Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Moo Year!

Seven months of blogging on this site and what do I have to show for it? Besides the obvious answer (Carpal Tunnel), I have put an awful lot of 'Moos' behind me. Some good Moos, some 'not quite so good Moos', and even some, dare I say it? Yes, some bad Moos.

The funny thing is that I enjoyed writing them all. They're kind of like your 'kids' with regard to the following:

  • You conceive of them
  • You raise them
  • You set them free
  • You HOPE they turn out okay
  • You wait for them to support you (4 out of 5 ain't bad)
So there now you know the secret behind the words: Writing a BLOG post is almost exactly like having a child (excepting of course that you can't write the blog post off your federal income taxes as a dependent. Well, not LEGALLY. I know, I've tried. Unsuccessfully...)

As 2008 will 'Not go gentle into that good night', I wanted to take a moment to look back at the year in 'blogs' (or, 'blobs' as I misspelled it the first time draft). Once again taking advantage of this week's 'Not looking back ever again' exception, here are my favorite blog posts from 2008 (the titles are 'clickable' if you missed any (or all) of them and wanted to re-visit the posts (a.k.a.: my 'kids')):

Work Speech 5/20/08: Because words 'do' matter in business...

Our Edukation Systim: Because lerning do matter in real life

E-Mail of the Dead: Because it's NEVER to late to reach out and touch someone

Leave Your Balls, Sharks, Monkeys, and Blow-Up ‘Units’ At Home: Because giant inflatable 'units' are a terrible thing to waste

Vestal Senior High Graduation - The Entire District Responds: Because you can't spell 'arrogance' without the 'Arr!' (A well-know pirate noise)

I Have a Cow (The Game): Because you have to drive somewhere...

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... : Because it's just so darn SCARY!

Hey There, You With the Fish on Your Feet... UPDATED WITH VIDEO!: Because. Just because...

Dr Pepper's Lonely Moo Cow Blog: Because you can never whine enough about the 'Recommended Blogs' being taken off the home page of the site

Put That Dog Down... Or You DIE!: Because I am concerned about YOUR health. Could you please pass the mustard?

In Bed...: Because you HAVE to sleep (and eat Chinese food (hopefully, not at the same time)

Harry Potter Was NOT Seen at Berkeley Yesterday: Because I really enjoyed the books

The Mahna Mahna Song (Performed by The Muppets, Barack, Hillary, et al): Because it's my son's favorite (and I didn't write in it much. Thanks, big guy...)

A Clean : Is A Happy : Because a clean colon is a happy colon - just accept it, okay?

It's the End of the World -- But Can You Dance to It?: Because if the world DID end, I didn't want it to be a surprise to anyone

Help Stamp Out Duck Pornography: Because ducks and pornography DO mix (once the 'Feds' get involved)

Pssst, Buddy, Are Your Paws Hot Too?: Because, well, I thought it was funny (apparently no one else did...)

Hate Speech: Because 'Hate' never dies

We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Crisis...: Because you can never have enough 'crises'
Greater Binghamton! (Marketing 101) - Deja Moo' Edition: Because nothing happens without a 'sale'

The Bunny and The Bear (A Fable): Because simple stories convey the clearest message

I Saw What You Did (And... Thank You): Because good things can happen when you least expect them

Whoa, I do enjoy reading my own stuff - that went way longer than I thought it would. I just hope you enjoy reading it too...

For you folks who have been around for awhile, thanks the time that we've spent together this past year. If you have friends (I don't) or family (I do) who may enjoy putting their minds 'on hold' for a short period of time, go ahead and forward this post to everyone you know, and they'll forward it to everyone they know, and they'll... Well, you get the general idea. And soon, MANY more people will be reading these posts - for FREE. Remember, you get what you pay for! (Oops, that was probably a bad analogy...)

My best wishes to you and yours as we stumble boldly into 2009. We'll have a new President, new Congress, newly Federally subsidized Financial Markets, and newly Federally backed Detroit. Given the prior laundry list of Federal incursion into our daily lives I'm pretty sure that things are bound to get 'curiouser and curiouser'.

If nothing else, you can be sure that life itself will continue to be funny. You'll just need to 'squint' a bit more next year to see the comedy in it. If you forget to squint, somedays I'll do it for you.

Thanks for hanging out with me, and before I forget...

Bossie Says:
"Happy Moo Year!"

Boldly going where no 'Photo-Shopped Cow' has gone before...

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