Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Wheels On the DNC Bus Are Flying Off, Flying Off...

If you have children, if you have grandchildren, if you are an Aunt or an Uncle, you've probably heard the ditty called: "The Wheels On The Bus". It's cute, it's harmless, it's a lot like the "It's a Small World" song that sticks in your head for YEARS after you ride one of the worst rides EVER built by man (okay, the former is just my opinion. You, on the other hand, might LOVE bad animatronics, stinky water, and a song that welds itself to your subconscious mind like Billy Mays' stuck that book shelf to the wall with "Mighty Putty" (as seen on TV!)).

In case you missed the "Wheels On the Bus" magic, here it is! Click THIS Link (If you dare)

(CAUTION: Don't play this around children as it has been known to cause them to break into bouts of unbridled joy.)

I'm not sure why this is exactly, other than I personally know it to be true (I've had three little children in my family. When reading the story, or playing the cassette version of the poem (?), their eyes would glaze over and then roll back in their heads. Their tongues began to loll out of their mouths and they began muttering, "Yes we can". At that point you need to turn off the recording, or close the book before they move onto the more disturbing chants of "Hope" and "Change".

So WHAT (or more specifically, WHO) prompted this morning's post? None other than Diane Watson-D, CA. Ms. Watson is not cute, she is not harmless, but she's my special new friend!


Because she says what she thinks. She's an honest politician. She's a danger to the Democratic Party.

I like her! I really, really DO!

Diane Watson-D, CA had a Town Hall Meeting at the end of the week. She had an opportunity to 'Monologue' for a couple of minutes. (Heh, heh, heh...)

So what did Diane Watson say out loud, in public, while being recorded for posterity?

1. Rush Limbaugh is the head of the Republican Party (NOTE: Really? What office does he hold? I only wish could be SOME coherent leadership within the Republican Party -- you know, more like that Glenn Beck fella!)

2. "They (the Republicans) are trying to make the first President who looks like me, fail..." (NOTE: I do NOT believe that President Obama looks like an angry, middle-aged woman -- I want to the record to be clear on this point) Holy mackeral, did she just drop the RACE CARD!? I thought Republicans were the only ones who did this?!

3. She just returned from Bejiing, China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Guam, and all over the far East (NOTE: Thanks for keeping your vacation dollars local Ms. Watson! I hope YOU paid for that trip and WE did not pay for it for you. (Don't worry, I KNOW better, I'm just playing with you...))

4. "People all around the world look at the United States as a country who has 'changed'." (NOTE: Oh, no we haven't, but Congress and the President 'want' everything we know to 'change')

5. "America has changed its ways and elected someone from Kenya and Kansas, I'll put it like that way... And we (the 'World') thought that you would never do that..." (NOTE: Apparently 'the world' HAS read our Constitution which requires a candidate for President to be a U.S. born citizen. Along comes Ms.Watson as the FIRST Democratic Party 'Birther' debate representative. She is SOOOOO getting a phone call from the White House this weekend!)


Okay, I had to stop for a breather. If I laughed any more I was going to make 'water' (as in 'all wee-wee'd' up) in my pants. For future reference, Conservatives do not need to shout at Town Hall meetings. Convervatives, regardless of party affiliation, need merely to sit down respectfully, hand their local representative a microphone, and let them speak FREELY. (Yes, I know this won't work, but with the loyal Liberal and Progressive Opposition in 'Duck and Cover' mode, they are just a joy to behold.)


6. "...we want this young man to succeed because when he succeeds, we re-gain our status..." (NOTE: Personally, I don't give a flip about what the 'world' thinks of us. If we live up to the the ideals put in place by our Founders 233 years ago, the 'world' WILL give us the status we rightly deserve. And if they don't, oh well. I'd rather our country be the world's leader vs. one of many world 'followers'.)

7. "Did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system? Before you say anything, you need to see what Fidel Castro put in place." (NOTE: Hey, Ms. Watson, were the people prosecuted, the people shot, the people thrown into prison without formal charges for YEARS for 'threatening the powers of state security' recipients of this health care system? How do you think THEY feel about it? You could ask them, but they're mostly dead now.)

8. "... you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met. And you know, the Cuban revolution kicked out the wealthy... Then they went out among the population to find find someone to lead this new nation and they found an attorney, by the name of Fidel Castro..." (NOTE: I'll let you fill in your own thoughts on this comment, it's Saturday morning and I've got to spend some time with the kids...)

Folks, I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. If you had asked me if an elected official of the United States of America could EVER make statements like these (in public) and keep their job, I would have told you that you were off your rocker. I would have told you that the wheels had flown off your particular bus. But, instead, what we are viewing a systemic de-evolution of the Democratic Party. It is not falling apart due to external forces from the opposing Party, it is falling apart from its own ideology. It is falling apart from the failed policies of its leadership, all the way down to its members in both Houses of Congress.

We, the People (remember that one?) are incensed by these 'progressive thinkers' thinking that they think more than we know and that they think that we don't think, that, oh, rats, never mind...

I wish I could live in every state of the Union 'at once'. If I could somehow pull this off, I could vote against people like Ms. Watson. I would vote against them not based upon the 'color of their skin, but rather, on the content of their character'.

If you would like to listen to Ms. Watson 'speak for herself' you can click the following link and listen to her in her own words. Yes, I am Diane Watson-D, CA, I said this. I'm not sure why...

We've come a long way since John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King held the national stage. Their messages seem to have been hijacked along the way. And I've got to ask the question: "Have we, as a country moved forward, or have we de-volved?"

Gauging by the quality of our elected officials, I can only come to one conclusion: We are, as predicted by the group, Devo, 'de-volving'.

Have a nice weekend folks. Sleep with one eye opened tonight, and for the next couple of years...
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