Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Would You, Could You, With Barack???

The entire word list from 'Green Eggs and Ham'
I am Sam

I am Sam
Sam I am

That Sam-I-am
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like
that Sam-I-am

Do you like
green eggs and ham

-- Dr. Seuss, "Green Eggs and Ham"

So here I sit. Awake, not exactly relaxed, and wondering why I'm no longer in bed. Okay, this last statement is 'not-exactly-true'.   

I'm up because my wife poked me this morning and she told me I was snoring.  Aw, come on!

How would I know if I was snoring or not? I WAS ASLEEP!!! (I normally do not snore when I am awake - at least so far as I know.)

Sooooo, in order to maintain 'Domestic Tranquility' I came downstairs to my trusty PC to see what I missed overnight. Luckily for me, while I snore (so says my wife) the World continues to spin.

It is with a fair amount of joy that following a visit to the nice folks over at IOWNTHEWORLD I announce to you today that...

(Sounds of clapping and miscellaneous adulation can be heard in the distance...)

Yes, imagine the fun you'd have sitting across from these two guys while being watched suspiciously by Secret Service Agents (with weapons)!

President Obama enjoys a healthy meal of
Fries and 'some sort' of sandwich!

Joe Biden says, "Never trust a man who
can't eat two cones at once!"

No, um, seriously, I'm NOT making this up.

If you don't believe me - would you believe HIM? Would you? Could you?

Yes, it's a great way for you to personally help raise money for the President Obama re-election campaign! For your chance to donate, oops, I mean for your chance to WIN a dinner with the President and Renfield (VP Biden) visit: www.barackobama.com/dinner

There are, however, specific, tedious rules you must follow in order to be eligible:

7. I am not a known Terrorist or associate of Jeremiah Wright

I made that last one up - sorry...

There is an actual rule Number 7, but it wouldn't fit into my screen shot, and with this Administration, who needs rules anyway!?!? Let's just make up our own rules as we go!

How do you know if you are on the OFFICIAL Win Dinner with Barack Obama site and your credit card donation is NOT actually going to some guy sweating in a Nigerian prison?

If it looks like this, you're in the right place!!!

You folks know how much I like to do 'Extensive Research' on my blog posts here - right? (Second lie of the morning, I'd better get more sleep.)

While looking for additional information to confirm that this thing, was in fact, not a SCAM set up by Newt Gingrich (the man's got to do something to get his name on that ballot - 'cause no one really believes he's actually running), I came across the following 'Hit' while "Googling" Barack Obama eat: www.barackobamaeatsbabies.com

Yes, on this website when you click on Sarah Palin, she tosses a baby into Barack Obama's mouth.

And here I thought I had way too much time on my hands...

So anyway, please be sure to register (and DONATE!) for your chance to eat (it'll be like watching a train wreck while you're ON the train) with the President and Vice President of the United States.

You'd better hurry though, because all entries / donations MUST be received by June 30, 2011!!!

Unfortunately Michelle Obama will not be at the meal. She'll be tending her 'Victory Garden' with a group of un-paid workers (a.k.a.: school-children). When these kids hook up with the AFL-CIO - that's not going to happen any more!

If you won, AND if she, Barack, and Joe were there together, you would have been officially 'Qualified' to be a:

"Tour Guide In Hell"

Yes, this man is a Tour Guide
in Hell (Cayman Islands)
Hmm, all things considered, it seems like a pretty good gig... I wonder what his taxes are? Free health care? Oh, never mind...

Remember, the contest ends in two days - send all your cash to President Obama (does this sound redundant to you too?) for your chance to win a meal with two of the most un-popular people in the history of the world (only speaking for myself, of course).

The other two Runner-Ups in the most un-popular people in the World competition don't actually eat so you can't win a meal with them.

They exist by sucking positive energy out of the people who surround them and exhaling chaos into Congress. I have heard, however, that Nancy Pelosi does love a nice tender baby duck every now and then as a snack. Live, of course.

Two 'Really Cheap' Dates

RIP Huey and Dewey Duck.

Huey and Dewey 2006 - 2007
111th Congress 'Entrees to the Speaker'

Louie still cries himself to sleep every night.

Oh, come on, I WASN'T SNORING! 

It was that dang duck crying next to the bed again.  It's not MY fault!!! 

Louie is pate'!!!
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