Friday, July 6, 2012

The Lightweight

July 6, 2012.

Mark this date on your calendar.  

This is the day that President Obama discovers...

He is a Lightweight.

I know this because the Leader of the Free World is pitching himself as such.

[Barack Obama Dream Sequence begins...]

"I find myself walking on a beach.  Um, then, I see a woman, an attractive woman, walking with two, err, um, attractive men.  She waves, says, "Hello skinny!", which hurts my feelings.  I know she's talking to me because I have no discernable mass to speak of.  I am lightweight.  I am unworthy of anything but ridicule.  I am nothing, and I know it."

"This is the day I KNOW that I must change my, ah, life.  This is the day I know that I am more than I have become.  I will be a man respected, feared, and known for generations to come in the American story."

"I will be the man, um, who makes Republicans look cool again.  I will wipe Jimmy Carter's name from the national consciousness as the worst President in American History.  I, and only I, will take that place for all time.  I, Barack Obama, am the only person who can do this.  It is my density..."

[Barack Obama Dream Sequence ends...]

WASHINGTON TIMES, JULY 6, 2012:   President Obama is eating his way across the Midwest on his two-day campaign bus tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania, but he said it's necessary.

"People've been commenting — I need to gain some weight," the president said in the Ohio town of Poland on Friday morning, as he explained the waistline-stimulus program he's undertaken on his trip.

In less than 24 hours the First Stomach has put down a cheeseburger and fries at Kozy Corners in Oak Harbor, drank a Bud Light at Ziggy's Pub and Restaurant in Amherst, and then began Friday with two eggs, bacon and wheat toast at Ann's Place in Akron.

Eating is a staple of the campaign trail — though Mr. Obama's own habits come under extra scrutiny because his wife, Michelle, has made healthy eating her major project as first lady.

But she is not along on this trip — the president joked she needed to stay home and supervise Malia, their daughter who just turned 14, and her friends — and that means the president has returned to his burger-eating ways.

YAHOO NEWS, JULY 6, 2012:   Put it on a bumper sticker! President Barack Obama told a crowd of supporters in Poland, Ohio, not to worry about him in the face of what he predicts will be a massive onslaught of attack ads.

"You've got these super PACs, millionaires, billionaires writing $10 million checks, just pouring, raining down on my head," he told hundreds of cheering people at Dobbins Elementary School.

"That's alright" someone shouted.

"It is alright, because I'm tough. I'm skinny but I'm tough," Obama said, drawing laughter and cheers from the crowd. "And the main reason it's going to be ok is because of you."

The president's remarks encapsulated one of his campaign's core arguments: That their turnout operation — the 'ground game' in political nerd-speak — will trump what they predict will be Mitt Romney's vast cash advantage.

Obama's bus tour has included stops at a diner, a fruit stand, a pasta sauce company, even a bar.

Upon leaving the  last stop (the bar), the President had a few choice words for his supporters... 

In reality, he probably should have eaten more than he drank. 

In my experience, people who are 'tough' normally do not tell people that they are (because it diminishes them, and it typically means they are LYING). 

They show their toughness through the content of their character, the strength of their convictions, and their effectiveness to take responsibility for things which may, or may not, be their problem. 

They find solutions while others take a pass.

Do I sound like I'm describing President Obama to you???

Nah, me neither.

Have a nice weekend folks...
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