Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Vagina Idealogues

"Hey Republicans, keep your hands off my vagina!"
"No problem.  Now get it out of my face..."

A few days ago when I wrote the post entitled, "Just Keep Swimming...", I was writing about the Useful Idiots who would be called upon by Democrats to disrupt the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  I reviewed the list of traditional malcontents:  Communist Party USA members, Occupy Wall Street / Tampa / Everywhere folks, Anarchists, Union Representatives, Progressives, and Liberals in general.  (Surprisingly, this call to action hasn't hit the American Nazi Party radar yet - perhaps the bunker lost its Internet feed when a Isaac-related wind gust took out their 24k Prodigy dial-up connection?) 

I don't know what happened to 'Team Nazi', but what I do know is that I 'misunderestimated' the depth of the depravity of the remaining 'opposing teams'.  I figured the worst they would do is to send people with machetes strapped to their legs, or to run through convention areas wearing masks after being warned by law enforcement to NOT do so. 

I did, however, scratch my head in dull amazement as I watched the 'Dancing Anarchists' video on TheBlaze.com along with its sister video of protesters marching and shouting "Arm the poor and eat the rich". 

A word of advice to future RNC miscreants out there:  When you are planning a protest march, PLEASE make sure that you have more protesters than you have media reporters covering the 'event'.  

Yeah, you do what you can to help the weak-minded.  Free advice for you guys - take it for what you paid for it.  

However, I will give these folks credit for something:  They are shameless.

Here's the thing, if you had a shred of self-respect, would you don a bright pink (or fabulous Earthen-tone) Vagina and show up in public to get Media coverage for a DCCC inspired make-believe war on women?

No, I'm thinking you probably wouldn't. 

But then again, I'm thinking that MOST people wouldn't, you know, mostly because:

a.  it's 'icky', 

b.  a Vagina costume HAS to be hot, (in SOOOOO many ways)

c.  and family members may find this video in the future and ask, "Um, Marge, I thought you gave up drugs in the 70's - didn't you?"

Yes, this is THAT video. 

Spend less than two minutes and listen to these folks' channel their "inner-Vaginas"...


My favorite quote from the clip? 

"My Mother always told me to really appreciate women and to appreciate the vagina, because that's where I come from..." 

Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself.  The interesting thing is that the above comment is spoken by the nice man in the pink hat.  I'm seriously doubting that where he 'comes from' is the vagina - but I digress.  I guess words have multiple meanings dependent upon what you're listening for.

As I attempted to go BACK to sleep at 4:18am this morning, I had visions of spooky women wearing vagina costumes in my head.  Some demons must be exorcised.  This post is my private exorcism.  Having said this:  Good night!  Er, good morning,  ah, good grief, it's almost 5:25am...  I'm off to bed (again). 

Oh, and if you're thinking about giant-annoying-walking-around-vaginas today, it's not my fault.  Just because I used the word 'Vagina' something like ten times in a single post it doesn't mean that YOU have to read it.  

And if you have nightmares tonight?  I'd keep it to yourself, if I were you.  No one is going to believe that women actually donned giant labia minoras, using their heads as giant clitorises and prancing around in public, speaking about the very 'privateness of their parts'... 

Unless, of course, you send them the video above, or this photo: 

"Hey there, you with the clitoris for a head..."

Good Lord, I may never sleep again. 
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