Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eating One of Her Own...

I didn't plan on posting anything today (you know, Memorial Day weekend and all) but I was truly surprised when I stumbled across the following video clip which aired on MSNBC in a report by Rachel Maddow.

Didn't the folks at MSNBC do everything they could to get Senator Obama elected as President? Apparently the Honeymoon is over and MSNBC and President Obama are moving to separate bedrooms. I don't dare speculate on where CNN will be spending the night.

I must add two comments of my own regarding Rachel's report:

1.) President Obama made his speech in front of a 'reproduction' of the Constitution of the United States (the caretakers of the document do not want it to fade any more than it already has over the past 200+ years.)

Rachel need not worry about President Obama making such an offensive speech in front of the US Constitution because, in reality, it wasn't REAL.

2.) This could be Rachel Maddow's last LIVE report on MSNBC.So what did Rachel say when she USED to work at MSNBC?

(If you have difficulty accessing the video (I am) please click this link)

Oh my.

So long Rachel Maddow; we hardly knew ye'.


p.s.: It is Memorial Day Weekend. Please take a moment to remember WHY most of you reading this have Monday 'off from work'. The freedoms we have were NOT given to us without cost. They were earned.

This Memorial Day take a moment to say a silent prayer for those who gave so much so that we can take this Monday 'off', but don't take it for granted. That which can be earned in blood can also be taken away with the stroke of a pen.

No, I'm not talking about a day off with pay...

While President Obama doesn't believe that we are a 'Christian Nation' speaking abroad, I believe that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. One of us (either me, or President Obama), I'm sure, is wrong. As for me, I'm pretty sure that I'm right. He will most likely feel the same way (that I am right -- Hee, hee).

For you folks who served, God bless you. And thanks for what you did, and for what you continue to do in inspiring future generations in service to our country.

Have a great weekend folks. Be safe and be nice to each other.

We're all in this together.
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