Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

No, not quite right.

Easter isn't about the Bunny, or the Eggs, or the Chocolate. 

It's about none of these things.

The message of Easter has been co-opted as Christmas has.  I guess it's easier to think about a fuzzy little bunny delivering candy to boys and girls than it is to think of one man's death and Resurrection. 

But, well, like they say, "It is what it is".

As you begin this Easter Sunday take a few moments to think about those people who are important to you.  These are the folks who made you who you are.  

Then?   Thank them. 

While I will one day die alone, I never live alone.  I am a conglomeration of everything I have learned, seen, and experienced over the course of my 52 years of 'being'.  Thanks to my family, my friends, and all those whom I have loved and lost in my life.  Each of you has left your mark upon me.  I am better for having known you.

And, if someone wasn't especially 'nice' to you (or me, for that matter)?  Forgive them. 

Easter is about forgiveness, isn't it? 

Yes, I believe that it is.

I've got to wrestle the family up to get moving for Church, but I leave you with this...   

Happy Easter folks. 

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