skip to the end of the chapter and know how it all turns out.  Unfortunately, as I type this, we are living history.  There is no guarantee of outcome.  No syllabus to help us on our way, other than the legislative tools given to us by a bunch of 'old white guys' several hundred years ago.  Personally, I like 'old white guys' a lot.  Especially every time I look in a mirror as I walk by...   

Once upon a time, I heard that there are three 'types' of people:

Type One:      "Persons who make things happen"

Type Two:     "Persons who watch things happen"

Type Three:  "Persons who wonder 'what the Hell' just happened"

I suggest that as stewards of our Liberty we have been Type Two and Type Three 'persons' for far too long. 

It is time to pull our Nation away from the abyss, back from the brink, and back to the Constitution.

We are a Nation of Laws, not of men.  We are much more than we have allowed ourselves to become.

It is time to get busy.

Roll up them sleeves. 

Looking for a place to start?  HERE

More.  Later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fool On the Bull (Part III)

"Fool On the Bull"

As I finished up last night's Part II edition of this ever-expanding collection of thoughts regarding "Occupy Wall Street", our version of the Middle East's Arab Spring, I realized that I left out something I promised in Part I.  In my eagerness to put Part II in the bag, I left a door open which I forgot to close.  Please consider the following 'closure'... 

I said that I would provide tangible evidence that Marxists, Socialists, Unions, Leftists (the preceding four are ALL pretty much the same thing but...  but one must be accurate in 'spreading the blame around', mustn't one?), and other "Hell bent for leather looking to destroy the Constitution" types planned this 'spontaneous event' - in advance.

So, I went to the source.  I went to 

They themselves provided the closure I was looking for. 

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City  (Click link to read complete text - or check out the following)

A few highlights from the Declaration, referenced above.  My notes are in italics following the 'Declaration' statement about the obtuse, non-descript, and 'totally up to your imagination'... "THEY":

They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.  [I've heard that this has happened, but was not aware that it was EVERY foreclosure.  I wasn't aware that this was the rule, I thought it was the exception.  My bad...]

They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.  [Democrat Majorities in Congress did this - their guys in DC]

They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.  [Nope, not getting this one at all.  Oh, maybe they're talking about my ability to get a job OVER the preferential treatment afforded minorities due to government intrusion into hiring.  Okay, I'm with 'em on this one.]

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.  [US Farmers are producing more food than in any other time in human history.  We feed the World.  You want we should 'cut back on feeding the World', yeah, try THAT on for size.  Let me know how it works for you...]

They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.  [You're right.  We should torture, confine, and cruelly treat people who nothing better to do than carry signs and crap on Police Cars.  Human test IS the best, and you are the best people for the job!  Hey, we can pay off your student loans!]

They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.  [Yes, every business knows that dead, poor employees are 'excellent employees' for the corporation's bottom-line!]

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.  [Re-writing of the Constitution aside (college education is NOT a Right), if all you professors with soooo much time on your hands attending this cluster want to teach this people for free...  Pretty sure that nothing's stopping you from doing so.  Although you may have to volunteer for human medical experimentation (above) to pay your rent.  Because nothing 'worth anything' is given away for 'free' - unless, of course, you're one of the 49% of Americans attached to the Federal teet not paying YOUR 'fair share'.  In this case, you get it all.  Well played.]

They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.  [I so love my solar-powered Chrysler.  Um, except when it rains, snows, or when it gets dirty...  The United States and Oil Producers have spent BILLIONs pursuing alternative energy sources.  Let me ask you this, when was the last time a nuclear power-generating facility was built?  1977.  But you guys HATE nuclear, don't you?  Yeah, we'd better keep using coal-fired power generation, that's MUCH more environmentally-friendly.  Sorry morons, you can't have it both ways.  You want power?  Mount one of them big ol' windmills up your butt and lay on your belly during a thunderstorm.  You'll get all the power you need.]

They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.  [No, the continue to sell patented medicines to generate revenue to create new cures for 'old illnesses'.  You take profit out of medicine, enjoy the Dark Ages II!]

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.  [Yeah, if there's an oil spill...  Nobody talks about it.  O-k-a-y...  "Daddy, when are you going to plug that hole???")

They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.  [The media does keep people misinformed and fearful.  Self-proclaimed 'Liberals' make up 34% of the media.  Conservatives make up 7%.  The remainder identify themselves as 'Moderates'.  Statistically speaking, 59% of them are liars.]

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.  [Ah, the old, 'Innocent but presumed guilty' rub?  If only there were some sort of 'Due Process' provision in the Constitution!  Oh wait, there is, unfortunately, the guys writing this "Declaration of Whining" don't own a copy - assuming they could READ in the first place.]

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas. They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.  ['They' are quite busy in an Obama Administration, aren't 'they'?]

To the people of the world,

We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power. 

[People of the World?  Oops, I thought they were talking about problems they found right here in the US?  If they have problems with other countries, yeah, I'm with them.  If they think that WE need to be part of some, oh, say, New World Order (Workers of the world unite!) thing - um, no.  That sounds a lot like Socialism, and Cow Guy don't 'play that'.]

October 4th, 2011 -  Many fine organizations are bringing out the 'best and brightest' to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

Yes, the people you see chanting mono-syllabic words and repeating ONLY what they are told,?  They ARE the 'best and brightest' which this Liberal Borg Collective has to offer:
Continuing from  On October 05, 2011, at 3:00 in the afternoon the residents of Liberty Square will gather to join their union brothers and sisters in solidarity and march. At 4:30 in the afternoon the 99% will march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet from Foley Square to the Financial District, where their pensions have disappeared to, where their health has disappeared to. Together we will protest this great injustice.

We stand in solidarity with the honest workers of:

 •AFL-CIO (AFSCME) •United NY  •Strong Economy for All Coalition •Working Families Party  [first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations]   •TWU Local 100  •SEIU 1199  •CWA 1109  •RWDSU  •Communications Workers of America  •CWA Local 1180  •United Auto Workers  •United Federation of Teachers  •Professional Staff Congress - CUNY  •National Nurses United  •Writers Guild East 
VOCAL-NY  •Community Voices Heard  •Alliance for Quality Education  •New York  
•Coalition for the Homeless  •Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project  NEDAP)  •The Job Party  •NYC Coalition for Educational Justice  •The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center  •The New Deal for New York Campaign  •National People's Action  •ALIGN  •Human Services Council  •Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State 
•Citizen Action of NY  •  •Common Cause NY  •New Bottom Line  •  •Tenants & Neighbors  •Democracy for NYC  •Resource Generation  •Tenants PAC  •Teachers Unite 

Yes, the Usual Suspects are here, but a few working behind the scenes are not.  Where are the folks at AdBusters?  After all, they provided the original 'Dancing Bull Girl' graphic found above.  Where is the DNC?  Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have ALL come out in support of these upstanding citizens.  Nancy Pelosi is quoted as saying, "God bless them, for their spontaneity. It's independent ... it's young, it's spontaneous, and it's focused. And it's going to be effective."

Yeah thanks Nancy, great to have YOU here - comic relief in politics is rare these days.  I'll remind everyone about what you said when the first Police Officer, citizen, or visitor to the event is injured, killed, or raped. 

You own it now sweetheart - good luck with that.  Thanks for letting the rest of us know exactly where you stand.  

But is this 'independent, young spontaneous, focused' event actually 'spontaneous'?

At long last, I answer the question I've dodged for several hundreds words already:  No.  The event is not spontaneous.  As proof, allow me to reference the unimpeachable source:  The Huffington Post.

February 22, 2011, Van Jones, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, American Progess Action Fund wrote this:

In the past 24 months, those of us who longed for positive change have gone from hope to heartbreak. But hope is returning to America -- at last -- thanks largely to the courageous stand of the heroes and heroines of Wisconsin.

Reinvigorated by the idealism and fighting spirit on display right now in America's heartland, the movement for "hope and change" has a rare, second chance. It can renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned.

Over the next hours and days, all who love this country need to do everything possible to spread the "spirit of Madison" to all 50 states. This does not mean we need to occupy 50 state capitol buildings; things elsewhere are not yet that dire. But this weekend, the best of America should rally on the steps of every statehouse in the union. and others have issued just this kind of call to action; everyone should prioritize responding and turning out in large numbers.

This Is Our 'Tea Party' Moment -- In a Positive Sense

It is time to draw a line in the sand -- nationally. Someone has to stand up for common sense and fairness. It is time to use all nonviolent means to defend the American people and our American principles from these abuses.

If we take a bold and courageous stand, over time, we can win. Make no mistake about it: this is our "Tea Party" moment -- in a positive sense.

In fact, we can learn many important lessons from the recent achievements of the libertarian, populist right. Don't forget: even after the Republican's epic electoral defeat in 2008, a right-wing uprising was still able to smash public support for "new New Deal" economics. Along the way, it revived the political fortunes of the GOP.


And the American ideal most in need of defense is our most essential one: the American Dream. 

The steps needed to renew and redeem the American Dream are straightforward and simple:

•Increase revenue for America's government sensibly by making Wall Street and the super-rich pay their fair share.

•Reduce spending responsibly by cutting the real fat - like corporate welfare for military contractors, big agriculture and big oil.

•Simultaneously protect the heart and soul of America - our teachers, nurses and first responders.

•Guarantee the health, safety and success of our children and communities by leaving the muscle and bone of America's communities intact.

•Maintain the American Way by treating employees with dignity and respecting their right to a seat at the bargaining table.

•Rebuild the middle class - and pathways into it - by fighting for a "made in America" innovation and manufacturing agenda, including trade and currency policies that honor American workers and entrepreneurs.

April 15, 2009, marked the beginning of the national movement to remember the Tea Party and pull America to the ideological right.

Let Saturday, February 26, 2011, mark the beginning of the national movement to renew the American Dream and return us to the moral center -- where everybody counts, and everybody matters.

So is this movement 'spontaneous'?  Well, perhaps in 'Dinosaur Years' (longer than dog years and much more, um, frightening.)  But Van Jones began stirring the collective pot way back in February, 2011  after Wisconsin politicians had the audacity to take on the Union status quo.  Next, he officially introduced his 'BIG IDEA' in NYC on June 23rd, 2011.  You can find more on this HERE.  

The only spontaneous moment thus far has been this 'loyal citizen' dropping his trousers and pooping on a Police Car.  

I'll admit that I didn't see that one coming. 

It WAS pretty spontaneous... 

As for the rest of this sham - it's right out of the Cloward and Piven playbook.  If you're not familiar with this two stalwarts of the New American Revolution, click the link below to view their breakthrough interview written in "The Nation" May 2, 1966.  CLICK HERE

Warning:  Do not read this document prior to drinking, or while driving heavy machinery.

You have been warned. 

Speaking of warnings, let's spend a few minutes with Frances Fox Piven and college students at CUNY.  Don't watch this video.  You won't be happy...

But, if you MUST, pay attention beginning at 02:00 minutes into it.

Think twice about cutting that tuition check for your kids prior to finding out EXACTLY what they're learning.  Perhaps spend a day shadowing your kids going to their classes?  You test drive a CAR before buying it - why not test drive an EDUCATION, just to see how it handles?   

Just a thought...

There is so much which needs to be undone.