Saturday, July 23, 2011

From Russia, With Love...

Vladimir Putin terrorizes fish
with his manly physique
"Dimitri, I do not like the new Russia.  It is not, how you say, it is not dignified?", says a distressed Yakoff.

Dimitri responds, "I don't know, I like new Russia. I have a new TV in house, made in Japan, I have new refrigerator, made in Thailand, I have new Apple computer made in China.  For me, these are good things.  I could have never had these things in old days.  Remember when all cars were black?  It was not that long ago."

"What about the smut you see on Internet with your Apple computer?   Does that bother you at all?", Yakoff asks.

"You mean the moral decay exported from America?  No.  It is not a good thing, but what can you do?  It's out there, and now it is here.  It is, as they say, it is, what it is.", Dimitri answers with a shrug.

"Okay, but how about our women taking off their clothes to support Putin for President of Russia for a chance to win an iPad 2?  You cannot tell me this is dignified?" Yakoff asks.

"I haven't seen the ad.  But let me ask you, old friend, are they good-looking?  Because un-attractive women stripping for anything is 'bad' thing."

"You watch this on my iPad, you let me know what you think."  Yakoff says as he hands the iPad to Dimitri.

"Okay, what do you think, Dimitri?  Is the woman in the video good-looking enough for you?  And then, let me ask you this, are we starting to look like America - you know, with all this Capitalistic tackiness?" Yakoff asks.

"I do not know if she is good-looking or not.  Me, I am too old to worry about such things.  The only thing I know is that our President is not Socialist.  And this, to me, is somehow funny."  Dimitri winks, hands the iPad back to Yakoff, and both men continue their walk along the river as somewhere in America, a guy in his pajamas finishes his blog post...

Read the actual article:  Here

Have a nice weekend.

No naked Russian women were injured in the generation of this post. 

(Although, I did receive an e-mail the other day from one of them offering 'to be my friend, as I is looking for meaningful relationship with sensitive man leading to marriage.'  All I had to do was send her $10,000 to pay off a couple of border security guys.  Yeah, this is gonna be GREAT!  Not sure how to explain this to my wife...  Nanny for the kids?  Exchange student?  Obama Cabinet Czar?  Nah, on second thought - I'd better put a stop-payment on that check...  It'd be too hard to explain.)

p.s.:  The photo of Putin was found on a site named  It wasn't until AFTER I closed this post that I went back and checked out the article which the photo came from.  These guys want to draft Bernie Sanders for President because President Obama isn't 'Left' enough.  Now THAT's funny... 

If you want a peek into what the loyal opposition is thinking - check it out.  Then squeeze lemons into your eyes in a vain attempt to get the images and words out of your mind.  If you never believed we were in a fight for the soul of our Nation - you might want to re-consider. 
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