Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From My Cold Dead Hoof

Maybe it's just me.

Yeah, it probably is JUST ME, but...

My nineteen year-old son asked me the other day, "Dad, the things going on in Washington, DC and across the country... Have you ever seen anything like this before?"

I briefly considered doing my BEST 'Yoda' impression and saying something like, "Fail Democrats will, when gathered many they are together", but I decided that it was a serious question, and he deserved a serious answer.

I thought for a moment and answered him truthfully, "You know, I remember things being weird during the Carter Admininstration, but the Obama Administration is creating 'The Perfect Storm' of socio-economic weirdness. While I was living through The Jimmy Carter Experience in the 1970's, I was your age, so I wasn't really paying that much attention, you know, working at the Diner, and all... But I do remember a lot of 'hushed conversations' being had between my parents. They were spooked -- a lot."

As I thought about it my mind wandered back to the 'Misery Index' of the Carter Years.

(Flashback in: 3 ,2 , 1...)

The Carter Years ('Clickable' Links for your reading enjoyment)
> Unemployment + Inflation (a.k.a.: The Misery Index)
> Energy Crisis
> Runaway Inflation
> Defense Spending Cuts
> In-Fighting With Congressional Democrats
> Stagflation

I could go on... But why??? Living through the Carter Administration and during the Obama Administration forces me to accept the fact that I've lived through this ALL before.

Having lived through the Carter Years and now living in the midst of President Obama's first (and only) term is like being 'Re-Incarnated' without the 'uncomfortable transitional step' of DEATH.

The ONLY thing different between NOW and THEN is that the President in the White House has TWO daughters, as opposed to ONE. (Although I guess I'm discounting the fact that President Obama, I believe is also 'taller' than President Carter.)

By way of illustration, see if you can determine which of the following represents President Carter and which represents President Obama?

(Feel free to hum the theme music from Jeopardy at this point)

Q.: Who gave a nationally-televised address in which he identified what he believed to be a "crisis of confidence" among the American people?

Q.: Who said "Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns."

Q.: Who issued a "hit list" of 19 projects that he claimed were "pork barrel" spending. And said that he would veto any legislation that contained projects on this list?

Q.: Who wanted to encourage energy conservation and the development of national energy resources, including renewables such as wind and solar energy?

Q.: Who signed legislation greatly increasing the payroll tax for Social Security, and appointed record numbers of women, blacks, and Hispanics to government and judiciary jobs?

Q.: Who, during the Presidential campaign, pledged to cut spending and reduce the budget deficit?

Q.: Who told Americans via televised speech that our dependence on foreign oil represents, "a clear and present danger to our nation"?

Okay, so can you link the above items back to President Carter, or, President Obama? If you're curious, shoot me a note and I'll send you the answer back RIGHT TO YOU! (I don't want to ruin it for the rest of the kids by giving the answers out here.)

Q.: How can we turn it all around?

A.: We can, assuming we don't end up on the wrong side of the bun...

The Moo-vement Begins...

Check this out --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQMbXvn2RNI&feature=player_embedded

p.s.: No, I don't own a gun, and I'm not advocating that YOU buy a gun. All I'm saying is at some point in your life you have the God-given (even though "We're not a Christian nation" (at least, according to President Obama)) right to say, "No".

Being President doesn't automatically make you 'right' -- much the same way that being a cow doesn't automatically make you 'wrong'.

It's not a LEFT vs. RIGHT 'thing', it's a RIGHT vs. WRONG 'thing'.


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