Monday, May 2, 2011

Seriously, You Cannot Win...

Here I sit, preparing to leave the office when I think to myself, "Self, maybe you should do a quick scan of current 'Weird News' to see if there'll be anything to post about tomorrow when you're off from work?"

Why wait till tomorrow for something you can do while your kids are at home starving???

So I scanned a site.  I WENT there. 

And this is what I found when I arrived...
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Environmental groups sue to block wind farm

But, I thought Wind Farms were...  GOOD?

Nah, wind farms USED to be good. 

Now, to environmentalists (who REALLY care) power-generating wind mills are 'SPINNING WINGS OF DEATH'...

From the article: 
Some conservationists have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block the startup of Maryland's first industrial wind farm because it allegedly threatens federally protected Indiana bats.

The complaint filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt seeks to stop Baltimore-based Constellation Energy Group Inc. from beginning operation of its 28 turbines on Backbone Mountain in Garrett County unless the company first obtains an "incidental take permit" from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for any Indiana bats that might be hit or injured by the spinning blades.

A similar lawsuit brought in the same Greenbelt court last year forced developers of a West Virginia wind project to reduce the number of planned turbines after the judge ruled that Indiana bats hibernating in the area almost certainly would be harmed by the blades. The West Virginia developer also agreed not to operate the turbines at night or at times of year when the bats would be flying until it obtained federal permits.


They claim they wind turbines, with blades extending 415 feet high, will "almost certainly" injure or kill Indiana bats.

The small brownish-black mammals range across much of the eastern United States, but their population is so low and thinly spread that federal officials consider them at risk of extinction. Listening equipment Constellation set up while building the turbines this year detected calls of Indiana bats. The lawsuit contends there is a "robust population" of Indiana bats that hibernates in a cave 13 miles from the project site.

Strictly an observation on my part, but it would appear that Indiana Bats MAY be an endangered species - however, there's no shortage of Moon-Bats in the State of Maryland.  I wonder how these folks will get the electricity to power their $42,000 Chevrolet 'Volts' to cruise the alloted 20 miles from home to view these bat caves and get back again?

They certainly can't use OIL to generate the electricity (last time I looked, we're FLAT out of dinosaurs).

They can't use COAL (because it's 'dirty' and 'Mama says' that being 'dirty' is BAD.  And you'll never meet NICE people if you're 'dirty'.)

They can't use NUCLEAR because, well, just because.  Venture back to my post earlier this week about Chernobyl for additional 'Glow in the Dark' fun.

And NOW, they don't want us to use WIND POWER because we might end up 'Cuisinarting' these wonderful little bats.  (But I hear that they ARE delicious the way Paula Deen cooks 'em up with a little butter, flour, and salt!)
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     Awwww, isn't he CUTE?!?!

I don't know folks.  Seems like the only POWER SOURCE left us as an option is HEAT POWER. 

[This would be the power we COULD capture from the amount of HOT AIR coming from Environmentalists given some new, highly-efficient, thermal technology]

These folks, apparently, will not be happy until we're all driving with Fred...
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Yabba.  Dabba.  Doo...

Oh, look, a (purple) dinosaur!!!

I can't wait until 2012 - when the Mayan Calendar runs out. 

You thought this year is weird so far? 

You ain't seen nothing yet.

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