Sunday, March 11, 2012

The White House Channel!!!

Tired of one-sided-politically-biased news reporting from your TV, your local newspaper, and online via your PC?

Tired of "Messages from our Sponsors" popping up when you least desire them?

Are you wondering if there are any Guaranteed-Virus-Free sites out there from which you can get your weekly talking points?

Looking for an unbiased, factually-accurate, and entirely transparent-news-viewing experience?!?!?

Well, have I got news for YOU!

Yes ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, allow me to introduce you to...  [Drum roll]


Yes, while looking for something 'else', I came across a bounty of FREE, FACTUAL, FASCINATING, and FRESHLY SQUEEZED Presidential information online.

Yup, I found the President's Personal Communications' Network on YouTube!!!

Not only can you see and hear highly-edited versions of 'factually-interesting' comments the President has made (as introduced by an actual, 'Narrator'), but you'll also see exciting places the President has been!!! 

You'll get a daily rundown of where the Videographer-In-Chief has been during the prior week! 

In this week's webisode of "West Wing Week", President Obama discovers that he, while channeling Teddy Roosevelt:  "Carries a Big Stick". 

Speaking ONLY for myself, I have felt that President Obama WAS a 'Huge Stick' from the moment he introduced his desire to run for President in 2007 at the fashionable [think the despised '1%' here] home of Bill Ayers, one-time-co-founder of the Weather Underground and later, 2008's, 'he's just another guy in the neighborhood' non-repentent terrorist dude.   

Since this week's video was posted yesterday OVER 10,200 people have already viewed this inspiring webisode.  With viewership like this, the White House Channel is certainly poised to give the 91 regular viewers of MSNBC a run for their money!

But, if YOU are looking to advertise on the WhiteHouseChannel on YouTube... 


All promotional air time has already been purchased (by you) the purposes of re-electing the President.  I don't fault him for this, but I only wish that more people could take the time to view his inspiring words and actions. 

Maybe if the President added more dynamic 'Narration' to spice up the videos up a bit more?

Perhaps if the President could get 'Randall' to do ALL future voice-over work for him? 

For an example of Randall's work, please view the following (when the kids are not around - because the language IS a bit rough) video excerpt of "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger" which has gotten over 40 MILLION views since it was released in January of 2011. 

Possible scripting examples for future WhiteHouseChannel video releases for Randall's new gig:

"This is President Obama, watch him speak in slow motion.  He's a completely fearless President who just don't give a _ _ _ _."

"President Obama don't care.  President Obama smacked the _ _ _ _ out of Bin Laden."

"Eww, what's that?  Republicans in Congress?  President Obama don't take nothing from them, President Obama just don't care.  He's one Nasty _ _ _ President who just doesn't give a _ _ _ _ about what anyone else thinks.  He just does whatever the _ _ _ _ he wants."

"President Obama says, "Thanks Harry Reid for doing my nasty _ _ _ work in the Senate.  I don't need you to keep your job, because I just need to keep mine.  I don't care that Nancy Pelosi lost her Majority seat in the House because I still got what I want...",  President Obama just don't care."

Sometimes you're the Cobra. 

Sometimes you're the Honey Badger. 

The choice is up to you...

Chose wisely my friends.

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