Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The New Agenda

Payne, Erica Payne

Remember the calls for 'Civility'?

Yeah, me too. 

Apparently Civility is just too hard.  What we really nice is a substantive debate of the real issues facing America today.

What we need is a new National Agenda.  Or perhaps, an Agenda P'roject'? 

Ah, that's the ticket.

Allow me to introduce you to the founder of the Agenda Project:  Erica Payne (yes, she's a 'Payne' from a long line of 'Paynes').  She has an Agenda.  You could say that it's a Project of hers. 

Let's take a moment to equate ourselves with this nice lady. 

The following comes from the Agenda Project site:  Prior to founding the Agenda Project and the Tesseract Group, Payne co-founded the Democracy Alliance, a donor collaborative whose partners have invested over $100 million in progressive organizations.

Her early career included serving as Deputy National Finance Director for the Democratic National Committee during the 1996 presidential re-election campaign and as a consultant to a number of campaigns and political organizations. In addition to her public sector work, Payne has held senior marketing positions in the private sector.

Payne is the author of The Practical Progressive: How to Build a 21st Century Political Movement, which Jonathan Alter of Newsweek called “a blueprint for a progressive conspiracy to help save the country.”  [Moos Note:  a blueprint for a progressive conspiracy to help save the country?  Doesn't the word 'conspiracy' typically have negative connotations associated with it?  Just wondering.]

She is on the Board of Advisors of the Public Diplomacy Collaborative at the Kennedy School at Harvard University. She is also on the Board of Advisors of Health Care for America Now.

Payne has a MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (2000) and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1991).

Well, isn't that special?  She seems to have a fine pedigree as it pertains to educational background AND she worked under Bill Clinton in 1996 as the National Finance Director for the Democratic National Committee. 

Oops, sorry, did I say she worked under Bill Clinton?  Ah, yes, I see that I did.  Sorry.  Please do not infer something I never meant to imply. 

So what's the agenda of the Agenda Project?  Let's re-visit the website to see if we can get a crystal-clear picture of what their mission is.  Again, pulling from Erica's website

The Agenda Project’s goal is to build a powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing ensure our country’s enduring success.

Between out-dated political parties, self-interested multi-national corporations, and ineffectual elected officials, good values and common sense have lost their power in the public debate. 

Our goal is to return normal Americans to the center of the policy debate by cultivating an understanding of public policy, facilitating common action, and connecting the best ideas and the strongest leaders with engaged citizens, elected officials, the media, political insiders [but I thought she said in the prior paragraph that they were 'ineffectual elected officials'?], and experts through a variety of in-person and on-line platforms [Oh good, now she's talking about me!].

Holy Business-Speak MoosRoom Readers!  Instead of building a Mission Statement, Erica builds 'Mission Control'. 

How about we boil the above objectives down to no more than a few lines?

The Agenda Project - where the Elite meet to tell you what to think, to do, to eat... 

You can't do it on your own.  You're not equipped to understand the BIG thoughts we're thinking.  Now run along and we'll tell you what you need to know [later].   

So Erica's been around for a while, looking to provide a Progressive Conspiracy blueprint for the nation.  Super.  Excellent.  Thanks for being there hot chick with the thick-framed glasses!  Okay, so I began this talking about civility and making nice-nice, and all I do is pick on the poor woman. 

What's the cause of my un-called for personal attack of Erica?  No, nothing personal, but take about a minute and a half and check out our new friend, Erica's, video production.  You might want to make sure there are no kid's in the room when you hit PLAY.  Unless they hate Grandma, of course.  If they do hate Grandma, they'll like this one a lot...

If the video doesn't open properly above, you can access it by clicking HERE

There you go, a NEW tone for civility in America!  When you can win the agrument - just make stuff up! 

It's the Progressive Way...

Oh, and just in case Erica here ever reads this post?  She got it wrong.  A Republican wouldn't have tossed a single elderly woman off the cliff.  A REAL Republican would have built a highly-efficient automated conveyor system to drop seniors into the abyss. 

These Progressive folks do not understand the benefits associated with streamlining operations.  To them it's one man pushing one woman in a wheelchair at a time.  They're cursed with Union-Member thinking.  Sheesh.  How very inefficient. 

Even when they're making stuff up - they get it wrong. 

Well, at least they're consistent...

Speaking of consistent, here's a BONUS video from the Agenda Project.  You WILL want to clear the kids from the room for this one...

If you want to check this one out - click this link:  F*CK YOU

I don't want it in my post.
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