Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Protect Our President!

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled, "Black, White, and Red".  Reflecting back upon it now, I've decided that I was being 'mean' to the President Of the United States.  Granted, when GW Bush was President, I was 'mean' to him too.  Signing TARP, adding the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, and passing pretty much any and all legislation sent to him by the Democratic Congress - yes, I specifically remember being 'mean' to him also. 

As I attempted to sleep last evening I couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable I was.  I tossed, I turned, I forced myself into the fetal position vainly hoping for sleep.  It did not come.  Why?  It could have been the Pizza I ate for lunch, it could have been the wind-down from the day spent at the Hospital with my wife, or perhaps, just perhaps, it was due to the un-kind words I posted the other day about the Obama Re-Election Committee's ATTACKWATCH website. 

Yes.  I had been 'mean'. 

In an effort to salvage that small bit of my soul crying out for forgiveness, I must now right the wrong which I so egregiously committed.

Dear President Obama,

I am sorry.


Mike Kane
a.k.a.:  "Moos"

Ah!  Much better now. 

But I must not fall back into old, un-kind, and inconsiderate ways.  I must have a way to monitor myself.  Better yet, perhaps YOU can assist me in staying on the straight and narrow when it comes to my propensity for 'un-niceness', or 'badly-ness'?

It is with this goal in mind that I will beginning including the following icon into my posts.  With this little clickable 'link' you can take IMMEDIATE action to 'Correct' my deviant behavior.

For example, if I were to post a crude and poorly electronically re-touched photo showing   my disdain for a government which implements a program to give weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels to see where the guns go...  And then LOSES track of the guns, and they are used in crimes to KILL American Border Guards? 

I might post something like the following:

Oh.  Oh my. 

That IS wrong, isn't it?

Well, now there's a solution!

Whenever I post something 'mean', 'crabby', or down-right ornery?  Here's the plan!  At the end of each post I will embed a little widget which will look something like this:

This clickable link will take you to the President's ATTACKWATCH website where you'll be able to answer several questions about the referenceable offense, and submit it to the President's Re-Election Campaign minions who will do, um, presumably, ah, something about it. 

Upon clicking the 'ATTACK' button, you'll be presented with a screen which looks a LOT like this:

Simply complete the form (to the best of your ability as required by law), register to receive 'perpetual' updates from President Obama's re-election campaign, and then, simply WAIT for something to happen.  (NOTE TO READER:  You may be waiting a while, as a lot of us are doing similar posts these days.) 

Please remember to REPORT 'attacks' as they occur.  Waiting until after the 'attack' is wrong, wrong, AND incorrect.  Justice must be swift, justice must be sure, and justice must be served. 

Please help support our President from mean-spirited attacks.  Seriously, he's doing the best he can.  He's giving us all he's got.

Holy moly, did I just fire off another ATTACK?


Go ahead, click again.  I've been a very bad American.

Oh come on!  I never said I was prefect!

Have a nice day folks, and remember to report early AND often.  It's the Democratic way.


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