Thursday, May 24, 2012

Turn Out the Lights, the Country's Over? Not So Fast

I found the following Electoral Map on the Huffington Post this evening. 

That's right, turn out the lights, the party's over... 

Yes, that's right - it's over.  The November Election is already being called for...  Who else?

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

The funny thing is that I don't even remember VOTING (five months in the future)...

Oh, sure, that's funny, but wait until you get a load of what's sitting on the same page as the graphic posted above. 

I'm going to copy and paste it 'intact' for your reading pleasure:

May 22, 2012, Huffington Post:

Obama Targeted By Protest Voters In Arkansas, Kentucky Primaries

WASHINGTON -- Some presidential primary voters in Kentucky and Arkansas are taking a swipe at President Barack Obama, denying the incumbent nearly 4 out of every 10 votes cast on the Democratic side.

In Kentucky's closed primary, about 42 percent of registered Democrats who voted selected "uncommitted."

In Arkansas' open primary, voters could select a ballot for either party. Early returns showed a Tennessee attorney, John Wolfe, drawing about 40 percent on the Democratic side.

The results in either state will not hamper Obama's effort to gain the party's nomination for a second term. Still, it's a bit embarrassing for the Democratic Party and highlights Obama's political weakness in Southern states.

Two weeks ago, a federal inmate in Texas earned 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia's Democratic primary. 

This is THAT man...

An incumbent President pitted against a convict, an attorney, or 'Anyone Other Than Obama' and getting 60% or LESS of the vote? 

How the heck do you explain that?

Enter - The Biden...
Joe Biden - A Single Heart Beat Away from...

“Look, I come from a household where whenever there’s a recession, somebody around my grandpop or my dad’s table lost their job – a brother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor,” Biden told Steubenville, Ohio-based WTOV-TV on Thursday when asked how he would explain the West Virginia vote.

“When you’re out of work, man, it’s a depression,” he continued. “And a lot of people are still hurt because of this God-awful recession we inherited, that cost 8.4 million jobs before we could really get going. And so, I don’t blame people. They’re frustrated. They’re angry.”

Yup, in 2012 people are frustrated and angry.

I wonder why that is Joe? 

Oh, that's right, it's because the of 'God-awful Recession' you inherited from Bush.

How could I forget? 

You guys tell us almost daily why it's not your fault -  so I wonder...

What are you and your boss doing to make it better? 

What has your administration done to make people less frustrated, less angry?

Let's review.

The Obama Administration has...

Declared war on the Catholic Church

Declared war on Wall Street

Instigated a war on women

Sided with Anarchists, Socialists, and OWS protesters as they destroy public (and private) property

Labeled veterans potential terrorists

Broadened racial divides for political purposes

Provided material support to radical Islamists in Egypt

Denied material support to protesters for change in Iran

Presided over the slowest 30 months of economic growth in US History

Swelled the ranks of the 'Disabled US Workers' by over five MILLION

Added an additional 50% to the National Debt in three years

Reduced the percentage of US Workers engaged in the work force to the lowest levels in US History

Joe 'Plugs' Biden, you want to know why Americans are frustrated, angry and divided? 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about using a Magic 8 Ball to predict the future. 

YOU, Joe, don't need a Magic 8 Ball.

You just need a freaking mirror.

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