Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bring Back, Bring Back, Oh Bring Back My Weiner to Me-ee-ee

NY Daily News, May 28, 2013:  Anthony Weiner now top mayoral choice among male Democratic voters: poll

The disgraced former congressman also saw a 4% rise in overall Democratic support in the past month. According to the Marist poll, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn retains a narrowing lead.

Men may be ready to forgive Anthony Weiner.  [MoosNote:  Men can forgive their Weiners anything.  Women, not so much...]

Although women continue to have their doubts about the scandal-scarred pol, a new poll released Tuesday found that Democratic men named Weiner as their top choice for mayor more than they did any other candidate.

And men are leading the way for Weiner as he gains altitude among all Democratic voters, dramatically cutting into front-runner Christine Quinn’s lead and underscoring the dramatic impact the ex-congressman has had on the race in mere days.

“Weiner is clearly a factor to be considered in the mayoralty,” said Lee Miringoff, who directs the Marist College poll. “(He is) taking so much of the oxygen out of the room.”

When Marist last polled voters about Weiner a month ago, the man who dropped out of Congress in a humiliating sexting scandal two years ago was the top pick among 15% of Democrats.

The same poll conducted between Wednesday and Friday last week, after Weiner formally threw his hat in the ring, found he’d jumped 4 percentage points and is now the choice of 19% of voters.

City Council Speaker Quinn (D-Manhattan) is still the clear leader in the race, but saw her support drop from 26% last month to 24% last week.

That is her lowest mark to this point in the campaign. Her support has tumbled amid an onslaught of attacks from her rivals on her record as speaker and ties to Mayor Bloomberg.

She remains far short of the 40% of the vote she would need to avoid a runoff...

Yes (according to the excerpt above), Democratic men in New York City appear to be ready to embrace their "inner-Weiner".  They forgive their Weiner for any bad choices their Weiner may have made in the past and are ready to accept the goodness of their Weiner going forward. 

Anthony Weiner, the man who two years ago gave the phrase, "Member of Congress", entirely new meaning, has come out from the dark, dank, and musty closet of his brownstone and thrown his hat into the political arena once again.

On behalf of all Conservative Bloggers out there, let me be the first to say...

"Welcome Back Weiner!"

Oops, sorry, wrong image - this is the crew from Welcome Back Kotter (although Arnold Horshack up there on the right does look a lot like Weiner...)

Tanned, rested, and ready, Anthony Weiner looks to rise again.  (Sorry - it's just too easy to go for the cheap yuks.)

And this time he wants to be the Mayor of New York and is "Fighting to keep New York City the Capital of the Middle Class"!

Sorry, what was that he said on his Twitter Page?  The "Capital of the Middle Class"???  Time for the crack reporters in the MoosRoom to jump into action!  Okay, he they are!!!  Go team, go!!!

Ah, never mind.  They work so hard - might as well let them sleep since it's 5:08am as I type this.

Since New York City is the "Capital of the Middle Class" in Anthony Weiner's vision of the Middle Class, we should do a bit of fact-checking, right?  It's what, MediaMatters,, and all those other Progressive sites would be for some lunatic "Conservative" guy making such a claim, correct?

One indicator of Middle Class is the average income of a household earns over the course of a year.  According to Crains, Median income for households in NYC vary pretty dramatically based upon the Burrough in which a family lives.

For example:

A family living in the Bronx in 2012 had an average income of less than $33,000.

A family living in the SuperStorm Sandy-ravaged Staten Island has an average income of about $70,500  (Good, I'm glad those RICH people got hammered!  Sorry, I was channeling MY Inner-Weiner for just a moment.) 

An interesting footnote found the Crains' site states:  "Compared with the U.S., NYC has nearly three times as many filers reporting income greater than $1M."  So now we know where those pesky One Percenters live...

Another indicator might be the value of the housing in which these "Middle Class" New Yorkers live.  Stopping by the Trulia site, we find the following statistics for the Top 5 areas in Manhattan:

New York neighborhoods

Avg. listing price

Avg. sales price

Median sales price

Trulia popularity

Week ending May 22

Feb-Apr '13

Feb-Apr '13

Week ending May 22
Upper East Side $3,128,337 $2,252,394 $1,255,044 1
Upper West Side $2,150,856 $2,691,636 $995,500 2
Harlem $780,792 $922,535 $798,645 3
West Village $3,741,314 $3,396,251 $2,487,500 4
Tribeca $5,779,821 $4,064,755 $2,892,192 5
Chelsea $2,118,183 $2,080,296 $1,825,000 6
Greenwich Village $3,606,588 $1,865,265 $1,540,000 7
Midtown East $2,054,216 $1,887,018 $1,437,775 8
Clinton $2,564,770 $3,977,866 $1,176,690 9
East Harlem $1,494,980 $1,249,940 $713,296 10

I don't know about you, but a Median home range of $800k to $2.8MILLION doesn't scream "Middle Class" Neighborhood to me.

Ah, but what do I know?  I live in an area of New York where the Median price of a home in 2013 is $121,000.  Does this mean that I am HOUSE POOR when compared to Anthony Weiner's theoretical "Middle Class"? 

Yes, I can only assume that it does.  I can live with this.  Even better for me is the fact that I'm several hours away from Manhattan so whatever those lunatics vote into office down there, THEY have to live with it - not me.  To me a "Mayor Anthony Weiner" will be a treasure trove of blog posts to come.  

How do I know this?  Because 2011 was banner year to observe and comment on the quirks of the man. 

He is the gift which keeps on giving for he is the man from whom 'lunacy springs eternal'.

"Waiving the Weiner In New York", March 2011

"Wouldn't You Like to be a Weiner Too?", June 2011

"Real Impotence!", June 2011

and my personal favorite, "Would You Like to See My Little Weiner?", also from June 2011

If I'm being honest with you (as I normally AM), I've missed the man just a bit.  You know, in a watching a 'bad man' falling-down-a-flight-of-stairs kind of way.  It's wrong, but it just feels so dang 'right' somehow...

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