Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Real People' Are Dangerous

You may have heard the stir about Ford Motor Company receiving an 'invitation' from the White House to discontinue their advertisement featuring an F150 owner, named, Chris.  Chris had the audacity to say that part of his decision to buy a Ford truck was because the company did not receive a bailout from the Federal Government.  

To be fair, Ford DID receive guaranteed loans from the Federal Government ($23 BILLION) to improve manufacturing facilities in the US.  The difference here is that Ford did not allow itself to be hamstrung by government intervention to the level which GM and Chrysler both did.  To Ford's credit, dealerships were NOT arbitrarily closed at the recommendation of the Federal Government Automotive Task force, and Ford's products are still being manufactured and marketed based upon feedback from their customers, not from Uncle Sam. 

This being said, let's start today by meeting with the Ford Director of US Marketing, Matt Van Dyke.  Here he discusses the ad campaign and its intent...

Given this background, it would appear that Ford hit the proverbial "Nail on the head" when coming up with the premise for these ads.  They are unscripted, the people are real, and the feedback is genuine. 

Unfortunately, genuine feedback is NOT what we need at this point in our nation's history. 

Ford says that the ad featuring 'Chris' fell off TV due to the ad's normal 'Rotation Schedule'.  What they do not say is that when you look for other Interview-Style ads online, you can find THEM but you can't find the one featuring Chris, who made the statements about the bailouts.

Not sure why this is, but it just...  Is.

Here's a link to the Detroit News.  This online article includes a third-party copy of the ad which was saved somewhere prior to its being scrubbed by Ford Motor Company, YouTube, or whomever has been going around purging the ad from existence. 

Detroit News Online 
(Click here soon, while the link still exists)

Speech, Free, and otherwise, is apparently VASTLY over-rated in a Post-Racial, Post-Partisan, Post-Constitutional, Post-Freedom, and Post-Pro-America, America. 

My next new car?  It'll have a big Blue Oval on it, just like the one pasted at the beginning of this post. 

I have definite opinions about Cash for Clunkers, Bailouts, and Government intrusion into the private sector, but if you've been around for a while, you already know this. 

The problem is that you're NOT the problem.  The problem are those few "Temple of Pure Thought" types who know what's best for us, our kids, and our nation. 

Their (Temple of Pure Thought folks) blind spot is that since all of their education is 'theoretical', based upon what they learned at institutes of higher learning (Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, Community Organizing U, Donkey Donuts, etc.), and the teaching of selected "Nobel Laureates", they don't have the sense to balance their own check book, let alone our Nation's.

The answer, is, as it always is:  We need to take the check book away from them, and no, 'they' are not 'us'. 

Game over, end of story. 

On to the next chapter... 

A chapter in which the Voice of the American People can be heard once again over the deranged shouts of those about to lose power in 2012.

I am Cow. 

Hear me Moo.
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