Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Secret of NIH

Once upon a time there was a magical place called...  Washington, DC

It was a place of prosperity, wealth and power.  Its rulers treated all of Washington's subjects equally, whether they were rich or poor, weak or powerful.  

Everyone was treated equally by the Great and Powerful Rulers in Washington.  Birds flew, children played, women and men sang and, then...
The rats came.

As I type this, a barrage of lies are being spread across television screens, desktop computers, and mobile devices across the Nation.  How many lies are there?  You're better served in attempting to count the stars on a warm summer's night.  

The short answer to 'how many lies' is, of course, that there are too many lies to count.  

So I will settle in to address a singular lie which I came across earlier today.

This post, addressing this unique and malevolent lie, follows after the photo of the sick young child fighting for his / her life...

HUFFINGTON POST, October 2, 11:57am:  Government Shutdown Having A Very Real Impact On Children In Need Of Lifesaving Treatment

Think the government shutdown isn't having much of an effect on people's lives? Here's an affected population likely to change your mind.

Every week that the National Institute of Health (NIH) goes unfunded, an estimated 200 patients, 30 of whom are children, will be denied treatment at the facility's Clinical Center. Of those 30 children, many have cancer, said NIH Director Francis Collins to The Wall Street Journal.

Because the Clinical Center is a research hospital, the treatments available for diseases -- like childhood cancer, for instance -- are unavailable anywhere else. As a result, notes NIH literature, "[these patients] have no other alternatives."

According to an agency memo obtained by The Washington Post, patients admitted to the NIH Clinical Center prior to the shutdown will continue to receive treatment, but the memo also said the clinic "would not be accepting new patients or initiating new clinical protocols during a hiatus."

John Burklow, an NIH spokesman, told ABC News the Institute has had to furlough 14,700 employees, resulting in the indefinite postponement of several clinical trials.

"There are four new [clinical trials] ready to start next week," he told ABC, "and they won't be starting during the shutdown if we're still shut down.”

The Atlantic's Jordan Weissmann may have summarized the situation best when he wrote, "House Republicans have failed to stop Obamacare from going into effect so far, but sadly and ironically, their actions have prevented hundreds of people from getting healthcare from just one clinic."

Harry Reid:  "Mission Accomplished!"

Okay, I'm re-focusing, I'm taking a moment, breathing is returning to normal, and, oh yeah, that's better.  

Only one little, teeny, weeny, freaking glaring error in the above (and ongoing) damnation of those Republicans, whom Democrats (and the nice folks of the Media) claim are attempting to KILL CANCER-AFFLICTED CHILDREN in Washington, DC:

It isn't true.

New York's 'Daily News' cover, October 1, 2013

WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM, OCTOBER 1, 5:10PM:  Republicans dig in on Day One of shutdown with plan to pass mini government spending bills

On Day One of the government shutdown, some were expecting House Speaker John Boehner to begin reducing Republican demands to defund or delay Obamacare. But he is instead digging in.

The House plans a Tuesday evening vote on three smaller spending bills that would re-open some parts of the government, including national parks. It's a move intended to increase pressure on Senate Democrats, who have so far rejected nearly every spending measure the House has proposed because each one attacked the new health care law.

House leadership aides tell the Washington Examiner that they now plan to send the Senate piecemeal spending bills that together achieve the Republican goal of funding parts of the government, but not those crucial to the implementation of Obamacare.

GOP leaders on Tuesday stood behind their latest proposal to pass a short-term spending bill that would delay the individual mandate in the health care law and eliminate special health insurance subsidies for Congress and their staffers.

The Senate early Tuesday rejected a House proposal to start formal House-Senate conference talks on the spending bill.

The government cannot fully re-open until Congress passes legislation to fund the 2014 fiscal year.

Senate Democrats reacted negatively to the House plan to pass piecemeal spending measures, noting that the idea was first proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who led the fight against the health care reform law with a nearly 22-hour filibuster speech and who Democrats have portrayed as a right-wing extremist from the GOP's Tea Party wing.


"Sen. Ted Cruz is now going to pick his favorite federal agencies to reopen?" Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill., responded when asked about the House plan. "There are a lot of federal agencies that need to be reopened. I suggest we open all of them."

Senate Democrats want the House to pass a bill to fund the entire federal government until Nov. 15 with "no political strings attached."

Durbin said he expects the GOP will feel pressured to pass such a measure in the coming days.

"Wait until people start looking at the retirement accounts and savings after a couple of days when the stock market declines," Durbin said. "They are going to have second thoughts about this wonderful Tea Party incident."

TEA Party Rally in DC

You know, I NEVER get tired of hearing Democrats, Liberals and Progressives use sick children, financial ruin, misery, and personal attacks to drive their agenda...

It's what keeps me typing during my lunch hour here at work.

The bottom line is that the House of Representatives has sent Harry Reid's Senate a series of Bills which WILL fund organizations like...  The National Institute of Health, the National Parks, the "Save the Inch-Worm Foundation" and the like.  

There is only one small problem however...

Harry Reid said 'No'.  (Then, of course he laughed as grabbed, and bit the head off, a small puppy which happened to be skittering by, much to the delight of other Democratic Senators gathered around the Senate Office Conference table with him.)   

Yeah, I can go there too.

So the bottom line is that the US House of Representatives has attempted to SAVE CHILDREN DYING OF CANCER by funding the NIH and Harry Reid decided that it was better to make a political point than to attempt to save the life of a child.  N-I-C-E

There's a special place in Hell for this guy, and given the company he keeps, I'm just hoping that it's got enough seating for all of his friends so he won't feel so alone over 'there'.  

They say that, "Misery loves Company".  Perhaps that's why Democrats like each other so very much?

Weasel rat bastards.  

Sorry, but these are the only words that come to mind...

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