Thursday, April 10, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder... What a CARD

Eric Holder was hanging with Al (the 'Rat') Sharpton yesterday and had a few words to say about his recent exchange with Louie Gohmert this past Tuesday.

As with most of the Obama Administration's objections to ANY questioning by Congress, it's not about your compliance with the Law, it's all about your 'skin tone'...

Check out the wall behind Holder - "No Justice.  No Peace".

With Holder standing in front of this signage, it does seem to make sense...

Under this Attorney General there is no justice based upon the US Constitution - it's all about the 'Color of your skin vs. the Content of your Character'.

For a complete transcript and video of Tuesday's love fest on the Hill between Congressman Gohmert and AG Holder, following this link...  Real Clear Politics

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