Saturday, August 26, 2023

I Am Not Really Cool With This

Image Courtesy of Newsweek

This just in to the Moosroom Hot Air Desk:  

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing a new rule that would make ceiling fans more energy efficient.

President Joe Biden has made climate change and the green energy transition a massive focus of his administration by passing laws like the Inflation Reduction Act that designates $369 billion toward America's green energy transition. The Biden administration also has taken smaller steps to reduce the nation's carbon footprint as well, such as establishing stricter regulations for gas stoves and dishwashers.


"The proposed standards for ceiling fans are projected to yield significant environmental benefits," it said.

If the standards are implemented, ceiling fan owners could see energy savings with the new energy-efficient fans by saving $16.69 over the lifespan of the fan for standard ceiling fans.

However, the cost borne by the ceiling fan industry could be hefty, with conversion costs estimated at $107.2 million. The costs could cause as many as 30 percent of small ceiling fan manufacturers to go out of business, Fox Business reported.


Unfortunately, some ceiling fan manufacturers may need to be shut down due to their inability to comply with this regulation.  Sure, the smaller companies are most likely run by the rich, who don't pay their fair share, and don't employ anyone other than their pickle-ball playing friends and neighbors.  It's not like this will have yet another detrimental impact on the economy or nothing.  But don't worry, it won't take effect until 2028, when Joe Biden (please God) is out of his office and back in his basement where he belongs.  

And just think of the savings that this will have on your family - YOU could reap the benefits of saving $16.69 over the course of your ceiling fan's 10 - 15 year lifespan.

Yes, previously employed fan-making Americans will be sleeping in their van (down by the river) but you'll sleep better knowing that YOU, my friend, are saving OVER $1.222 PER YEAR per ceiling fan in your home.  Add more fans in your home and you'll save even MORE!!!  It's like printing money!

Of course you'll probably need to turn up your Air Conditioner to move that air around more, but you'll have almost $.0927 every month to put that towards your electric bill.  

And yay, YOU saved the planet!!!

To sum up, the nicest thing that I can say about this most recent bilge from the Biden Administration non-stop flow of legislation is that like a fan, one side of it sucks.  The other side blows.

Have a happy day.  

I will, I already have non-compliant pre-green-non-regulated ceiling fans.  

Yeah, I have THAT kind of money.  I got me six of these in my wallet right now... 

I don't need to save $1.22 per year, I'm good for like the next FIVE years of savings!

Friday, August 25, 2023

Run, Don't Walk - Hawaii Edition

I can't add anything to the following video clip...  This being said, here goes:

If you haven't subscribed to his channel, you may want to consider it - while you can...

Sunday, August 20, 2023

C'mon Man - I Need Me a Break


Photo Courtesy of NY Post

As of two weeks ago, Joseph Vacation Biden, President of the United States, has taken 367 days of vacation during his first 30 months in office.  Doing quick math (removing both shoes for this one) - this means that he has been 'on vacation' for roughly 40% of his time in office.

Actually, I feel pretty good about this.  After all, if he had worked as much as any other modern-era President, he COULD have done more harm to the country than he already has.  

But seriously, what do you expect from a guy who campaigned from the basement of his home when he ran for his first term?  If anyone asks me (they won't) I prefer that he work out of his home with that Corvette and those top-secret documents sitting downstairs in his garage.  Shoot, at least he could look out from time to time to see if the car, or those classified documents are being stolen from his security-rich garage.  Or at least he'd know when Hunter was coming by to borrow the car to cruise for prostitutes and score some most-excellent drugs.

What more can be said about the man who has taken more vacation days than any President in recent history?  

I say go Joe Vacation, go.  

I hear Maui is nice.

Bring stuff to make Smores.  

Feel the love.



Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mr. Biden, tear down this wall...

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

With apologies to President Reagan and the title of this post, I steal his quote and make it...  Our own. Yes, we own it now.  Right here in the good old U S of A.  Thanks 46!  

The photo above is the 'wall' being constructed prior to President Biden's inauguration.  Not illustrated in the photo above is the razor wire which was added following the completion of 'the Biden wall'.  It was to remain in place for a month following the inauguration, but unless my calendar is running a bit fast, shouldn't this 'Border Wall' be removed by now?

And what about the thousands of National Guard troops brought in to patrol the property, they were supposed to be removed in March, but now I hear that they'll be lucky of they get to go home for Thanksgiving?  Of course, they'll have to shelter in place for 14 days, so while Turkey may be off the menu when they come out of lockdown within their own homes, they'll have plenty of time to browse Amazon online to get some really awesome kids who haven't seen them for the better part of 2021!

If I am understanding events correctly, BLM RIOTS (Portland, NYC, Kenosha, Seattle and a few hundred more zip codes)  at 220 locations across America in 2020 were o-k-a-y, but dare step foot into a facility which houses our beloved politicians - this is verboten.  

You vill be punished!!!  💀💀💀  

The implication is that lawmakers / politicians / the 'Feds' are cool with a private citizen's business, home and / or neighborhood being destroyed but if you put your feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk - Katy bar the door!  Big brother is checking your Visa billing to see if you were anywhere NEAR the capitol building and they will track you down like a dog (hey, it turns out that dogs can be 'legally shot', see important PETA update later in this post.)       

Here's one of my most favorite images from last year - courtesy of BLM, CNN and the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin...  

They did not even get a whiff the irony when appearing on TV last year.

Image courtesy of CNN - because they factually report 'stuff' - 24x7x365!

I wish I didn't have to offer the following disclaimer in 2021, but in an effort to deter the some of the more obvious hate mail I'll get for this post, here goes...

"I, INSERT NAME HERE, do NOT approve of police shooting of un-armed Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, Italians, Greeks, Lithuanians, Irish, Russians, Iranians, Immigrants, space / time travelers from this, or any other world, or any of the previously categorized individual's personal pets (especially dogs)."  

Did you know that during a police pursuit, if an officer enters your private property (i.e.:  your fenced-in yard or home) they can shoot your pet if they feel that it is a threat to their safety?  Where's PETA when you actually need them?  

And now back to the original post, already in progress...

I am NOT condoning what happened on January 6th, I wasn't there, it wasn't my fault, and the folks who destroyed public property and threatened the safety of our political elite are, & were, in my opinion, pretty much idiots.  

However, when Political 'folks' (nicest word I can use here) feel personally uncomfortable, they wall themselves up, call up the National Guard and keep these volunteer soldiers away from their families for unspecified amounts of time?

I guess walls are okay if they protect YOU personally, but protecting our Nation and citizens against others who enter our country without documentation / following the process millions of others followed (legally) is ridiculous?  I assume the next logical step is tear down any newly-constructed border walls, and make sure the National Guard is NOT anywhere that would deter anyone from visiting for any reason?  Well, logically from the purely political perspective, at least.   

Building walls is un-American (I have been assured of this by the ruling party in Washington) so I know it is (unless it protects 'them')!  And un-American behavior is BAD - unless of course, it is 'pro-World government' in which case the needs of the many (the world) outweigh the needs of the few (the USA).  And yes, Start Trek II "The Wrath of Khan" was on last night, and I caught the last 20 minutes of it - so, I had to go there.

Perhaps an excellent idea (feel free to give me credit for this one) is to MOVE our Nation's Capitol and both houses of Congress along the US / Mexico Border?  I'm pretty sure walls will be built, the Guard will be deployed, but for the love of God, let's not shoot any unarmed dogs / coyotes (four-legged, at least) trying to enter the country illegally.  Shoot, it may even bolster the Texas electrical grid and keep Texans from dying of cold, thirst, and, perhaps, even of shame.   

In the meanwhile, America, the Capitol Building, businesses and society in general remains pretty much locked-down with most folks too nervous to speak in-person with their neighbors.  I can't fly to Japan to visit my Navy son and be there for the birth of my second grandchild, but hey, you guys and gals from Latin American, no problem-o!  

Ya'll can come on it.  We'll leave the lights on for you...  

Just leave your dogs at home.  As we can legally shoot them.  

I hope PETA is reading this, I really do...  But maybe they are too busy wearing salads, or lying dead in the street.  I wish I were making this up.  But I can't.  

Seems like all the assorted, loose nuts have rolled to the left and are pulling our country with them.  When things get weird, the 'Weird' turn 'pro'.

Welcome to the big Game.