Saturday, July 6, 2013

P.C. Police Travel Tips!

Hello Citizen Vacation Travelers!!!

Thinking of getting 'away' this summer?!?!

Looking to put some distance between you and the place you spend 94% of your regularly-scheduled year?!?!

Have you been putting off your family's vacation (for years) due to uncertain financial conditions at your business, in your State, or in the Nation in general?  Well put off that vacation NO longer - it's time for you to go somewhere!!!  And face it, in this economy, anywhere's a better place to be (a literary tip of my big ole cow head to Harry Chapin.)

Yes, men, women, boys, and girls it's time for you to do YOUR part in 'lighting up' our anemic economic recovery.  Yes, I know that the normal recovery following a Recession is roughly 12 - 18 months and our economy's been limping along for YEARS now, but come on, get over it, it's Bush's fault - accept it - moove on!!!  Go ahead, bite the bullet, make that decision to get away NOW (while you still can)!!!  

Operators are standing by to take your reservation!!!  (And President Obama requests that you use LIVE Travel Agency Personnel because using a computer to do 'stuff' is only holding the economy back - thanks!)  

But, um, oops, before you go, there are a few things you need to be aware of...  Yes, just a few teensy tiny housekeeping items so that you don't make other people feel uncomfortable while you're traveling.  

Because, when it comes down to it, it's not about YOU, it's all about them.

Whoever THEY are...

This just in from the "Seriously, You're Really NOT Kidding?" Department of Moos Room, courtesy of the TSA:

July 2, 2013, TSA Traveler Information Message...

Ramadan, a holy month for persons of the Muslim faith, begins this year approximately on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 and ends on Thursday, August 8, 2013.   

(Moos Note:  Ramadan begins 'approximately' on July 9th?  Seriously?  Don't you think the TSA would confirm the dates prior to sending out this travel alert?)

TSA understands that this is a significant religious event for the Muslim community. TSA has reminded its security workforce that traveling passengers may be observed at various areas in the airport - including security checkpoints or on aircraft - engaged in religious practices and meditations during Ramadan. 

TSA would also like to inform the traveling public that they may notice passengers who are observing Ramadan engaging in the following activities at the airports:


  • Passengers observing Ramadan will abstain from any food, water, smoking or vices of any kind.

  • Passengers observing Ramadan may be more likely to engage in prayer at airports or on airplanes while traveling than at other times during the year.

  • Before prayer, Muslims go through ablution, i.e., a cleansing or washing of certain areas of the body that is usually done in private if possible, but may be observed in airport restrooms.

  •  Passengers observing Ramadan may be seen reading, listening to or orally reciting the Holy Qur’an at airports and on airplanes.

  •  Passengers observing Ramadan may carry prayer beads and “whisper” prayers constantly.

Thank you for your understanding!  And have a great trip!  

One last thing, don't make the sign of the cross and say a silent prayer as your plane lifts off - this might be considered offensive to someone sitting across the aisle from you.  

While traveling in the United States, consider yourself our nation's Representative Diversity Champion - don't let us down!  We're counting on you to be Religion-Free this Summer Vacation Season!!!

Happy trails America!!!   
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