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October. Surprise...

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Moos Note:  Started this post last night (Tuesday, 9/11/12) when the news was bad.  Woke up this morning and it was worse.  Not much humor below as I'm not 'feeling funny' today.

Start here:

Another Defining Moment...

OCTOBER SURPRISE:  In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency.

The reference to the month of October is because the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections) occurs between November 2 and 8, and therefore events that take place in late October have greater potential to influence the decisions of prospective voters.

Some one's watch is running fast because October is coming awfully early this year..., September 11, 2012: 
Cairo protesters scale U.S. Embassy wall, remove flag 

Egyptian demonstrators climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo today and pulled down the American flag to protest a film they say is insulting to the prophet Mohammad.

Update at 2:07 p.m. ET: CNN reports that U.S. security guards fired a volley of warning shots as the crowd gathered outside the embassy walls.

CNN adds that the embassy had been expecting a demonstration and cleared all diplomatic personnel earlier from the facility.


Reuters reports that protesters tried to raise a black flag carrying the slogan: "There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger."

The news agency says about 2,000 protesters have gathered outside the embassy and about 20 have scaled the walls.

The AP says the protesters were largely ultra-conservative Islamists.

Wow, how did I know that the PROBLEM in Cairo would have something to do with...

"Ultra-Conservatives"?  (Aw, come on...)

Couldn't Reuters have just called them "Radical Islamists", or "Freedom-Loving Islamists", "Freewheeling Party Animal Jihadists", or my personal favorite, the Islamic "Moral Force of Nonviolence"? 

Well, maybe a LITTLE force is okay, right guys?  You know, just to let folks know you're not just 'fooling around' like some wimpy, drug-addled OWS group in the U.S.?

Oh but wait, there's Moo-re:, September 11, 2012: 
UPDATED: Mob sets fire to US consulate in Benghazi, staffer dies

An armed mob protesting over a film they said offended Islam, attacked the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi

An American staff member of the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi has died following fierce clashes at the compound, Libyan security sources said on Wednesday.

"One American staff member has died and a number have been injured in the clashes," Abdel-Monem Al-Hurr, spokesman for Libya's Supreme Security Committee, said, adding that he did not know the exact number of injured and could not say what the cause of death was.

An armed mob protesting over a film they said offended Islam, attacked the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi on Tuesday and set fire to the building, witnesses reported.


Asked whether the attack in Libya and the earlier demonstration against the US mission in Egypt could be connected, the official said it was unclear yet if the protests had been coordinated.

The Libyan incident came as thousands of Egyptian demonstrators tore down the Stars and Stripes at the US embassy in Cairo and replaced it with a black Islamic flag, similar to one adopted by several militant groups.

Nearly 3,000 demonstrators gathered at the embassy in protest over a film deemed offensive to the Prophet Mohammed which was produced by expatriate members of Egypt's Christian minority resident in the United States.

"The official said it was unclear yet if the protests had been coordinated"? 

This lunkhead must be another of the President Nobel Laureates.  No, of course not, HOW could these two events be related?  The protests by Muslims of this 'film' were completely unrelated to each other.  Just because both events are almost identical in scope, two US Embassies were attacked on 9/11 is no more than FREAK COINCIDENCE.  Thanks for being there. 

Hey, speaking of a FREAK COINCIDENCE, the Embassy in Cairo issued a scathing response to those peace-loving citizens who blatantly attacked US Territory in Egypt...

I wish I were, but NO, I am not making any of the following 'official Embassy response' up:

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.

Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy.

Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

Seriously, what more can you say?!?!?! 

That was a most EXCELLENT "Declaration of UNDERSTANDING"!!!  We "Feel your pain".

(IRONY ALERT BEGINS:  I especially like the part about not wanting to 'hurt the religious feelings of Muslims'...  On the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.  IRONY ALERT ENDS) 

That's super!  Bust out the Hershey bars, graham crackers, marshmallows, and long-pointy sticks - we're making S'Mores (over the burning embers of the American embassy)!

As we sit less than two months' away from the November election - expect the world to get 'Interesting'. 

Moos Note:  Then, I woke up this morning...

September 12, 2012:  More interesting by the day, it appears...

John Christopher Stevens (Left), June 7th, 2012
Died:  September 11, 2012
Photo Credit:  Reuters

Reuters, September 12, 2012
US ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a rocket attack on their car, a Libyan official said, as they were rushed from a consular building stormed by militants denouncing a U.S.-made film insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

Gunmen had attacked and burned the U.S. consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi, a centre of last year's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, late on Tuesday evening, killing one U.S. consular official. The building was evacuated.

The Libyan official said the ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was being driven from the consulate building to a safer location when gunmen opened fire.

"The American ambassador and three staff members were killed when gunmen fired rockets at them," the official in Benghazi told Reuters.

There was no immediate comment from the State Department in Washington. U.S. ambassadors in such volatile countries are accompanied by tight security, usually travelling in well-protected convoys. Security officials will be considering whether the two attacks were coordinated.

Libyan deputy prime minister Mustafa Abu Shagour condemned the killing of the U.S. diplomats as a cowardly act.

In Summary:

No comment from the State Department in Washington.

The Libyan deputy prime minister calls the killing of diplomats "a cowardly act".

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo doesn't want to hurt anyone's 'Religious Feelings'.

At least three U.S. Citizens dead in Libya, two embassies attacked (that we know of), and no word from the Great and Powerful Obama.

Don't look now, but the President is going to need to look tough going into the November election.  No "Leading From Behind" on this one President Obama - those Freedom Loving Muslims in Libya and Egypt just pissed on your Corn Flakes. 

Either 'eat up' or PRETEND that you know something about leadership.  Leadership of the Nation is not hard, now is it?  Yeah, you might want to begin attending those National Security Briefings now. 

Oh Hell, I'll pass you the milk...  And take that spoon out of your nose. 

Good luck with the campaign. 

One and done.


Not feeling funny today at all.  No.  Not at all.

UPDATE:  09/12/2012

Americans died because of THIS?

Now  Americans are tweeting that the guy who put this wretched film together should be arrested.

That's not so bad. 

There are calls for the idiot preacher in Gainesville, Florida associated with this video to be either arrested OR killed.  I'm assuming that Terry Jones (a.k.a.:  Idiot Preacher) would assume the former, rather than the latter.

But it does make me wonder...  Why all the hate towards these two, and not as much direct rage towards the people who stormed our embassies and killed our citizens? 


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