Saturday, July 27, 2013

Afterburner: The Lynching

I have nothing to add to the following video clip regarding coverage of the recent trial of 'White-Hispanic' George Zimmerman and the events leading up to it. 

The next ten minutes says it all...

Thanks to my Navy son, stationed in Japan, who found this video clip online.

Too bad no one in the Media was able to find it here in America...

I guess they were all busy sitting around waiting for the kid in England to be born?  Yeah, now THAT's a story we need to be following.  Yes, 'third in line' to the crown - another 'monarch' is born!

This is soooooo much more important news than that of a crooked Media and 'abuses of power' right here in the good old USA.  But, as I guess at this point, these last two items are OLD news - it's no longer news.

Long live the King (after the two ahead of him croak)!!!

"And I want my formula shaken, not stirred..."

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