Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Thinking More 'Red' than 'Green'

Cynthia McKinney - D, GA
US House of Representatives
 January 3, 1997 - January 3, 2007
Cynthia McKinney - D, GA is traveling these days.  Not content to ONLY assault police officers in the House of Representatives, she has expanded her assault to the entirety of the United States of America. 

For those of us playing the 'Home Game' this means, "US".   

The thing I couldn't figure out was HOW this US-hating POS (use your imagination) got elected to the House in the first place.  Turns out, according to Wikipedia, it was a 'Family Thing': 

Her political career began in 1986 when her father, a representative in the Georgia House of Representatives, submitted her name as a write-in candidate for the Georgia state house. She got about 40% of the popular vote, despite the fact that she lived in Jamaica at the time with then-husband Coy Grandison (with whom she had a son, Coy McKinney, born in 1985).

In 1988, McKinney ran for the same seat and won, making the McKinneys the first father and daughter to simultaneously serve in the Georgia state house.    

Yeah, I 'dig them Georgia Peaches', but seriously, what were ya'll thinking down there in Georgia?  I mean, she was LIVING in Jamaica when you guys voted her in the first time and THEN you gave her additional terms to represent YOU?

Come on, are you kidding!?!?!  If you folks want to secede from the Union a second time, I'm not sure if I'm going to 'phone a friend' to keep you here...  But you did manage to replace her with Hank Johnson-D, GA! 

He's the Congressman who lamented in 2010 that Guam may 'flip over' due to too many Marines being on the island -

Once again, Georgia, nicely played!

Now Cynthia (from Jamaica) McKinney spends her time visting beautiful garden spots like sunny IRAN!  Meeting with interesting reporters discussing 'just exactly what she thinks of US' (please keep in mind that you are paying her pension, benefits and healthcare for THE REST OF HER LIFE!!!) 

Thanks Georgia - way to go 'Peach State'!!!

So what's she got to say?  Oh boy oh boy... 

I'm not going to write much more about her as, quite frankly, she's not worth the bandwidth on the Internet. Instead, I'm going to allow her to speak for herself in two videos. 
Here she is now, LIVE and uscripted from May, 2011...

Can we all agree to take up a collection and buy her a second dress for when she's travelling to the Middle East to disrespect US?  Can't we just do that for her???  Maybe she'd like us better...

The 'Bad Penny Always Shows Up Again' as the expression goes - here she is in yet another video I found on a site which describes itself as:
Inspired by the principles of Malcolm X / Malik El-Hajj Shabazz. A 'Third Worldist' perspective focusing on the increasing pace of south-south co-operation which is challenging and defeating US hegemony, and the struggles of those oppressed by neo-colonialism and white supremacy (racism) who fight for their social, political and cultural freedom 'by any means necessary'

Seriously, who could argue with THAT? 

Personally, I can't argue with it because I don't know what the Hell they intended to write...  For future reference I will not use words which force the reader to 'look up' because they are obscure, obtuse, and obfuscated from their own personal paradigm.  (Heh, heh, heh)

You can view the 'other' Cynthia McKinney video here

In 2008 she was also the Green Party Candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  This of course begs the question which kind of, sort of, heads this post, "Is she more GREEN, or RED to you?"

As for me, I don't much care as she's an idiot, but I'm seriously questioning what's going into the drinking water down in Georgia.

Come on people, can't we go out of our way to elect people who LOVE our country vs. those who despise it?

Is this too much to ask???
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