Thursday, October 24, 2013

"President Obama, Final Answer?"

Regis Philbin:  "President Obama, you said that you wouldn't negotiate with "Domestic (Republican) Terrorists" in delaying the implementation of Obamacare's individual mandate.  This required un-exempted Americans to begin registering for health insurance on October 1, 2013.  

Given that a majority of Democrats running for re-election are now requesting that you do the EXACT same thing, are they now "Domestic Terrorists" also, or are they having a brief, passing, moment of clarity given their impending political demise?"

President Obama:  "Well Regis, you know, er, that um, the most important thing about the Affordable Care Act is that I want single, pregnant women with breast cancer to get, um, you know, some kind of very complicated, and mostly-free medical treatment.  

I also want everyone to know that anyone intimately involved with Bill Clinton over the past forty years should be able to get free birth control, regardless of their age, sexual preference, religious belief, or political affiliation ..."

Regis Philbin:  "Okay then, thank you for your, um, interesting response, but if I may get back to the original question posed:  What DO you do now that Senate Democrats are proposing the same delay you refused to consider when discussing the Continuing Resolution with the Republicans?"

President Obama:  "Um, I'm not sure Regis, would it be okay if I called a friend?"

Regis Philbin:  "Sure, if you can find one..."

IRONY ALERT:  During the multiple manifestations of Republican-sponsored Bills passed in the House, delivered to (and ignored) by the Senate, and spurned by the President, there were several options to delay the Individual Mandate.  The efforts of these reported 'Hostage-Taking' Radical Republicans were dismissed by President Obama and Harry Reid without any regard for the fact that they might actually save the President's Political 'bacon' on the Obamacare roll-out fiasco.   

If Harry Reid had voted upon these Bills, and had passed the Senate, the government would NOT have been shut down and the debacle of the Affordable Care Act would have been 'mostly' deferred into next year, after the 2014 mid-term elections.

Then Republicans could have saved the Democrat Party, ObamaCare, AND given the President an additional year to get the thing right before unleashing the Health Insurance 'Kraken' which FOOS (Friends of Obama) cooked up while tripping on 'shrooms', inbreeding with each other, while eating strawberries and studying Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals".

But.  No.  

Republicans tossed Obama, Reid, and Pelosi a lifeline and they...

Swatted it away. 

Good for them.  Bad for US. 

One month into the Affordable Care Act we find:

  • Millions of Americans are losing their insurance (the coverage they WERE happy with)
  • Registrations for FREE Medicaid insurance are surging via HealthCare.Gov (the majority of new sign ups are for FREE (for them, at least) Medicaid coverage)
  • Few are actually signing up for the ObamaCare Coverage
  • The President's Approval Rating continues to plummet
  • And, everyone associated with KNEW the site was plagued by issues and yet they let the thing loose to shamble through the darkened streets like some deranged Frankenstein's Monster

America, Sebelius has released her beast.  It is hungry and must be fed.   

In 2014, when the employer mandate waiver expires, 93 Million other insurance policies will be in jeopardy of cancellation under 'Grandfather' provisions of the ACA.  

Gee, thanks President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi for doing that voodoo that you do.  

Here's another life ring for you folks.  No string attached...

A sincere thank you to all Republicans in Congress, past and present, who voted against the original ObamaCare legislation.  Yeah, I know you guys will continue to feel the heat in the Media (for being mean, for being White, for being tall, thin, or fat), but if you don't stand for something, I guess, you'll fall for anything.

ObamaCare passed without a single Republican Vote FOR the legislation.  I wish the Republican Party would remind people about this from time to time.  

I wonder why they don't?  Do they want us to do it for them?  I'm not sure, but the last time I looked Mitch McConnell and John Boehnor's microphone is a bit larger than mine is.

Maybe they're just shy?

Ah, doesn't matter, the bottom line is that this nightmare is 100% owned by the President and Democrats in Congress.  Unfortunately, when poop rolls down hill, well, guess who's at the bottom of that hill?

Yes, this would be US, those 'radicals' who so terrify Barry, Harry, and Nancy.

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