Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obamaclypse Now - The ObamaCare 360 Edition

Somebody get me a dead horse, I've got some kicking to do...

Hey, here it comes now...

"This fix won't solve every problem for every person.  But it's going to help a lot of people... President Obama, November 14, 2013"

Mr. President, the 'Fix WAS in' almost one month ago when Republicans in the House of Representatives sent Harry Reid MULTIPLE Bills which postponed your Individual Mandate of ObamaCare for one year.  

YOUR guy, Harry, refused to allow any Bill touching 'your precious' prior to the Democrat-sponsored shutdown of the government (which, of course, no one remembers because for the past five weeks the ObamaCare fiasco has absorbed ALL oxygen in the room).

But, you probably don't remember that, do you?  

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So on Thursday you hold a Press Conference (the day before a vote in the House on a Bill which will 'legally' allow Americans to keep their health insurance) to um, tell us that we can keep our health insurance, if we can manage to...  Keep our health insurance.  

The problem, of course, is those 'evil corporations' providing Health Insurance to we, the great unwashed people of America - well, you neglected to tell them about your BOLD vision in advance of your 'ObamaCare 360' speech.  

In your haste to do what the House recommended that you do more than month ago, in advance of this past Friday's House Vote, you did what you do best...  

You led from behind.

Well, actually you DID tell insurance firms on Friday - after you told America what you needed the insurance companies to do for you.  You told them to take the next six weeks (two of which have major holidays within them) and figure out how to reverse a process which your administration took over three years to lay out for them. 

Yes, you gave providers roughly four and a half 'work-weeks' to bail your sorry rump out of the fire.  Their response to you came via a terse memo from Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans...  

Yes, the infamous Poop Sandwich re-appears once again - this time it's the President's turn to 'eat up'.

“Making sure consumers have secure, affordable coverage is health plans' top priority.  The only reason consumers are getting notices about their current coverage changing is because the ACA requires all policies to cover a broad range of benefits that go beyond what many people choose to purchase today.

Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers.  Premiums have already been set for next year based on an assumption of when consumers will be transitioning to the new marketplace. 

If now fewer younger and healthier people choose to purchase coverage in the exchange, premiums will increase and there will be fewer choices for consumers.  Additional steps must be taken to stabilize the marketplace and mitigate the adverse impact on consumers.”

President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and EACH Democrat who voted for this epic legislative over-reach...  I believe you've just been called out.   

"The only reason consumers are getting notices about their current coverage changing is because the ACA requires all policies to cover a broad range of benefits that go beyond what many people choose to purchase today."  

In last week's post I had requested that President Obama PLEASE not remove the Individual Mandate and that he reinstates the Employer Mandate to its original implementation date of January 1, 2014.  

Why?  Because until EVERYONE knows what is in the Law, we will never kill the Law.  Once again, the President chose not to listen to me. 

I believe that he may, however, be listening to James Carville, Democrat Strategist, who counseled the President as follows, “I think the best thing he can do is take a toke on the mayor of Toronto’s crack pipe.”   James Carville made the comment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier in the week.

James, buddy, the President does NOT need to travel to Toronto to take a pull off Ford's 'pipe' to improve his approval ratings - all he needs to do is walk into the House of Representatives, put his hands up, and say, "That's it, I was wrong - let's gut this ObamaCare thing..." and he'll be at a 85% approval rating in no time.  [Plus James, I'm pretty darn sure he's got plenty of good 'stuff' in the end table next to his bed in the White House building already.] 

Hey, wait one gosh darn minute!  

Since THIS President can change Law (hey, who needs a Legislative Branch!?!?!) with the mere force of his will, he can just tell us that it was all a 'misunderstanding' and that he was 'kidding' about the ACA in its entirety!

After all, isn't this what he did with BOTH the Employer and now the Individual Mandates?  He used his Barack Obama Super Powers to pre-empt legislation passed though the Legislative Branch and which HE signed into law.

What's the benefit of being an Imperial President if you can't 'change stuff up' when you need to?  

The Constitution?  He don't need no stinking Constitution...

Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me
Other times I can barely see
Lately it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it's been

What in the world ever became of sweet Jane?
She lost her sparkle, you know she isn't the same
Livin' on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine
All a friend can say is, "Ain't it a shame?"

With apologies to the Grateful Dead, what a long, strange trip it's been (thus far). 

And ain't it a shame? 

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