Friday, September 20, 2013

Because Obama...

No time for words this morning.  I need to take our 'Little Dog' (a.k.a.:  "Sandy Woo") to the Vet's for surgery this morning, get the youngest out to school, and then return to work after being out of the office for three days of 'Comprehensive Data Training' just outside of DC.

After four hours of sleep last night, I just hoping I remember to take a shower and shave before returning to work.  If you remember, could you please call me and remind me to put my shirt on prior to leaving the house?  Thanks, that would be swell!!!

But, hey, while I'm gone today (head down, sleeping at my desk), please take a few moments to enjoy the following video presentation...

When 'Funny People' start coming for you, you're in trouble.

Any questions?

Have a nice day folks.
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