Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recently Heard at Hogwartz...

"Quick Harry, save us from You-Know-Who!!!"
- Draco L. Malfoy

No.  I don't remember the above words ever being spoken in the HP book series.  I didn't hear them in any of the movies.  I didn't listen to them in the excellent CD audio books as performed by Jim Dale.  In general, these words appear to be inconsistent with the Draco Lucius Malfoy character in the Harry Potter book series. 

He is, pretty much, the Draco Malfoy we all know, and all pretty much...  loathe.  

Nevertheless, it is the image which flashed before me as I opened my local news paper earlier this week.  Within it's rumpled pages I found an ad. 

Oh look, here it is now...

"Republicans Promised to Protect Medicare - Now's their chance to prove it." 

Okay, so good far - I get it...  Republicans were swept into the House after they pledged to lower spending, reduce deficits, protect seniors and put the brakes President Obama's spending binge.  No problem.  Sounds good so far, right?

Sure does - right as rain.  

Unfortunately, there's a bit of fine print here - luckily I've got a close up for you (translation below if it's still too small to read in the next photo)...

Text:  "President Obama and Congressional leaders are proposing to slash $300 billion from health care--cuts that will decimate New York's already troubled hospitals, nursing homes and home care providers and jeopardize care for seniors, the disabled and working families.

This shortsighted proposal includes $60 billion in cuts to teaching hospitals, which will cripple their ability to train doctors while we're already facing a shortage of physicians. 

The proposal also includes $100 billion in cuts to Medicaid, which will mean low-income Medicare beneficiaries will lose access to nursing homes and home care, because Medicaid is New York's primary source of funding for long-term care.

GOP Members of Congress Ran in 2010 promising to protect Medicare.  We need them to honor this commitment before it's too late. 

Tell Congress to protect funding for New York's health care."

(Misspellings in the above text translation were corrected in an effort to eliminate any concerns regarding the veracity of the above verbiage or the intelligence of the ad's creator)

Whoa, another $300 BILLION out of health care funding?  In addition to the $500 BILLION Obama Care has already surgically extracted (not with a knife, but with a pen) from Medicare? 

This is really close to, um, something like, err, $800 BILLION!  It's real money!

So who is asking the Republicans to help slow down the evil assault by the President of the United States and Congressional leaders on 'seniors, the disabled, and working families'? 

One more photo. 

Just for you...


Yes, the SEIU is asking Republicans to help stop President Obama's risky health care schemes...

The SEIU purple-shirted thugs who worked so very hard to get President Obama elected, put TEA Party folks in the hospital, and get Obama Care passed - now want the Republicans' assistance in stopping the Monster which they themselves helped create.  I also could mention the number of SEIU chapters which were granted WAIVERS to Obama Care, but that would just be piling on...

Welcome to President Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America...

"Here there be monsters."
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