Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If I Were Truly Evil

I have heard quite a bit over the past two weeks about the subject of Racism in America.  Supporters of the President have been saying that anyone who opposes his policies are doing so simply 'because they are Racist'.  The President, the Attorney General of the United States, and Nancy Pelosi have each come out in the last week to attack their political opponents as being 'Racist' in order to silence opposition to policies of this President.  

Just so we understand each other (or more specifically, so you understand 'me') I'd like to say something on the record so no one misinterprets a few of things which come later in this post... 

Racism is wrong.  (In LARGE print just so no one misses it)

My parents, my Catholic education, and my life experiences have taught me to treat everyone equally based upon 'who' they are (the content of their character) rather than 'what' they are (the color of their skin, place of birth, or nationality).  

And while I haven't heard from Him directly, based upon what I believe of God, Racism IS a sin, well, at least according to the Ten Commandments...  

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor" 

To me, this means that you do not lie by casting aspersions upon someone solely upon a physical attribute, a surname, or place of birth.  In my book, these things are categorized as lying.  

I have had faceless folks comment on my posts over the past six years who have labeled me as 'Racist' (yes, everyone HATES the Irish, the German, the Scots, and the Dutch, but after a while, you learn to live with the hate).  

I was deemed to be Racist not because of anything I have SAID or written, but because I chose to write statements disagreeing with the Policies of the President.  

According to them, I MUST only be opposing the President and his Party because I am...  Ahem, a RACIST!!! 

Years ago I heard an expression which has provided me with a fair amount of comfort during the past five years:   

"It is not the name you call me which defines me, but rather, it is the name I answer to which does..."   -- Author unknown

This being said, I believe that Evil comes in many forms and lately the most 'popular' form of Evil is Racism.

But Racism, is not the ONLY Evil in our World today.  

Evil has many faces, many hiding places, and as sure as I'm sitting here, just as I believe in Good, I also believe in Evil.

Call me Racist, or Evil if you like, but if...

I were TRULY Evil:

  • I would minimize the value of life by advocating for the cause of abortion in the name of 'Choice'
  • I would allow children to be born alive following a botched abortion and let them die alone
  • I would legislate 'Diversity' pitting one race against another by focusing the Nation's attention to our perceived physical differences versus the vastness of our similarities
  • I would make marriage 'open to interpretation' via the courts, discarding many generations of cultural 'norms'
  • I would replace the Father as the head of the household by interjecting Government Social Programs to take the Dad's traditional place within the family
  • I would teach children that they cannot be successful without Government Assistance, effectively killing off their desire to succeed on their own
  • I would pay these 'wards of the state' just enough to assure their compliance and then financially reward them for giving more power to me, at the expense of the Nation
  • I would lie about things which have happened
  • I would lie about things which have not yet occurred
  • I would use fear to bring about compliance consistent with my ideological beliefs
  • I would encourage the use of alcohol and drugs to dull opposition to my policies
  • I would ridicule Religion
  • I would tell you that God is a fiction and that man is the only truth 
  • I would ridicule Patriotism (other than my own version of it)
  • I would control what you see and hear in the News so that my agents only tell you the story which I have crafted for them
  • I would control the content of Education from the day a child is born until they are old enough to vote
  • I would tell others that their life has no worth
  • I would tell you that our Nation is ill-conceived and fundamentally flawed, requiring me to 'Fundamentally Transform' it to what it needs to be
  • I would tell you of your own importance while persistently taking all that 'is important' away from you

Therefore, if I were Evil...

I would be a Liberal.

I would be a Progressive.

I would be a Democrat.

And if you've been around these parts for a while, that ain't me.

Live as best as you can.

Love without reservation.

Keep Family, Faith, and Hope alive.

Pray for our Nation and for each other.

We're all we have. 

And just for the record, none of us are getting out of here alive.

Sorry if this is the first time you're hearing this...

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