Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Hi there!

Looking for the perfect Father's Day Gift for your Dad?

Looking for something that a Majority of United States' 'Dads' would LOVE to get this Father's Day?

Is your Dad looking to Support 'World Peace'?

Well, look no further!!!

The Liberal Nut Company  of Tupelo, MS has what YOUR Dad is looking for Father's Day 2011!blog post photo
Nancy Pelosi's Nuts -- In a Bag!

(Mr. Pelosi's Nuts haven't been seen in YEARS!)

Yes, I know that it's too good to be true, BUT a company in Tupelo, MS, (in the midst of the Great Obama Recession has begun selling a complete line of Gourmet Salted Mississippi Peanuts in an effort to:

a.)  Make evil profits

b.)  Make politically incorrect 'points'

and, finally,

c.)  To bring about 'World Peace'(Okay, so I made up Point C above - sorry.  I thought it was a beauty contest for a minute...)

Other selections from the Liberal Nut Company include the finest NUTS found in Washington (and politics) today:
Harry Reid,
Bill Clinton,
Michael Moore,
Al Gore,
and MANY more!

blog post photo
Excerpting from Al Gore's 'Nut Label'...

Quote: "As many know, the Chinese expression for "crisis" consists of two characters side by side. The first is the symbol for "danger," the second the symbol for "opportunity."
Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth

Liberal Nut Editorial:
  Al Gore continues to sound the "danger" alarm while secretly seizing "opportunity."  "Danger" and the Global Warming Crisis don't scare Mr. Gore; he lives comfortably, surrounded by "opportunity", in his new $9 million California mansion

If what Al proclaims is true, his ocean front home will be the first to disappear when the ice cap melts.

Hey, so what are YOU waiting for? 

Why are you still reading THIS???

Leave NOW!!! 

You'd better order your 'Liberal Nuts' soon because while Liberal Progressives will keep making MORE (Liberal Nuts).

Heh, heh, heh...  [Evil laugh]

Liberal Nuts... Even if they taste really horrible, just think of the fun you'll have of chewing them up and... 

Spitting them out in 2012!

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