Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drafting Hillary

"Who? Me???"
You know times are tough for President Obama when a bunch of Liberals are sitting around with Bill Maher contemplate the age-old questions:

a.) What would have happened if only Hillary had won?, and,

b.) Would we be better off than we are today???”

(HINT: ROCKET SCIENTISTS prefer Hillary -- I’m NOT making this up!)

A laugh riot caught live from Bill’s underground bunker. Although, you probably didn’t catch it then because Bill Maher’s ratings are just ‘lower than mine’.

Which is odd, because, I’m not even on TV...

Now I know why people like to ‘eye-ball’ the aftermath of car wrecks. 

Why? Because, “It’s so dang interesting to see someone else's misfortunes and BOY am I happy it’s not me over there… Hey, is THAT an arm?!?! Honey! Honey! I think I see that guy's spleen!!! Cool!!!  Hand me your iPhone!!!”

Enjoy the show as the loyal opposition (on the Left) continue to 'Eat each other alive'.

Drive safely folks!

Oh, and President Obama, you might want to have someone 'test your food for you' in the future. 

Hillary doesn't look happy, and if Hillary's not happy, NOBODY's happy...

Yikes! If looks could kill...

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