Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, The Year In Review (Re-Moo?) First Six Months

2012 - Ah, yes, this most EXCELLENT year is coming to and end with an even MORE excellent year is queuing up at midnight tonight...

Yes, I KNOW - it should have been the final year for the Obama Presidency.  Yet, at the direction of the People (apparently, most of whom should not be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle, yet alone 'vote') President Barack Obama has an additional four years to do, um, whatever it is, he plans to do.  (But don't worry, you'll find out soon enough.  Oh, and if you were planning on purchasing a weapon for personal, or home defense, NOW would be a good time to do that...  We did.)  

Prepare to embrace another four years of the Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America!


But hey, enough of my well-founded and well-documented healthy distrust of President Obama's vision of America.  It's time to get back to the topic at hand - this year's edition of 2012 The Year in Review!!!  (In two installments - as I'd like to enjoy New Years' too...) 

It's time spend a few minutes looking back at the Posts (Ghosts?) of 2012 and speculate as to what NEXT year holds for all of US.

January - Did you ever wonder what inspired Margaret Sanger to create that 'warm and fuzzy' organization known as "Planned Parenthood"? 

Well I did, and with more than 11 months of showers behind me, I still feel soiled (a.k.a.: 'oogey') about what I found in her writings.  A word of caution here, you may want to go out and buy your soap (a lot of it) in advance of reading the following post at the link below. 

You can read all about:

  • Why the 'Great War' was a GOOD thing!
  • Why the Poor should not be allowed to procreate!
  • Why Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler are currently sharing a cafe table in Hell...  Together!!!

All these answers (and more) can be found in "Meet Maggie!"

February - Remember how someone in the White House decided that American Kids should be eating healthier?  Remember how kids in school districts across the country began selling 'Contraband' food to their classmates at lunch time so that they wouldn't have to eat the Healthier Lunch Program items?  Yeah, me too. 

However, the story that didn't receive quite so much coverage was of a child whose Mother packed her lunch only to be told by school Cafeteria Workers that the lunch was not 'adequate' for the child and that she HAD to purchase a school lunch...  Which included Chicken McNugget 'knock-offs'. 

Only problem is, she didn't WANT them. 

When I first looked into this story, I was surprised that Lunch Nazis had the ability to determine what your kids eat under Department of Health and Human Services guidelines - what surprised me even more was the other things I found when I went looking for 'school lunch stories' online.  It was at this point that I found out WHAT your kids are being fed under the watchful eye of clipboard-carrying Federal Inspectors of the USDA. 

You can read it in its entirety by clicking here:  "Eat Me"

March - Before we knew Sandra Fluke was going to be one of the folks in consideration for TIME Magazine's 'Person of the Year'.  I had a bit of fun at her expense, mostly because she made the case for the Obama Administration for putting the cost of birth control at MY (and your) 'expense' via ObamaCare legislation (effectively neutering the right of religious organizations to 'Just say NO' to paying for birth control). 

This, of course, was LONG before I learned that 'Fluke' is pronounced, 'Fluck', so as not to be confused with a bottom-dwelling, worm-eating fish. 

No, that's not HER at all...

You can read the rest of the post by clicking here:  "Sandra Fluke Opens Up"

April - President Obama seems to have issues when it comes to the United States having three 'co-equal' branches of government.  I continue to find this 'odd' as I heard he taught law and was a Constitutional 'scholar' prior to becoming the junior Senator from Illinois.  

With a bit of digging, it didn't take long before I found another President operating under a similar premise as our current POTUS (thinking that the three branches of government are merely a singular 'trunk' operating at his sole discretion). 

The difference between this President and the former discussed in the post is that there were Americans who stood up and demanded that the President obey the base tenets of the Constitution back then.  Today, the Courts and Congress pretty much sit back and watch as their powers are usurped.  Not too clever for organizations made up of the 'Smartest Legal Guys / Gals' in the room...

You can read the post at:  The FDR 'Channel' 

May -   EV's are HOT!!!  To the acronym-challenged (I fall into this category) the 'EV' stands for 'Electric Vehicle' category of automobiles.  Yes, we've long heard the virtues of electric vehicles, 'going green', saving the Planet, saving the Baby Whales, saving the Harp Seals, saving our entire ecosystem via the use of low-emissions, carbon-friendly electric cars and now, the promise of BIG THINGS from EV's have come to pass!

Yes, your Federal Tax Dollars have been used to place big bets on US-based businesses in Detroit (and Finland - one of the 57 states that Candidate Obama visited) to bring you the absolute BEST in electric transportation for the future!!!

Only one teensy-wheensy-teenie-tiny problem... 

EV's are so hot, they're burning their owner's homes down.  I wrote the following post back in May, prior to SuperStorm Sandy.  All things being equal, I should have waited to write the post - you see, when you 'flood' Karma Fiskers they don't burst into flames...  They explode dramatically!!!

You'll find the post here:  "More Bad Karma"

June - This final installment for the first half of 2012 is one of my favorite posts.  Not because it's particularly insightful but rather,just because it's so darn 'down homey' and such. 

Yes, back in June of 2012, if you contributed to the Obama re-election campaign, you could register to win a 'Date Night' with President and Mrs. Obama!!! 

Gee, doesn't THAT sound swell?!?! 

No, I didn't win, but some lucky stiff must have had a grand old time dining with the Obama's!  Only problem is, I guess, is that since President Obama took office - your personal slice of the 'Debt Pie' has increased by about $30,000 per household (last June's numbers - six months later we're in the $42k per household range.)

The post, in its entirety, can be found here:  "Swallow Hard"

Well, that's it for me today - I've got to do 'stuff' to prepare for this New Year's Eve extravaganza!  (a.k.a.:  De-icing the driveway (for the third time in two days) and figuring out what to cook for dinner)

I wish all of you a Happy New Year as we close out 2012. 

Good riddance.

Next year will be a LOT better...

How do I know? 

If you've survived the past four, the next four will be 'very similar'.  You're still kicking, right?  Come on, they say that the best revenge is 'Living well'. 

So, start 'Living'!!!  Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year - have fun (it ticks 'them' off)!



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