Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oddly Similar...

Drudge Screen Shot 09/13/2012

So I go to Drudge after work to see what I've missed during the day and I find two photos juxtaposed from each other which are eerily similar, catching my eye immediately.  Similar enough, in fact, that I posted the screen image capture above.  (Feel free to look UP now.)

Photo 1: (Left side of image) is a newly discovered Monkey Species from the Congo.

Photo 2: (Right side of image) is a photo of Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary under President Obama.

I don't know if it's the particular expression on their respective faces that caused me to stop and stare, or the spooky similarities between the two overall appearances on the page staring back at me. 

Yes, I know it's wrong to say that someone looks like a newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey, but...

Is it AS wrong to say that a newly-discovered-species-of-Congo-monkey looks like a highly-placed Member of President Obama's cabinet? Hmmmm? 

No, I don't think that it is.  I am afraid, however, that I may have just insulted the newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey, as they are NOT political at all. 

I also must admit that I DO think that I prefer the look of the newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey's hair to that of Ms. Sebelius'.  The  newly-discovered-species-of-Congo-monkey's-hair looks soft, natural, and well-ordered.   

Okay, THAT is wrong to say, mostly because a monkey cannot help being 'very attractive and soft' in appearance.  As for Kathleen Sebelius, she is NO newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey.

Oh, and other major difference between the two?  Even a newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey knows NOT to violate the Hatch Act. 

Any monkey knows THAT.

More HERE.

In prior Administrations Secretary Sebelius could be fined, lose her job, or receive a 'serious reprimand'.  But NOT in this administration.  No one gets fined, loses their job or receives a serious reprimand in the Obama Administration. 

In fact, it's normally considered a resume' enhancement. 

A guy who puts a tax 'cheat' in charge of the Treasury?  Seriously, what would YOU have to do to LOSE your job when you can get HIRED with that kind of baggage?

Oops, one last thing, in case you're wondering (you WERE, weren't you) what color the monkey's butt is?

Yes, it's BLUE. 

You know, just in case you were wondering, or if it came up tonight at dinner or, um, something.

Apparently this is the first blue-butted-newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey in the world!  

It's kind of funny but another thought just came to me.  Here's another similarity between Kathleen Sebelius and the newly-discovered-species-of-Congo monkey - they're both Democrats (they're both 'Blue').  

"Butt Moos, you just said monkees are not political?"

"Shut up voice in my head - just go with it..." 

And Kathleen Sebelius, but all accounts, is a bit of a 'butt', herself.  

Butt, I digress...

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