Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ed Asner's New Gig... Hate.

Please ignore the "Jolly old Elf" version of Ed Asner pictured in the photo above.  Mr. Asner has added a new character to his varied acting and voice-over career to include that of a cartoonish, yet darker, little old man; that of a "Hate Monger". 

Yes, I know it's hard to hear someone refer to a guy who played Santa a "H.M.", but given the situation, I'm not sure of which other phrase or descriptive term may adequately capture the essence of the man I met on the radio yesterday while driving in my car.  Am I correct in my assessment, or am I once again being 'wacky' and all, 'right wing extreme'? 

I'll let you be the judge.

Let's take a second to get a clear understanding of what a "Hate Monger" is.  Hey, I didn't invent the phrase, so let's see what the nice folks at the Oxford Dictionaries Online have to say...

1a.  Definitional Section of the post explaining the phrase, "hate-mongering":

adjective - (especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse feelings of hatred: inflammatory, hate-mongering rhetoric

 noun - the arousal of feelings of hatred using speech or writing: hate-mongering and incitement to violence

1b.  "Visual Aid" Section B of the "Ed Asner's New Gig...  Hate." post:

1c. "Visual Aid" Section C of the "Ed Asner's New Gig... Hate." post featuring the words of the Ed Asner himself:

Link:  Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

Okay, a couple of things, just so we understand each other:

First, why does Ed Asner feel the need to urinate on the 'People'?  And HOW is he doing it?  Personally, I haven't urinated successfully on anyone in YEARS (not for a lack of trying), but rather, because my 'stream' is not as vigorous as it once was.  And if I'm having a hard time reaching a stationary target at MY age?  Well, I'm thinking that Ed (at 106 years old) may not have enough gusto to get much further than his fly during the actual 'elimination' event.  I wouldn't be surprised if dust shot out the end of the thing instead of warm, sterile (yes it's true) fluid from Ed 'Water Boy' Asner's winkie.  And THIS is why it's a cartoon vs. an actual 'video'.  No 106 year old guy can whiz like that without 'video augmentation'.  (Not to mention that it would be difficult to find live people wanting to be 'rained' on by Santa...)

Second, while there will be those Liberal Progressive folks who will say that "The video was a gag, it was intended to be a JOKE - you guys on the Right aren't even smart enough to see the humor in it."  I beg to differ, I know a little bit about humor and this thing doesn't have ANY humor in it.  It's offensive, it's misleading, and it's what we've come to expect from the folks on the Left.  

Liberal MOTTO:  "Even when you WIN, act like a loser (with nothing to lose)."

Third, which should actually have been First, but I had to get Ed's 'winkie' into the post early lest folks drop off by this point:  I wonder why this seven minute clip is a cartoon, geared for little kids?  Seriously, this thing looks like some demented cast off from School House Rock (too bad Ed didn't sing in this one - this would have made it a little 'funny' at least). 

So then the goal is to teach kids very early in life to HATE people who are a success through their own efforts, ingenuity, and, yes, it happens...  Good fortune?  Because as many Progressive folks and Socialists have taught us in the past, when it comes to hate, there is NO age restriction and younger is 'betterer'.

Another little reported fact about this video is that it was produced by the California Federation of Teachers.  Odd that a group presumably intended to educate our children should chose THIS message to promote at THIS time.  Hatred is learned - and this group knows how to teach.  They know a lot about early childhood education. 

"Oh, Heil to you kids too!  Wait a minute, you're not Boy Scouts!  Get out of my Post!!!"

Ed Asner lends his voice to Disney's wonderful film, "Up", as well as this seven minute bit of jetsom from the California Federation of Teachers' cartoon (a.k.a.: "Up YOURS").  The video is meant to make Socialism look 'most excellent' and ramp up hatred of Capitalists in America (just MY opinion of course, but after all, it's my blog post).  None of this should really be a surprise, it's been done before. 

We find ourselves reliving history because we no longer teach history - we teach f-a-i-r-n-e-s-s (a.k.a. Social Justice).  Throughout history we have learned that Fairness makes everyone 'equally submissive' (and repressed) by whichever 'all powerful' lunatics are running the joint.
Okay, who snuck the picture of THESE guys in here???  Certainly
I'm not talking about THEM...
Then of course, America flies its bravest in and rescues the oppressed from under the thumb of the Dictator du jour.

Only problem is...  Who's coming to save US?

Holy cow, I hope Canada (or GASP - Mexico?) has an Air Force, or we're in deep doo doo. 

Ah, don't sweat it, this video clip MUST be a gag right?  Why else would Ed (I'm a Millionaire) Asner be spouting off against the rich?  He's not into self-loathing, is he?  Is he a Mary-Tyler-Masochist? 

What?  You don't believe that Ed Asner is a Millionaire?  You doubt ME???  Oh ye of little faith... reports:  What’s Ed Asner’s net worth? Ed Asner is an American actor with a net worth of $1.5 million. He acquired his net worth by becoming a television, film, stage and as a voice actor.

Yeah, perhaps the Liberal folks above were right, I'm not smart enough to see the brilliance of this heartwarming little film.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT SECTION OF THE POST:  What is Ed Asner's favorite song? 

"Dust In the Wind"

I don't care what you say, no way Ed could hit these folks at his age. 

Well, I guess he could have his Nurse throw his moist 'Depends' at them...  Close enough for government work. 

Freaking idiots.

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