Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Like. So?

Like me.  Please?

Can we talk about 'me' for a minute?  Yes, I believe that we can. 

Yes.  Yes, we can.  

No, I'm not talking about President Obama (yet), I'm talking about me, you know, 'me' as in, "The guy writing this".  I've made a concious effort to stay away from the President over the past several weeks because well, most of the stuff coming from the President is, in a word, 'uncomfortable' to write about.  

Before you go 'there' saying that I never have a nice word for the President, I will tell you that the words he spoke (read) regarding the shootings in Colorado were appropriate, well-crafted, and necessary.  Kudos Mr. President - well read. 


Okay, 'warm and fuzzy' housekeeping done for the day, let's talk about me, and the things which wake me up at night. 

(The following post has 'almost' nothing to do with Clowns in the sewers, giant spiders, or Stephen King - and in case you're wondering, yes, the family watched "It" last week on DVD.  It was more frightening when I was younger.  And, the book was MUCH better than the small screen version of it.  Oh, and BONUS! a re-make is going into production shortly.  Yes, Hollywood has the MOST imaginative people in the World!!!  Hey, who's up for Iron Man 3, 4 & 5?)

Earlier this week I heard that some group (AWTMTOTH - "Americans With Too Much Time On Their Hands", or something similar) put out a poll regarding Mitt Romney's and President Obama's "Likeability".  As I tried to get back to sleep at 4:13am this ditty continued dancing at the edge of my sleep-deprived mind.  I kept thinking that I heard about this before, but when, or where, I couldn't remember.  

So, as often happens on nights / mornings such as this, I threw the sheets back, realized that my legs were gnawed off below the knees (oops, sorry, an "It" flashback), swung my intact legs off the side of the bed, tripped over the dog, and made my way down here - to the Lower Sanctum of Stately Kane Manor.  Then, alone, I journeyed to the place where all knowledge is kept - Al Gore's Internet.

The winner in the "Likeability Index" Google search result as it turns out is Nielsen.  Nielsen, as in, the Advertising Organization which tracks such things as 'Likeability Index' of ads. 

But, we're talking about two guys running for President, right?  Since when does an Advertising Metric apply to a Presidential Campaign?

Thanks for asking!  Here's the date...

April 13, 2012, The Financial Times:  Obama is Betting on the 'Likeability Factor'

From the moment Obama entered the national scene, he was blessed with the cool factor.

He was a hip, articulate African-American politician who played pick-up basketball with his closest buddies and brought  crowds to their feet in tears with inspiring speeches promising a better tomorrow.  


Obama beats Romney by 3 to 1 or better on the likeability index, and that’s not likely to change no matter what Romney does between now and the November election to polish his public image. In a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Obama drubbed Romney, 54 percent to 18 percent,  when people were asked whom they viewed as more “easygoing and likeable.”


A Quinnipiac University poll was more positive for Romney, indicating that 63 percent of Americans found him likable. But he was still overshadowed by Obama, who was liked by 81 percent.

Then again, earlier this month...

July 24, 2012, Detroit Free Press:  Mitt Romney leads on economy; Barack Obama is more likable
Despite concerted Democratic attacks on his business record, Republican challenger Mitt Romney scores a significant advantage over President Barack Obama when it comes to managing the economy, reducing the federal budget deficit and creating jobs, a national USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

By more than 2-1, those surveyed say Romney's background in business, including his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital, would cause him to make good decisions, not bad ones, in dealing with the nation's economic problems as president.

The findings raise questions about Obama's strategy of targeting Bain's record in outsourcing jobs and hammering Romney for refusing to commit to releasing more than two years of his tax returns. Instead, Americans seem focused on the economy, where disappointment with the fragile recovery and the 8.2% unemployment rate are costing the president.

Obama retains significant advantages of his own. By 2-1, he's rated as more likable than Romney. By double digits, those surveyed say the president better understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives. He has an 8-point advantage on being seen as honest and trustworthy.

So you're probably wondering, "What's the point?  Why the interest in 'Likeability' polls?"  Well, if you're going to HAVE a poll on Likeability in the first place, you might as well interpret the findings. 

The results of the two polls, taken almost four months apart, indicate that in April, 2012, President Obama held a 3:1 'lead' as it pertains to being 'Likeable' compared to Mitt Romney.  This month, that lead has been reduced to 2:1.  With four months to go to the November elections, where will this number stand:  1:1?  1:2?  47:1? 

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a flip. 

While the Presidential Elections MAY be won, or lost, based upon a candidate's popularity, I believe that there are many people out there who will vote for Mitt Romney NOT because he's 'likeable', but rather, because he's NOT President Barack Obama.  

It's one of those "Devil you know, vs. the Devil you don't" scenarios.  And we KNOW President Obama.  We've had almost four years of arrogance, ineptitude, and Chicago-style politics.  Personally, I've had enough of listening to this blow hard.

I would appreciate any pollsters tracking the likeability of these two from their respective "Temples of Pure Thought" - poll ANY of the following of your pollees:

  • Is this candidate competent to run a Hot Dog Stand?
  • Does this candidate surround himself with fans of Karl Marx?
  • Does this candidate believe that in order to fix the US Economy that the government needs to be MORE invovled IN the Economy?
  • Who is more likely to balance our budget?
  • Which is less likely to 'Spread the wealth around'?
  • What do you care more about:  'Liking' your President, or Having a job?

I'm sure these questions have been asked in the past, but what's with all the 'Liking' going on?  This isn't a FaceBook Survey.  This is about the future (a.k.a.: the survival) of our Nation. 

I don't have to LIKE Mitt Romney to vote for him.

I just have to LOVE my Country enough to vote against President Obama.  The Founders provided us with the tools to remedy our current condition - it's up to us to use them. 

Questions, thoughts, or comments?  Just drop them down the nearest sewer grate near you.  I'll be back with you shortly, once I'm done clowning around with Pennywise. 

For future reference, when anyone offers you something for nothing - RUN.

"We all float down here..."

Yes.  Yes we do.  And if this Nation keeps going the way it is, every one will be floating in a sea of red ink.

This, it turns out is NOT a good thing. 

Have a nice day.

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