Friday, May 1, 2009


Last week I did a post on 'Hope'. In keeping with the ongoing political themes of 'Hope' and 'Change' I'm delighted to present 'Hope's' cousin-once-removed, 'Change'.

I guess the thing to be learned from the following video link is that you don't have to change the country (or the World) all at once. Changing one small piece of the world at a time is just fine. Even if the 'piece of the world' is a train station in a far-away place with an exotic sounding name.I dare you to view the following and not end a little 'Happier' than when you began it. This, my friend, is true 'Change'.

Click here to view video -> CHANGE

As for the stuff being peddled in Washington these days... Well, it's mostly just your run of the mill politics and bumper-sticker sound bites. I have had very few personal experiences (actually, the word 'NONE' comes to mind) where politicians have made me feel joyful, or even a 'wee' bit happy.

Real change is seeing the potential for joy and sharing it with others. A friend of mine shared the above clip with me, I share it with you here.

As for President Obama's First 100 Days, you'll need to read about that elsewhere. I'm trying to be 'joyful' and stay away from political stuff today.

Today is my birthday. Fifty years ago today Mrs. Kane delivered her bouncing baby boy into the world. (I don't 'bounce' as much as I used to. Now I'm just happy when I don't fall down.)

I think that I must visit Antwerp one day. There is joy there.

May you find joy wherever you are, whenever you can.

If you can't find the joy in your life, you're not looking hard enough... The reality is that it's all around you -- just open your eyes.

Oh, and if you can't see it, go ahead and make it. (Soundtrack optional)
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