Friday, May 18, 2012

More Bad Karma...

Not to be outdone by the Smokin' Hot Chevrolet Volt - the Federally-Subsidized Fisker Karma is also making a name for itself...

With local Fire Departments

You may be wondering:

Are local 'men (and women) in red suspenders' purchasing the vehicles for their personal rides?

Are local hose companies using Fisker Karmas for their Fire Department race team vehicles?

Are local paid, and volunteer fire organizations selling 'chances' on the Karma to raise funds for needed fire-fighting equipment?

Um, no. 

No self-respecting fire fighter would take a 'chance' on a spiffy new Fisker Karma 'EV' (Electric Vehicle) in any of the three scenarios above.

Why not?

Oh, I dunno...

But, Automotive News does. 

Reported, May 14, 2012:


A Texas whodunit: The case of the fried Fisker

More bad news for battery-powered vehicles, or just a false alarm?

Well, the fire alarm was real enough. A house blaze in suburban Houston destroyed a new Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid car last week. But did the Fisker start the fire?

"Yes, the Karma was the origin of the fire, but what exactly caused that we don't know at this time," said Robert Baker, the local county's chief fire inspector, told Autoweek, an affiliate of Automotive News.

Fisker, which dispatched engineers to the site, thinks the finger-pointing may be premature.

"Based on initial observations and inspections, the Karma's lithium ion battery pack was not being charged at the time and is still intact and does not appear to have been a contributing factor in this incident," according to a company statement.

Fisker said fireworks were found in the garage, and an electrical panel was next to the vehicle.

But, says Baker, "This looks just like golf cart fires we have down here." The suburban Houston area has about 50 golf cart fires a year, he said.

Baker said that the Karma was purchased in April, and that there were two other vehicles in the garage, a Mercedes-Benz SUV and an Acura NSX.

Insurance and fire investigators swung into action.

"I've worked homicide scenes with less secrecy," he said. "There have to be about 15 engineers down here working on this one."

Pay particular attention to that last line... 

"I've worked homicide scenes with less secrecy..."

Huh, I wonder why THAT is?

Perhaps because tax payer money was moved to a 'foreign country' as start-up capital for the Fisker project?

Perhaps because 'EVs' burning up in your driveway, garage, or beneath your home while you sleep is NOT what President Obama meant when he said that the "Electric vehicle technology is HOT"?  (Okay, he didn't actually say this, but whenever he talks about 'alternative energy vehicles' his eyes mist up...)

Perhaps it's because the US Government has given $529 Million of your taxes to Fisker and taxpayers might be asking 'Why'?

At last count, Fisker has 'delivered' fewer than 200 Karma vehicles to US owners.  With a 'burn rate' of 1 car per 200, if airlines provided this type of certainty that you'd arrive alive, we'd all be driving across country.  

Yes, I'm sure that there were a couple of Model A's that lit the night sky when Henry Ford was first building his fledgling company, but I'm pretty sure he did it without a hand out from a few million of his closest friends paying part of his R&D.  

For more on the 'federally-partnered' Karma, please revisit the post from January 2012:  Meet the Fisker Karma!  

For more on the 'Smokin Hot Chevy Volt', well, here's my favorite:  Two Birds - One Stone

It looks like it could be a Hot Summer for YOUR Federally-Subsidized electric vehicle.  Just, please, don't park anywhere near me - okay?

p.s.:  On behalf of the OWS bunch, I'm happy to report that the 'Green Fisker Karma' also took a Mercedes SUV AND an Acura NSX to a fiery grave with it.  Yeah, that'll teach the richest 1%!!!

These 1%'s, though, it appear are the only ones who can buy these Earth Friendly EV's - so, should Liberal folks be happy, or sad? 

Man, it's HARD to be them...  Trying to figure out who they should hate more?  Rich People or Earth Killers?

Have  a nice weekend!  Oh, and keep your car away from open flames (i.e.:  Chevy Volts, or Fisker Karmas).


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