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Death Merchants vs. Disney World!!! (A Choice)

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Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what's wrong with this picture???

I stayed away away from today's topic for a long time.  I didn't want to go here.  But some things are better 'out' than 'in', I guess... 

Okay, time to let it out.

I read last night that Planned Parenthood Federation of America received $ 487.4 MILLION from the Federal Government 'grants and funding' for the fiscal year ending June 2010.  Approximately 90% of this$ 487.4 MILLION in funding was paid out via Medicaid. 

The source of our Federal Government's funding, of course, is you.

Questions spring to mind: 
  • What services are the Feds buying from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (a.k.a.:  PPFA)?
  • What are the 'buying patterns' of the Feds on our behalf?
  • How many lives were 'created or saved' by the sterling efforts of PPFA?
  • What core tenents drive Planned Parenthood? (Another post for another day)
Quickly turning to the MicroSoft Excel Program for the 'Higher Math' aspects of this post...
SOURCE:  Planned Parenthood Annual Reports and PPFA Fact Sheets 

Okay, let's now look at how efficiently our Federal Government is purchasing the 'snuffs' on our behalf:

As any one can PLAINLY see, it costs almost 50% MORE in 2010 to murder the 'average unborn' in 2010 than it did in 2009 (based upon Federal Investments in Planned Parenthood during the most-recent reported period). 

When investing MY money, I want results AT LEAST consistent with 'past performance'.  I know it's hard to invest in an Obama economy, but social engineering is the ONE place I thought my investment would be relatively safe.   

However, in this instance, given the Federal investment level in 2010 of $487.4 MILLION, I would have expected at minimum: 

$ 487,400,000 / 1,095 = 445,257.1 confirmed KILLs
(2010 Spending    /    2009 'Kill Cost' = 2010's projected cost per kill)

This is yet another example of how inefficient, and unaccountable Federal Funding is.  

If past trends continue throughout Fiscal 2011, it COULD cost as much as $2,218.01 per abortion ($1,479 x 1.5 = $2,218.01).

This is completely unacceptable!  We cannot continue to spend THIS kind of money while getting continually diminished returns. 

I do, however, have a suggestion which will instill 'Fairness' and cost-efficiencies back into our Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood. 

Here's the idea:
(It's a BIG idea as indicated by the size of the print)

First, allocate Fiscal Year 2010's $1,479 'cost per abortion' back to the expectant-but-I-really-want-an-abortion-Mother as follows:
  • Fly the mother wishing to abort to Disney World for three days (all expenses paid!)
  • Provide her meals, lodging, and a three-day park hopper pass (you've got almost $ 1,500 to play with, after all)
  • Encourage her to ride Space Mountain
Second, at the end of the three days of viewing happy, whole, and loved children, perhaps the 'Mom' will re-think her decision to abort her unborn child and either keep said child, or offer the child up for adoption to parents who want to share their lives with a child.

Third (this is where the 'Fairness' comes in), if, at the end of three days the mother hasn't had a miscarriage from all the 'bumping around' on Space Mountain, she has a pretty good idea that God wants her to keep this child. 

Fourth, SHE, with a little of God's help, gets to make the decision without the nice folks at PPFA giving her THEIR completely unbiased advice.

Do I actually subscribe to the ideas above?  No, I don't.  However, I allowed myself to spend a few moments channeling my 'Inner Liberal'... 

It is the 'Fair' thing to do, after all.

Another interesting (yet unhappy) statistic from current funding of Planned Parenthood as it pertains to Adoption Referrals:

According to PPFA’s annual report for fiscal year 2007-2008,  in 2007 Planned Parenthood’s “adoption referrals to other agencies” totaled 4,912.

In Fiscal Year 2010 that number was 841, a decrease of 82.8 percent.

All things considered, my lunatic idea above does sound a 'bit more fair' doesn't it?  At least sending the Mom to Disney MIGHT give the kid a fighting chance.  (As long as she doesn't do the Runaway Train ride - that thing nearly killed ME.)

The thing about crazy ideas is that sometimes they don't look so 'nuts' when surrounded by other 'more lunatic' ideas which have set the bar so very, very high for 'goofiness'...

Oh, I KNOW that Planned Parenthood does things OTHER than JUST kill the unborn - it's not like I live in a barn, or something - get a grip! 

However, the things which most people DON'T know about Planned Parenthood? 

Yeah, they'll keep you up at night.

Next week.  Aloha.

Have a nice weekend folks,


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