Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Never-Ending Horror of 2008

It's the last day of 2008 and the horror of 2008 continues. Today (or maybe it was yesterday, or, perhaps it hasn't happened until tomorrow? I HATE the concept of International datelines...) in the city of Kassel, Germany, a truck spilled nearly 80 crates of freshly brewed beer at an intersection because the driver didn't secure his load properly.

Nearly 800 liters of beer (freshly brewed, wonderful, 'German' beer) flew into the intersection whereupon the bottles promptly exploded on the ground and in the -4 degree Celsius (that's close to 28 degrees Metric, I think) air, the contents quickly turned into a frozen 'beer lake' (intermingled with broken glass).

It took an hour to clear the intersection of the debris. This process was delayed when the emergency response squad needed to treat the road crewfor 'cut and bleeding' tongues as they worked feverishly to separate the freezing beer from the glass shards which accompanied the amber beverage on the macadam.

While workers busily evaporated the remaining beer from the street, the only sounds heard from the crews were a series of 'loud belches' and the occasional shouts of 'Ich schnitt meine Zunge!' This, I believe means, "Hey, move over, this is my freezing puddle of beer, you go get your own!" (No, it actually means, "I cut my tongue", or, "A cu ma thung!", if your tongue is 'shredded'.)

The driver of the truck faces a fine for not securing his load properly and was unavailable for comment. Fine? Fine? This guy ought to be sent directly to jail. Wasting beer - who does he think he is, a Kennedy?

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2008... The year that would NOT end.

Oh, the horror...
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