Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let the Chips Implant Where They May

Trillions of dollars spent on a fundamentally flawed educational system, generations of unionized teachers, decades of the 'best and brightest' nurturing the wide-eyed youth of America, and, in the end?

I keep finding articles like this one from 'theweek.com':

Confused uninsured people thought ObamaCare meant getting microchip implants

One of the Obama administration's biggest obstacles to getting people enrolled in new health insurance plans was the daunting educational outreach effort necessary to inform people of what in the heck ObamaCare even was. With such a massive overhaul of the nation's health care system, there was bound to be mass confusion, misinformation, and plain old ignorance. And indeed, even late last month, six in ten uninsured adults didn't even know the deadline to enroll in ObamaCare was only a few days away; only two-thirds knew the Affordable Care Act required people to get insurance or face a fine.


Yet a weekend feature from The New York Times exploring how the swirling uncertainty suppressed ObamaCare participation among the poor offers one of the most astounding tidbits to date: Some poor people believed signing up for ObamaCare involved having microchips implanted in their bodies, like something out of a dystopian science fiction film.

Despite a terrible rollout, ObamaCare still managed to crack its 7 million enrollment goal by April 1. That said, it's worth wondering if enrollments would have climbed even higher had there not been so much confusion surrounding the health care law.

Yup, I sure do hate confusion, don't you?

Perhaps if the law were 'somewhat less than 26,000 pages of regulation' it would have made it easier for the common man, woman, or child to understand it?  

Perhaps if the people inflicting this social experiment upon U. S. Citizens KNEW how it worked in advance, it would have made it easier for them to explain it to US?

Perhaps if the program offered insurance to those people who DID NOT HAVE insurance, and left the rest of our doctors, health care providers, and insurance plans alone, it may have been easier to communicate with those 35 Million Americans vs. the 310+ Million Americans who have yet to discover that they WILL BE IMPACTED by it within the next three years?

Perhaps having the Federal Government taking over an ADDITIONAL one-sixth of the US Economy was 'not such a great (new?) deal' after all?

Yeah, perhaps it was not...

But here's the thing - Whenever well-intentioned Progressive / Liberal types try to explain their failure, it's NEVER their fault.

But, if you follow the logic of their argument?  

It always is.

The author of the article above states that the mythical 7 Million Subscriber goal was reached, in spite of:

  • Confusion
  • Misinformation, and
  • Plain old ignorance

Who wrote the law?  Whoops, we need an easier question than this to begin?  Answering the question of "The Meaning of Life" would be easier to review with you here.

Who passed the legislation?  Democrats in Congress and the President

Who rolled out the program?  The Federal Government

Who botched the messaging?  The Federal Government

Who fouled up the roll-out of the website?  The Federal Government

Who created the confusion?  The Federal Government

Who failed to educate US Citizens on the requirements of the Affordable Care Act?  The Federal (and State) Governments

Who set the educational standards for the citizens who 'get easily confused'?  State and Federal Government

Who is going to manage your health care moving forward? The Federal Government

The common thread running through each of the items above?  

The Federal Government's inability to implement, communicate, teach, and lead 'coherently'.

But don't worry, take comfort in the knowledge that the Federal Government's 'hive mind' is here for YOUR well-being - and, there are a LOT of them looking out for you...

You'll never be alone, ever again.

As for your health care, don't worry, you'll be just fine.

Just um, make sure to do what they say...

They know what's best for you.

Sometimes all you need to do is to just, "take a pill".

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