Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Jon (March 1, 2011)

Another letter to my son at Navy RTC at Great Lakes, IL. 

Dear Jon,

I just received TWO letters from you!  That’s twice what I was hoping to see. 

Congratulations on your attainment of E2!  You worked hard for it – excellent job!

Second, you asked what was going on?  Well, around here, not so much – it continues to be COLD, snowy / windy / rainy, but the days are getting longer so I’m thinking that sometime it’ll get above 50 degrees again. 

Gas is $3.55 per gallon.  When you went in to Boot Camp, I believe it was around $2.99 per gallon.  There are a LOT of reasons for it, but nothing you need to worry about now (since anything you drive will have US NAVY written on the registration – oops, you don’t have to pay for your own gas?  Do you???  If so, that would be BAD.)

Teachers in Wisconsin have walked off the job for the past ten days to protest the Republican Governor’s attempt to balance the Wisconsin State Budget.  THEN, Democrat Senators (14 of them) LEFT the state to go to…  TADA! 

Illinois so they wouldn’t have to vote on the legislation and have the Union Bosses crabby at them.  In the end it’s more politics.  But the thing is…  It’s not politics as ‘usual’.

Bottom line is that the World continues to be ‘Odd’.  Have you missed stuff, yes, you have, but you’ll get back up to speed once you get out of Boot Camp.  Here’s some critical news you WON’T find on CNN or Fox News Channel…  Dylan got laid off from WalMart in February.  We stopped out at their house to give them a copy of the picture we had taken of you, Ben, Dylan, and Tim at Medieval Times and Mrs. W. told us that he’s currently not doing much of anything currently. 

I’ve been going to Planet Fitness a couple of nights per week and I’ve never seen him there.  Although, if he’s not working, he could pretty much go anytime he wants and I’d never see him since I’m usually there after 6pm.  You might want to call him when you get ‘sprung’ from Illinois when you get a chance.

There’s really no big news around here lately.  The big news is when get a letter from you telling us that you ‘Blew snot out of your face’ when you pulled your gas mask off in a room full of tear gas. 

That, my son, was CLASSIC.  It was even better when Timmy started making wretching noises from the dining room table where he was doing his homework as I read your letter to him.

I’m very glad that inspections, tests, and ‘gassing’ is winding down.  I’m sure that you’ll have more of it to look forward to in A School, but getting done with Boot Camp will at least allow you to get out and ‘look about’ from time to time. 

I’ll keep my phone with me in case you ever get a chance to call us.  I’ve been wearing it (except when sleeping because it hurts to roll over onto it) constantly in the off chance that they give you an opportunity to ‘Phone Home’.
Everyone is okay here, Nana and Papa seem to be a ‘Go’ for Illinois as of today.  Travel, rental cars, and hotel lodgings have all been secured, now all we need to do is get through the next week to see you again. 

Sometimes it seems like you just left, other times it feels like you have been gone forever.  Most nights, I continue to walk down the hall expecting to see your jeans and ratty old white socks, legs crossed laying on your bed working on your phone, iPad, or whatever electronic gizmos you had over the past year. 

Problem is that you’re never there, and we’re always here, far away, but always thinking of you.  I’ve gotten a lifetime of prayers in over the past six weeks – I’m hoping that God has a sense of humor in case I need to ask him for more ‘stuff’ once you get to A School. 

I’m thinking this letter will find you with Battlestations 21 in the rear view mirror, I’m hoping all went, and continues, to go well.     

I miss you more than words can express Kidd-o.  Take care of yourself, take care of your ship mates, and I’ll take care of stuff around here.  I’ve got your back (wherever your back happens to be).


p.s.:  In the future, if someone puts you in a room full of gas with a perfectly good gas mask…  Keep it on!

See you soon.
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