Monday, June 3, 2013

IRS Team Training (Or, How "Bunny Hopping" Will Lead America to Prosperity!)

Another Friday night.

Another scandal is released to the wiles of the Media.

Another week of the "Most Transparent" Administration (in the History of Mankind) concludes.

Does it occur to you, as it does me, that each Friday night is a simply THE BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK for "Obama Administration Leadership" to have Media outlets release 'bad news'?  

Have you ever seen any:

  • Mis-step Mondays?  Nope. 
  • Terrible Decision Tuesdays?  Nope.
  • Wildly Inappropriate Wednesdays?  Nope.
  • Thumpingly Thunderous Thursdays?  Nah.

And yet,

  • Freaky Fridays? 

Oh yeah.  Every Friday's been FREAKY lately.

May 31st, 2013 fits quite nicely into this category. 

As reported on CNN online, no less...

(CNN) – Updated 8:40 p.m. ET Friday 5/31 -- A newly obtained video has the IRS running damage control on a new front, as the embattled agency prepares for the release next week of an inspector general report that will be critical of how money was spent on staff conferences.
In the video, an apparent team-building exercise, employees are taught the Cupid Shuffle dance move as they prepare to present the dance as a group at a 2010 conference.
The IRS said Friday night the video "was unacceptable and an inappropriate use of government funds."
The video's narrator describes the group of individuals as executives from the Small Business/Self Employed (SBSE) department. They say they’re competing "to become the next great dance sensation."
The IRS said the video cost $1,600 to produce, and it played at the end of a 2010 leadership and education meeting in Anaheim for 2,600 managers in the SBSE division.


Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel, appointed in recent weeks, said in a statement that the report will focus on an IRS conference that took place in 2010 and labeled it an "unfortunate vestige from a prior era."
"While there were legitimate reasons for holding the meeting, many of the expenses associated with it were inappropriate and should not have occurred," he said, adding new rules have been put in place and such a conference will not happen under his watch.

Ah, but yes, this happened "so long ago..."  (A tip of the literary hat to Jay Carney

There can't be anything more to this story, can there?  No, that would be CRAZY. 

Nothing more to see (or read) here - move along, move along.

Left out of the CNN report excerpted above (presumably by accident) is the 'Rest of the Story'...

Also Found online:  IRS Spent $50 Million on Conferences Drawing GOP Scrutiny

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service spent about $50 million on 220 conferences for employees from 2010 to 2012, according to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The cost of the agency’s conferences was released today by the committee, which is holding a hearing on the subject June 6. In one case, the IRS spent $4 million for an Anaheim, California, conference in 2010, where some stayed in rooms costing $1,500 to $3,500 a night and $135,000 was paid to outside speakers, including $17,000 for a lecture on “leadership through art.”
Representative Darrell Issa, the Republican who leads the committee, said the agency didn’t negotiate on the cost of hotel rooms, instead receiving perks such as game tickets or free drinks, which he called kickbacks.
“The culture of the federal workforce is one where I don’t think you can underestimate that if you don’t keep reminding the voters but also the federal workers that we’re watching, this will happen again,” Issa said on CNN’s “State of the Union” today.
The IRS said in a statement that the video was “unacceptable and an inappropriate use of government funds.” The agency said it and the entire government have “strict new policies” to ensure taxpayer funds are used properly.
Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York, was also critical of what has been revealed about the agency’s spending on conferences and videos as the federal government is under pressure to cut spending.
“The acting director of the IRS said he would put an end to it,” Schumer said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. “It’s outrageous. Any kind of wasteful spending like this must be put down, particularly at these times.”

Hey, wait a minute, did Chuck Schumer just say the Economy is BAD???  His Boss in DC is NOT going to be happy to read this. 

Shoot, the last time President Obama watched CNBC he heard that the Economy was doing just fine... 

So why am I picking on the IRS?  Well, quite frankly "THEY started it" when they morphed from a tax collection agency into a Goon Squad for the White House.  As I type this, they are:

An IRS with a proven track record of wasting your money.
An IRS which targets political opponents of the Obama Administration.
The people who will be funding (or, perhaps, (in the case of YOU dang Conservatives! - maybe not) your Health Care in the future.

Oh, and if anyone asked me, which they didn't, I would have MUCH preferred that the attendees to the IRS training learned a CLASSIC dance, vs. that Cupid Shuffle crap they were working on. 

Oh, I don't know, something like, yeah, something like THIS...

The "Time Warp" from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". 

Because maybe if we could time ”Warp” Fridays into Mondays, and…
Perhaps we can have BIG news come out on Monday nights when more of us are awake and conscious rather than on Friday evenings. 

Friday after Friday, week after week, Americans sit slumped over warm beers celebrating this vital, robust, and burgeoning U.S. Economy wondering, “Why?  Why did HE get re-elected?”.
And YOU, Chuck Schumer, it’s ALL good, isn’t it?  Get with the program Chucky.  Pour yourself another icy-cold glass of Goofy Grape Kool-Aid!!!
As for today…  It’s Monday!
So sorry, no more news today!  Come back after Five PM on this upcoming Friday.
We’ll have another ‘Dump’ for you then…


Oh, look at the pretty birds...

Nothing more to see here.

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