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Nevada... Legislating Tomorrow Today!

Courtesy of Car and Driver Magazine
Not wanting to be 'left in the dust' by other uber-Progressive States Nevada has decided to write legislation to manage...


Yes, you read that correctly.  The lone State of the Union offering legalized pay-for-play-sex (a.k.a.: 'The World's Oldest Profession') has moved aggressively to be also the only State to write legislation for 'Driveless Automobiles'.  As in:  Writing legislation, in advance, for technology which does not exist today. 

According to USAToday online:
The state of Nevada is preparing for the day when self-driving cars move from the world of sci-fi to real life, the Associated Press reports. It recently became the first state to create regulations for companies interested in testing self-driven cars on public roads.

The state acknowledges that automakers aren't close to getting this technology to market, but Nevada wants to have laws in place when -- and if -- it happens. Regulations approved by state officials include requiring companies to secure a bond of $1 million to $3 million, detail their specific plans and intended test locations, and provide all collected data to the state. Nevada also requires that during testing, two passengers will always be in the car, in case one needs to override the controls.

If cars like these ever hit the market, Nevada's regulations also stipulate that people operating them need to have a special license and the cars have to contain a "black box," a type of data collector. 
Yes, in a bold move, the State of Nevada chunks a stake into the ground telling 'Driveless Car' manufacturers, "If you're going to put one of them things on our roads, you're going to:

a.  Buy an up-front insurance policy if you kill anyone, or break anything

b.  'Partner' with the State by providing your plans, intentions, and any results from your testing.  But don't worry, you're only sharing your confidential testing information with government workers - your secrets are safe with them!

c.  Provide a 'Designated Driver' while the vehicle is traveling anywhere within the State of Nevada

Okay, here's the thing:   Harry Reid's home state is telling the world they have time to legislate 'stuff which does not exist', but they do not have time to address the following?: 02/25/2011: 
Falling property values in Las Vegas led all three major ratings agencies to take negative actions on the area's school district this week, Bond Buyer reports.

The decisions come as the Clark County School District - the nation's fifth largest school system - gets ready to sell $100 million in refunding bonds next week. The district, which covers all of Las Vegas, owes more than $4 billion in debt.

Nevada's budget woes have added to the school district's financial struggles. State funding
is the school district's primary source of revenue.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) 02/23/2012:     
Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem we face in Nevada according to the DEA.

"We are four percent of the world's population the United States, yet we consume 40 percent of the world's pharmaceutical drugs," said Paul Rosario, DEA Special Agent In Charge in the Las Vegas district office.

Prescription drugs are killing Las Vegas. A look at the numbers from the Clark County Coroner's office over the last five years reveals a total of 1,611 deaths from prescription drug overdoses.

"That is more than methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine combined," said Rosario.
Last year in Clark County, 190 were killed by overdoses of meth, cocaine, or heroin; 178 were killed in car accidents.  (Moos Note:  Oh, so THIS is why they need driveless cars in the state...) 

Rosario's office has an eight-man task force, regulatory and undercover, to specifically attack the spread of prescription drug abuse in Nevada.

Rosario says the root of this killer is often a professional. "Many times, many times it's a doctor or a pharmacist," he said.

Unemployment Rate In Nevada, December, 2011:  13%  (Source: BLS)
Yes, when it comes to unemployment, Nevada is LEADING the Nation!!!

So Nevada lawmakers cannot figure out how to pay for schools, reduce prescription drug abuse, or pass legislation to encourage employers to create jobs, but they DO have time to investigate, initiate, and legislate STUFF that doesn't exist yet?  

Super.  Groovy.  Cool.

Other interesting Nevada Factoids courtesy of your 'Moo Media' Outlet...

  • In 1899 Charles Fey invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell. The device became the model for all slots to follow.
  • Bertha was a performing elephant that entertained for 37 years at John Ascuaga's Nugget casino located in Sparks. She was 48 years old when she died.
  • While Samuel Clemens took the pen-name "Mark Twain" as a reporter working for the "Territorial Enterprise," he began his writing career as a reporter in the Midwest some years before moving to Virginia City in 1862.
  • In Death Valley, the Kangaroo Rat can live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid.
  • The ichthyosaur is Nevada's official state fossil (Moos Note:  Harry Reid has long been considered a close second runner-up as the replacement for the current State Dinosaur).
  • Austin's oldest church, St. Augustine, requires the establishment's bells in the tower to be rung by pulling a rope located in the men's restroom.
  • Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state, with its highest point at the 13,145 foot top of Boundary Peak near the west-central border.
  • The longest running show in Las Vegas is the Follies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. It opened in 1959. The production numbers in "Showgirls" were written specifically for the Paul Verhoeven film and shot in the Horizon Hotel at Lake Tahoe. The bulk of the movie used locations located at the Luxor and the Forum Shops at Caesars.
  • Misfits Flats off Highway 50 near Stagecoach takes its name from the John Huston film. Huston used the privately owned area to film a complicated wild horse round up with Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Eli Wallach.
  • Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the nation. It is second in the world behind South Africa.
  • The Virginia City steam train still operates and was featured in the Imax project "Mark Twain's America." The "steam train" is a modern-day tourist train and does not link back to the original Virginia & Truckee RR which had its last run to Virginia City in 1938.
  • Nevada is the only state with an entire museum devoted to the life and time of entertainer Liberace.  (Moos Note:  'Oh, yeah, hold me back!')
  • Area 51 is acknowledged with State Route 375 officially christened "The Extraterrestrial Highway" in a ceremony featuring the director and cast of the movie "Independence Day." The highway runs between Alamo and Tonopah. There is a tiny restaurant stop at the Little Ale' Inn at Rachel.

Rumor has it that Nevada State Legislators are currently working on a series of bills to curtail the Illegal Immigration of Aliens (Space Aliens).  Additionally, large interstellar docking stations are secretly being built atop casinos along the Vegas strip to accommodate the travel needs of wayward space travelers.  

No word as yet if the Nevada State Legislature will provide dietary guidelines to 'All-You-Can-Eat-Buffets' along the Strip regarding alien nutritional guidelines.  The assumption here is that the Aliens will most likely dine upon the drug-addled brains of the homeless currently lining the streets and scurrying through the alleyways of Vegas.  

More details will be forthcoming as they are announced by the progressive leadership of the Great State of Nevada.

Alien prostitutes?  Hmm, sounds like another post for another day...

Only in Nevada!!!  ( I smell "Marketing Campaign!" )

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