Friday, June 14, 2013


I found the above image over at  If you haven't been there yet you might want to check the site out.  

They sell -- the emotion I try to write about on a regular basis...  Despair (a.k.a.:  FUNNY Misery). 

Granted, their humor is not for everyone, but I believe many folks would appreciate receiving the gift of a 'Demotivator' for a Birthday, an Anniversary, a Gall Bladder removal surgery Get Well wish, or perhaps, [gasp] a really uncomfortable divorce...  

Misery loves company, so why not 'Despair' with someone you love (or perhaps, someone you love to hate)?   

Sure, I guess my despair could be caused by the fact that it's rained every day this week when I was out of the office making calls and today, the singular day that's it's nice out...  I'm stuck in the office.  

Or, maybe I'm blue because I just realized that we have exactly 1,242 days until we get the chance to inaugurate our next Bad Decision in 2016! 

For those of you who are big time (into time), I offer the following graphic:

I'm not counting down the actual minutes, but just by having basic access to the Internet, it sure is good to know that someone else is...

Today's blues began with my finding an article on Yahoo! entitled...  

HGTV Apologizes for suggesting American Flag Tablecloth in Fourth of July Celebrations

In the segment, titled “Classic Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas,” the network suggested viewers "drape a large American flag over the table as a bright and festive table runner."

The segment recommended using a "nylon flag so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole.” 

Yup, welcome to America, 2013.  Using your "nylon (American) flag as a tablecloth so spills can be easily wiped off, and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole" is just fine with the folks at Home and Garden Television.  But don't you dare use a floral print for your curtains in the living room because they'll say something BAD about you...

No, I'm not really cool with using a flag to catch 'droppings' on the Fourth of July. As a kid I was taught to respect the flag.  Perhaps it was all those years of Boy Scouts, the Flag Retirement Ceremonies I attended, and perhaps the images of flag-draped coffins coming back from the myriad of 'overseas contingency operations' that I've seen during the years between which I could run faster / jump higher, and today?   

I guess I was born too early.  If I were a 20-something over at HGTV and were run through our current unionized education system, perhaps I wouldn't have an issue with it either?  After all, why would I be offended if I was never taught to respect the flag of our Nation?  What if the things I learned back then are no longer taught?  What if the Boy Scouts of America became a social experiment? 

Oops.  Sorry.  Too late.

Ah, but my particular 20-something self is long gone in the rear-view mirror.  2.5+ Times that number have gone as I look at the date here on my PC monitor.   

Ironically, today is Flag Day.  I guess no one thinks about it so much because it's not a Federal Holiday, the banks remain open, all Federal and State workers remain on the job, and there are no big sales to commemorate the day.  Life goes on as normal out here in fly-over country...

I know that the vast majority of Americans understand that you don't use the American Flag as an over sized-red-white-and-blue-doily.  Unfortunately, I also know that the number of Americans who know how the flag deserves to be treated decreases with each passing day. 

Considered in total, we are a breed of 'lesser Americans' than the generations which went before us.  As both houses of Congress rush wily-nily to cram Immigration 'Reform' down out throats, we are expected to accept people as citizens who have no desire to learn the language, learn about the Nation, learn of the Great American Experiment, nor understand the symbolism of our Flag. 

We must accept them, we learned this week, because once they are 'Legalized' they will pay the taxes and fines which will fund 'the fence' which was supposed to be built almost thirty years ago. 

Yeah, this time it will be completely different.  We won't be lied to 'this time' like when they passed the Affordable Care Act telling us it would insure everyone in the Nation and reduce per family costs by roughly $2,500 per year.  Because a few years later, we know that we were lied to 'way back' then.

But this is now.  And 'now' is better than 'then', right?  There's still an extraordinarily exponentially small chance that it'll all work out just GREAT! 

Really, what could go wrong with the US Government legalizing 11+ Million illegals as citizens?  All those additional registered Democrat voters will make our fundamentally-transformed future that much more assured!

Okay, now I'm more depressed than when I started writing this. 

I need some hope.  I need some change.  I need some inspiration.

Ah, here it is now...

Click to View:  Red's Pledge

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance from 1969 reminds me of the ten-year old kid I used to be.  Back then anything was possible if only you had the desire to try. 

I only hope that there are enough of us who are willing to try, once again, to build a better Nation than the one we have today.  A place where hard work is rewarded, the only limit to your success is your imagination, and the government actually WANTS to see you succeed. 

One day this will be a GREAT place to live - again.

I'd better begin eating healthier so that I can live long enough to see it one more time.

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