Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mourning Has Broken



I get it. 

Our 'guy' lost.

It sucks to be US (as in the "United States") right now. 

I hear.  I understand. 

I, I, feeeeeel your pain.

But enough already. 

Our Nation hobbled through its first four years of 'Dope and Chains', it'll crawl through the next four of this President's 'Forward!' momentum as well.

Sure, we're faced with challenges others in our Nation's history haven't seen before..  But, hey, we're tough as nails, right?  We can do this!!! 

After all, as we've learned over the past four years: 

"When the going gets weird - the weird turn PRO" 
And your Third Grade Art teacher said you'd never amount
to anything...  You 'paste-eater' you! 

But, NOT TO WORRY - the President has a plan for dealing with each the following 'kind-of-sort-of-really-big-deals' going forward:

  • National Debt increasing at $1TRILLION+ per year
  • The largest tax increases in HISTORY
  • Really 'uncomfortably large' cuts in military spending
  • The slowest Economic Recession recovery in the history of the United States
  • George Lucas selling "Star Wars" to Mickey
The President's time-tested solutions?

Really, you want the President's solution to each of the above crises?

Okay, but remember, you ASKED me to go here...

  • Our current National Debt levels are NOT a problem for 'President Obama' - they continue to be GW Bush's fault (exit polling says it's true!)
  • The expiration of the Bush-era Tax cuts?  Once again, President Bush's fault!
  • Cuts in military spending?  Ah, the safety of America and American Citizens is over-rated.  Take Japan as a prime example, they don't even have a REAL military of their own!  Think of the money they're saving (a.k.a.:  a real Peace Dividend)!  What's that you ask? "Why doesn't Japan have a full-fledged military?"  Oh, that's easy, because the United States provides the military forces under terms of their surrender following World War II.  Now that I think about it, probably not the BEST example, but hey, you get the idea!  And wasn't George H W Bush involved in THAT war?  That's right ANOTHER Bush's fault, once again.
  • This 'Recovery' isn't necessarily slow - no way!  Parts of the US Economy are extremely vibrant!  Gun and ammunition sales are up almost 20% since the President's re-election!  I would include telecommunications devices here, but since most "Obama Phones" are free to consumers, they most likely wouldn't count (since they are not paid for with 'real money').  GW Bush does NOT have an Obama Phone, therefore he hasn't done anything in YEARS to bolster our economy!  AND he already owns guns...  (He's in Texas, right?).  Yet another Bush FAIL.
  • George Lucas sells his company to Disney in 2012?  Why, you ask?  Because at a $4 BILLION price tag, he saved  about $100 MILLION in taxes he'd have to pay in 2013 when...  The Bush Tax Cuts Expire.  Yup, GW Bush's fault again!

Okay, maybe it's not ALL GW Bush's fault, but, then again, we KNOW it's not this President's fault.  Which begs the question:  If it's not ALL GW Bush's fault, and if it's not President Obama's fault (NONE of it)...   Then, who will be blamed for what happens in the next few years as we continue to shamble 'Forward!'? 

The work of the Media, Hollywood, and the Progressives is not yet done.   They desperately need to win the House two years from now.  So until then, obstructionist Republicans in Congress will remain the 'root of all evil' in our Nation. 

Are they really? 

Sure, why not? 

Someone must be blamed for the upcoming 'malaise' of the next few years.
Hey, over the next two years, perhaps you can spend eight minutes to view the following video clip?  Yeah, if you didn't vote for a Conservative guy or gal this time around, you might want to consider the following for the next time you're in the booth.  

For the sake of the future.


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