Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'IF' Sarah Palin is an Idiot...

Okay, here’s the premise espoused by the nice folks in the Media:


Sarah Palin is a Mama-Grizzly-Conservative-Nut-Job who, by virtue of her intellect, could NEVER be President of the United States.

All rightey then…

So, how do you explain away the following series of clips featuring Candidate Obama (as found on the site) contrasting comments made about ‘her’, followed up by clips of ‘him’?

If SHE’s an idiot - which singular choice word describes Barack Obama?

Oh, that’s right, he’s the most intelligent guy in the room -- assuming, of course, that he is alone, and the family dog is in the other room 'licking herself'…

But I guess that’s more than one word.

I do have a singular word which explains the man…


Please understand that I am a man of limited abilities. The difference, however, between President Obama and myself is that I understand my limitations - he does not.  And anyone within camera range doesn't notice them either.  It's almost as if he exists within his own 'Vortex of Reality' where his words, actions, and ideas are exempt from scrutiny from the Media. 

My WIFE doesn't cut me the kind of slack this man gets on a regular basis from people who once belonged to the 'Fourth Estate'.  Perhaps my running for public office is NOT out of the question? 

Well, provided that my dog doesn't run against me, of course.  She's a Golden Retreiver, and I'm pretty sure that she IS a genius...  As for me, well, you know. 

I say no more.
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